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For McKenney and related family postings peruse the McKenney line archive and McKenney line photos archive. A good place to start is the McKenney and Crockett Family Line post which gives the rudimentary ancestral families. Lengthy and convoluted and a bit difficult to follow, but worth the read if you can familiarize yourself with the names. The “McKenneys of Belmont, Monroe, Guernsey and Harrison Counties, Ohio” postings cover many of the families and their connections, from place to place through the years. The Sparks and Crockett families don’t enter into the fray until Chautauqua County, Kansas, but the McKenneys and Hackneys were associated in Van Buren, Iowa, before moving along to Chautauqua Co. Kansas.

For a complete listing of McKenney articles see the Site Map. The tags are also useful for looking at distinct families.

In the Crockett yDNA project, our family line belongs to 83171.

In the Enlow yDNA project, #70076 shows the results of a descendant of Hendricks Enloes, thru Henry Enloes and Mary Elliot, which should be the same line as ours, our Enlow family descending from Henry and Mary through their son Jesse.


  1. Carol Y Larson Avatar
    Carol Y Larson

    I was looking for names of Maze families living near Saunders Co., Nebraska in December, 1890. I believe my great-grandmother Wilhemina Karoline Marie Dehne (known as Lena Dehne Krug (husband died November 15, 1889 by hanging himself in his Cedar Precinct kitchen. He was heavy into debt-couldn’t pay his monthly mortgate on his farm land. He left a young wife, Lena, and 4 small daughters, Emma, age 6, Caroline age 5, Anna age 2 and Ida age 6 months.)
    I believe she was married to a man named perhaps Henry Maze. Their son, Henry Fred Maze, was born on 30 August 1891 in perhaps Cairo, Hall Co., NE. Sometime in May or June, 1900 he was adopted by a Wilmuth family living in Antelope Co., NE. I have been looking for his father for quite a few years. Also, Henry’s half-brother, Edward Gloke/Gloche was born in January, 1898 in West Point, Cuming Co., NE. Also when his mother died 12 May, 1900 he was adopted by a McKinney family also in Nebraska. His SS papers say his last name was spelled as McKinnie. I believe his mother spelled her married name as McKinney. I have that name on a quilt block.

    I look forward to hearing from you one day soon.
    Carol Y Larson

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