The Story of Liberal, Missouri by O. E. Harmon

Orrin Ellie Harmon published The Story of Liberal Missouri in 1925. I transcribed and placed it online in 2001 and am now transferring it to this blog.

Orrin Ellie Harmon was a relation, married to Emma Viola Noyes, daughter of ancestor James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell.


Table of Contents


Early Settlements

DeLissa Stock Farm

Why the Town of Liberal was Founded

The Famous Barbed Wire Fence

The Great Spiritual Awakening


Old School Building

Old Methodist Church

U. M. L. Hall

Old Main Street

Medical Fraternity

Business Development

The Brotherhood

The Woman’s Guild

The Churches and Charitable Organizations

Old Christian Church

G. W. Baldwin

Some Interesting Character’s in Liberal’s History

Veterans of the Civil War and Soldiers of the Late World War

Civil War Veterans

Some of Liberal’s Public Servants

G. H. Walser Residence

The Founder of Liberal and the Surviving Pioneers

To Liberal

O. E. Harmon Photo

O. E. Harmon Biographical Sketch

4 thoughts on “The Story of Liberal, Missouri by O. E. Harmon

  1. My Great great great grandfather John Wesley Youmans lived in Liberal in the early 1880’s and apparently owned land there. he was murdered in Paris Texas in June of 1885. I’m trying to find anything that connects him to Liberal. The only reason I know he was a resident is because of an article published in the “Paris Tribune” recounting the murder. any help would be appreciated.

  2. Thank you for your response jmk. I was aware of the two links you posted. Am wondering if you might advise me on land records as John Wesley Youmans was supposed t have owned property in Liberal.

    Thank you

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