Kearns-Hennesy Line Articles

Ancestral names in the Kearns family are Kearns, Crabtree, Faggard, Ranager, McAndrew, McNulty, Clark, Cox, Jones, Pye. These people largely settled in the Mobile County area of Alabama.

Ancestral names in the Hennesy family are Clower, Breland, Bullock, Calhoun, Dillon, Everidge, Folsom, Hennesy, Kennedy, Knight, Lott, Miller, Mizell, Moore, Myles, Nobles, Pleasant, Richardson, Rodgers, Simmons, Smith, Thigpen, Welch, Williams.

Many of these people came through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and eventually settled largely in the Washington Parish, Louisiana area.

A good place to start for the Kearns line is the Short-hand Kearns Line post. For the Hennesy-Simmons families there is the Short-hand Hennesy Line post. These give the lines being researched for several generations. One can then peruse the category archives for the families or the articles lists below.

For a complete listing of Kearns and Hennesy articles see the Site Map and look for the Kearns and Hennesy categories.

7 thoughts on “Kearns-Hennesy Line Articles

  1. I am Fannie Lee Simmons Foil’s daughter. I am thinking that you must be one of Aunt Ethel’s granddaughters. I would love to hear from you, and I am enjoying your Evermore website. I wonder if I could persuade you to let me have the color picture of my mother that is labeled “Fannie Lee “Cooter” Simmons.” I do not have that particular picture. Please let me hear from you; I will be glad to pay for the picture, postage, etc.

  2. Melissa, there doesn’t appear to be any relationship in your family and these Ranagers over here in the U.S. I have censuses that track the Ranagers from 1830 on, John Ranager having arrived through Mobile, Alabama apparently in 1821, and this family was always in Mississippi and Alabama.

    There are no Simms in the family tree. The earliest records we have of the family are from about 1840 and they were Simmons.

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