Milton Burns Bateman and Mary Elizabeth Simmons Bateman Photo

Milton Burns BATEMAN and Mary Elizabeth Simmons BATEMAN.

Mary Elizabeth Simmons, b. 20 May 1891, was a daughter of Murdock Middleton SIMMONS and Louisa Clarinda THIGPEN. She and Milton resided in Franklinton, Washington Parish, Louisiana, and are buried at the Ellis Cemetery there.

This was a scan of a xerox image. I added a little sepia and dulled the grain. The drapery in the background leads me to believe the photo was not made in a studio but instead perhaps at a fair or by a traveling photographer. We have a very similar photo of Mary’s brother, Lucius, and his family, showing a drapery background in a natural setting and Lucius’ wife Annie dressed in the same style as Mary. That photo would have been made about 1911 and may help date this photo.

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