Family of Lucius Theodore Simmons and Annie Knight, c. 1911

Family of Lucius Theodore Simmons and Annie Clarinda Knight. Lucius was born 1883 Dec 29 in the Franklinton area of Washington Parish, Louisiana and died 1963 Sep 9 in Bogalusa. Annie was born 1888 Feb 22 in Sheridan, Washington Parish, Louisiana and died 1961 Sep 1 in New Orleans. The pair were married 1904 Nov 17 at the home of Annie’s parents, Marion Thomas Isaac Knight and Frances Breland. Lucius’ parents were Murdock Middleton Simmons and Louisa Clarinda Thigpen.

The order is Annie Knight Simmons with Ethel (Hennesy), Estus, and Lucius holding Desera (I did have Ezra for some reason but I think it must be Desera). As Desera was born in 1910, I think the photo was made about 1911. Ethel would be about 5 and Estus about 3. Lucius would be abt 28 and Annie would be about 22.

The drapery in the background in an outdoor setting leads me to think this was either taken at a fair or by a traveling photographer. A photo of Lucius’ sister Mary Elizabeth Simmons with her husband, Milton Burns Bateman, may show the same drapery, and Mary is dressed similarly to Annie, so the photos may have been taken at the same time.

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