James Leon Hennesy and Lucy Virginia Myles

James Leon HENNESY AND (1) Lucy Virginia MYLES, (2) Lucinda POUNDS, (3) Della NOBLES

James Leon HENNESY was born 4 May 1873 at Franklinton, Washington Parish, LA, the 2nd son and 4th child of 9 born to James HENNESY (of GA) and Nancy Caroline WELCH (of Washington Parish).

In 1898, at the age of about 25, James married Lucy Virginia MYLES, daughter of John William Edward MYLES and Sarena MILLER. She was born 1875 or 18 January 1871 or 28 January 1871.

Between 1899 and 1906, James and Lucy had 5 children:

  • Zula HENNESY b. 1899 Washington Parish, LA, d. 1925 Washington Parish, LA at about 26. Married Wilbur KNIGHT b. 22 Oct. 1892, Franklinton Area, LA., died Jan 1970, Franklinton LA at about 78.
  • Jewel HENNESY b. 25 Oct. 1901 or Dec. 25 1901, Washinton Parish, LA., died 9 April 1979 at Bogalusa LA at about 78. He married Heloise MCGUIRT and a woman named Maidie.
  • Esmond Edward HENNESY b. 1903 June 1 married Ethel Lorena Simmons
  • Zoe HENNESY was born 1905 at Washington Parish, LA and died about 1989 at Washington Parish, LA. She married Ray MIDDLETON.
  • Zeta HENNESY was born 26 May 1906 at Washington Parish, LA. She died 24 July 1906 at two months. Her mother died two days beforehand.

LOUISIANA GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY, BE IT KNOWN AND REMEMBERED Volume Two Bible Records 1961: Pages 1 – 60 Bible of Samanthy Lewis, gives 28 January 1871 as Lucy MYLE’s date of birth.


“Died – Mrs. Leon Hennessy of Aurora, La., died at her home Sunday morning, July 22nd at 10 o’clock. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Myles. Mrs. Hennessy had _____ children. Funeral services were conducted Monday at 11 o’clock am and the body was laid to rest near the home.”

James Leon HENNESY was named for his father, James. He was a farmer, miller and merchant. His daughter, Ethel HENNESY, wrote of him, “James Leon owned and operated a sawmill, cotton gin and grist mill on the Tangipahoa River…apparently operated restaurants, stores and post office as well.”

Jean Hennesy Kearns, a granddaughter, writes:

“I don’t remember when Grandpa Hennesy died, but I can remember being held in his lap as he sat in a large chair in his living room in Bogalusa, Louisiana. His name was James Leon Hennesy. I remember him as being a gentle, loving man. We visited him only once a year when Daddy had his two week vacation. I always thought that we were going to Uncle Jewel’s house, but found out only this year that the home was Grandpa Hennesy’s. When Uncle Jewel’s first wife died, he and his children made their home with Grandpa. Then when Grandpa died, the house became Uncle Jewel’s.

“He had a hard life…

“Grandpa Hennesy tried farming during his early adult years, but determined that ‘there was a better way to make a living’ and began operating a mill on the Tangipahoa River, which my father says was unique in that it was not only a saw mill but also a corn mill. Daddy tells of Grandpa building a house down by the mill so he could look after the children during the day. At night they would return to their home. He continued with the mill until he bought a country store on the Bogalusa-Franklinton highway, which he operated for many years. Grandpa married Lucinda Pounds after my father and Uncle Jewel were grown and they had one daughter, Lucille, before the death of Lucinda. His last marriage, in his later years, was to Della Nobles.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the connections between the families of my mother and father. The country store Grandpa Hennesy bought was a short distance down the highway from the farm owned by Lucious and Annie Simmons…In fact, Grandpa Simmons’ land bordered the store property. Last month, as I talked with my father, he told me about his father and my mother’s father working together. It seems that Grandpa Simmons owned a sawmill at one time, also, and Grandpa Hennesy’s store was the ‘company store’ where the mill employees got all of their supplies. Once a month Grandpa Simmons would reimburse Grandpa Hennesy for purchases made by his employees. Daddy said the first $100 bill he ever saw was one my Grandfather Simmons gave his daddy to pay off their monthly balance.”
From MY PERSONAL PROFILE AND FAMILY OF ORIGIN by Jean (Hennesy) Kearns, November 20, 1991.

James Leon married second Lucinda POUNDS who was a cousin, daughter of George Washington Pounds and Amanda. Their daughter was Lucille HENNESY, born 19 July 1920 at Washington Parish, LA and died Nov. 10 1999 at about the age of 79. She married Tom FARLEY, a widower with several children.

Lucinda, born about 1886 in Louisiana, must have died shortly after Lucille’s birth.

James married third, Della NOBLES. ABSTRACT ARTICLES FROM WASHINGTON PARISH’S ERA LEADER IN FRANKLINTON, LOUISIANA 1921-1930 BY: BONNIE DIER, FRANKLINTON, LA. 70438 gives their marriage license as having been taken out April 17, 1924.

James Leon died at the age of 65 in 1938. James Leon HENNESY, Lucy Virginia MYLES HENNESY, and Zeta HENNESY are all buried at the Hennesy Cemetery, located On The banks Of the Tchefuncte River, below Mt. Hermon.

C. Hennesy
Jean Hennesy Kearns
Ethel Simmons Hennesy
Nancy Caroline Welch Hennesy’s bible

Census info:

1900 Ward 1, Washington, Louisiana

187/193 HENNESY Leon Head wm May 1872 28 md 0 yr b. LA parents b. LA merchant. 0 months not employed, can read and write. Owns home, Not mortgaged (appears to be), Farm, farm #178;
Lucy Wife wf Jan or June 1872 28 md 0 yr 0 children b. LA parents b. LA, can read and write

1910 Louisiana, Washington Parish, Ward 1
pg. 11 ancestry.com
64/67 POUNDS Wanda 47
Mary L. 23
William A. 21
John W. 19
Leon J. 17
Millie J. 15

68/74 HENNESY Merida B. 33 md 7 years b. LA parents b. LA Farmer
Lula A 27? 4 children 2 surviving
Idie N? daughter
Lubie Daughter
69/75 HENNESY Marion H. 37? md 8 years Farmer
Maude E. 35 7 children 6 surviving
Clarence C. 16
Myrtie S. 14
Elbert I. 13
Curtis M. 7
Levi M. 5
Kirby H. 3
Jetti? D. 1
CORKERN John C. father-in-law 71
Lourainey mother-in-law 59 6 children 6 surviving

75/81 HENNESY J. Leon 35? wd Farmer General farm
Zula H? 8
Jewell J. 7
E…. son 6

77/83 CROW Henry B. 33 md 10 years farmer general farm
Malissa ? md 10 years 4 children 4 surviving
Ethel E. 7
Eva A. 5
Pinkney E. 3
Jewel W. 1
John W. father 60
Adrine D. mother 55 9 children 8 surviving

122/129 CARPENTER Willie J. 30 md 6 years Farmer General Farm
Effie J. 25 3 children, 3 surviving
Bessie 5
E? 3
Leo 1

(several pages over)
28 of 34 at Ancestry.com
illegible numbers MYLES Thomas I. 41 md. 18 years Farmer General Farm
Lucy? 38 5 children 3 surviving
Ambus 12
Earley E. 8?

Supervisor’s Dist No. 6
Enumeration District No (repeatedly crossedout)
16 day of Jan 1920
Washinton Collon?
Page 13 A
(Trans. note: 25 at Ancestry.com)
196/206 WARD Vernon
197/207 HARWELL John
198/208 HENNESY James Head (owns or rents is not given, some other illegible marking) mw 47 md can read and write b. LA father b. GA mother b. LA Clerk Grocery wage worker
POUNDS Lucy Cousin fw 34 md can read and write b. LA father parents b. LA
HENNESY Jule Son mw 18 sg school can read and write b. LA parents b. LA
Elzy Son mw 16 sg school can read and write b. LA parents b. LA
(Trans. note: John HARWELL, 38, at 197, is a merchant grocer and James’ employer. Lemus WARD, who lives in household 196, is also a worker at the grocery.)

1930 Bogalusa, Washington, Louisiana
630 456 548 HENNESY James L. head owns $2500 doesn’t live on farm mw 56 md 26 when first married, can read and write b. LS parents b. LA, salesman for wholesale co., wage earner, not at work day before or last working day, not a veteran;
Della wife 49 md first md at 14, can read and write b. LA father b. MS mother b. TN;
Lucille daughter fw 10 sg. attends school can read and write b. LA parents b. LA;
NOBLES Willis stepson 12 sg can read and write b. LA parents b. LA.

Isaac Hennesy and Judith Ann Gill

Isaac HENNESY is given as having been born 1803 in GA. to David HENNESY.

Isaac married, 5 June 1820, Marion Co. MS, Judith Ann GILL b. 1800.

Isaac and Judith had 5 children:

  • Mary b. 1827 Marion Co. MS married John POUNDS. A known child is George Washington POUNDS b. 17 Nov. 1848, died 10 Dec. 1908.
  • Elizabeth M. b. 1832 MS married Chapman L. PEAK b. 1823. Their children were: Nora, Mary E. b. 1849 married George GRACE, Julia Anna b. 1852 married Ed WELCH, Martha R. b. 1856 married Buck BONDS b. 12 Dec. 1877
  • Cintha b. 1833, married William Samuel GIVENS b. 31 Dec. 1835 d. 19 Nov. 1925.
  • Isaac Jr. b. 1836 MS, d. 1866, married Sarah
  • James b. 4 Jan 1839 GA m. Nancy Caroline WELCH

Notes provided by Curtis HENNESY on Isaac relate:

Isaac could have been born in Chatham County, GA or Marion County, MS. Might have had another daughter, according to Census.

Some relatives believe that Isaac Ennis was born in SC. Some Census records show him being born in MS and others in Georgia. Much of present day MS was ceded by SC to GA in 1787. Georgia ceded the land to MS in 1802. Curtis Hennesy believes that Isaac was born between 1785 and 1800. Present day Marion County, MS was at one time part of SC and another time part of GA.

Isaac Hennesey married Judith Gill in 1820. Listed father as David Hennesey. Married in Marion Co. MS.

Washington Parish, LA court records show Isaac’s wife name as Ann. Curtis Hennesy believes that name was Judith Ann Gill. A James Gill was found in Marion County, MS in 1820 census.

Sharon Church records show Isaac and Judy Hennesy were new members as of November 14, 1846. This was by letter from the Antioch Church of Marion County, Mississippi.


December 04, 1862, Andrew Holton administered the estate of Isaac Hennesy late of the parish dec.

Sold to James D. Welch 162 42/100 acres NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 sec 22 T35 R9E. Estate was that of Isaac and Ann Hennessee.

End notes on Hennesy provided by Curtis Hennesy.

A James ENNIS was residing in Washington Parish in 1830 and 1040. Was this James ENNIS the brother of Isaac, another son of David, born 1805 who married Sarah? He is given as in the 20 to 30 age range with a wife in the 20 to 30 age range.

1830 ENNIS JAMES Washington Parish LA 088 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule LA 1830 Federal Census Index LA560121174
1840 ENNIS JAMES Washington Parish LA 106 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule LA 1840 Federal Census Index LAS4a841584
1840 ENNIS JAMES Washington Parish LA 141 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule LA 1840 Federal Census Index

pg. 5
William HUNT
Elias FORD
James GILL 3 1 – 2 – 1 2 1 1 1 – – 3 – –
William SMITH
William WARD
Phillip HELLER
William CLARK
John LOTTS Jr.
Thomas GILL 2 3 – – – 1 2 – 1 1 – – 4 – – – – – –

pg. 11
Isaac ENNIS 1 1 – – – 1 – – – – – – – | 2 1 – – 1 – – – – – – –


NOTE: Curtis Hennesy notes on the Isaac Hennesys in this census, “1850 census shows two Isaac HENNESSEYS about 15 to 20 years apart. The older one could have been the brother of the father of the younger one. Nancy was the name of the wife of the older Isaac.”

I am wondering instead of Isaac HENNESY Sr. hasn’t been recorded twice in this census; I have seen this happen on the occasion. With both instances an R. MCLEAN is living next door.

pg. 439
17/17 J. THIGPEN 40 farmer Value: $2000 b. NC can’t read or write
Jane 41 b. AL can’t read or write
James 21 b. LA
Permelia 19 b. LA
Clement 9 or 4 b. LA
Clarissa 15 b. LA
Lemon 11 b. LA
18/18 N. PAGET
19/19 John THIGPEN 25 Farmer b. LA
Martha 25 b. MS
Mary E. 5/12 b. LA
Washington? 16 b. LA
Lucy 22 b. LA
20/20 William VARNADOE
21/21 John THIGPEN 84 b. NC can’t read or write
Sally 75 b. NC can’t read or write
Charlotte PIERCE 21 b. LA can’t read or write
23/23 Seth BORNE?
24/24 Alford MOORE 55 b. GA
25/25 James THIGPEN 81 farming $2500. b. NC
A. HARDY 32 b. NC
Cintha 27 b. GA
A. J. Hardy 2 b. LA
pg. 441
48/48 William ARD and Eliza
49/49 Mary C. ARD
50/50 James ARD and Margaret J.
57/57 Erastus THIGPEN
52/52 J. PEIRCE and Charlotte
53/53 John CALHOUN and Nancy
54/54 Nathan BLACK and Mary
pg. 442
65/65 A. MORRIS b. NC and Sarah
66/66 W. KNIGHT 27 farm $100 b. LA
Mary 21 b. LA
Susan 2 b. LA
Polly 1 b. LA
67/67 Charles? 60 farm $100 b. VA
Susan 40 b. GA can’t read or write
James 20 laborer b. LA
Georgia 18 b. LA
Margaret 16 b. LA
Calvin 14 b. LA
Anne? 10 b. LA
James STAFFORD 20 b. LA
Stephen 1 b. LA
Sarah 2/12 b. LA
pg.443 81/81 W. RICHARDSON and Nancy
82/82 David THOMAS
83/83 Matthew THOMAS
84/84 Thomas BICKHAM 79 farm $6000 b. GA
Mary 61 b. SC
Thomas 22 farm b. LA
Jacob C. 35 b. LA
G. T. VICKERY? 24 b. MD
86/86 T. J. KING and Lucy
87/87 E. STEVENS and Nancy
88/88 Williy JONES 35 farm b. MS
Eliza 30 b. MS
Henry 8 b. MS
Alex 6 b. MS
Arena? 4 b. MS
Maranda 1 b. LA
Harriet 1 b. LA
pg. 444
89/89 T. WARNER and Kitty
90/90 T. C. WARNER and Jeremiah
91/91 T. C. BICKHAM 32 ? $2000 b. LA
Elizabeth 25
Martha E. 10
Sarah L. 8
Thomas A. 7
Elizabeth 5
Charles M. 4
Mary R. 8/12
David W. 12
92/92 A. BICKHAM 24 farmer $1000 b. LA
Mary 24
Washington 25 labor
Elizabeth 22
Thomas 21 schoolteaching
Elizabeth 19
Marion 17 labor
93/93 John BROMFIELD?
94/94 N. GREAVES and Arcadia
95/95 T. MAGU and Zoe
Pg. 445
96/96 E. C. BICKHAM
Pg. 457
280/280 L B CON or COX and Nancy 42 and 28 MS and LA
281/281 WIlliam FENNY? 55 MS
282/282 Isaac HENNESY 65 farming $100 b. GA
Nancy 65 b. GA
Isaac 18 laborer b. LA
James 15 b. LA
? 1 b. LA
283/283 R. MCLEAN 45 and Mary b. SC
284/284 T? LENEAR 28 and Clarisa 75 LA and SC
Pg. 458 B?
292/292 Leslie BANKSTON 45 farm b. GA
Elizabeth 65 b. SC
Henrietta 25 b. lA
Catherine 22
Franklin EDY 12
G. R. GRIFFITH 46 Taylor b. NY
293/293 J. D. WELSH 34 farm b. MS
Caroline 35 b. GA
James 6 b. LA
William 4
Nancy 2
Lucinda MOORE 35 b. MS
294/294 Miles BULLOCK 30 farm $100 b. GA
Camantha 32 b. LA
Lefore 10
Georgia 7
William 5
Francis 3 female
295/295 Jackson GRAHAM 23 farm b. LA
Malinda 2 b. MS
Pauline MULFORD 3 b. LA
296/296 Isom GRAHAM 40 farmer $100 b. LA
Elizabeth 36
and family
297/297 Cullen SANDY 37 b. LA and Nancy 298/298 John GRAHAM 25 and Cintha
299/299 Nancy PITMAN 42 b. MS and family
Pg. 459
300/300 Peyton BOND 45 b. GA and Harriet (eldest child, Gideon, 13, b. MS)
Elijah WELCH 30 Lab. b. LA
301/301 May LU 32 b. SC
Pg. 459 B
310/310 Isaac HENNESY 55 farm $100 b. MS
Lada 50
Cintha 16
Isaac 17
James 14
John POUNDS 35
Mary 23
George 6
? 2
311/311 R. MCLEAN 55 b. SC and Elizabeth
pg. 464
381/381 Thoomas PETTIT 30 b. NC and Sarah
James GILL 48 farmer b. GA
Nancy 44 b. GA
Franklin 15 b. LA
Emily 12
Amanda 10
Madison 5
Mary COOK 35
John MOORE 30 laborer b. GA
383/383 Lefore GILL 40 farmer b. GA
Lourena 35
James 18 b. MS William 16
Thomas 14
Lucy 12
Mahaley 10
John 9
Circey 6
Cintha 9
384/384 William PRINE PRINE? 50 b. GA and Harriet
385/385 Rufus GILL 34 farm b. MS
Catharine 24
Neal 2 b. LA
Mary 1 b. LA
? 25 (male) b. MS
Martha 21 b. MS
Pg. 386/386
John WELSH 70 farming $300 b. SC

1860 HENNESSEY ISAAC JR. Washington Parish LA 784 Baileys Mills P.O. Federal Population Schedule LA 1860 Federal Census Index LA39054664
1860 HENNESSEY ISAAC Washington Parish LA 784 Baileys Mills P.O. Federal Population Schedule LA 1860 Federal Census Index LA39054663
1860 HENNESEY JAMES Washington Parish LA 783 Baileys Mills P.O. Federal Population Schedule LA 1860 Federal Census Index LA39054653
1860 HENNESEY SARAH Washington Parish LA 784 Baileys Mills P.O. Federal Population Schedule LA 1860 Federal Census Index LA39054654

NOTE: Isaac HENNESY is now given as born 1800. His wife is Judy, born in GA. They are living next to a James HENESSEY, age 55., who would be his brother. Living nearby is his son Isaac HENNESEY and Elizabeth Hennesy PEAK married to Chapman PEAK. Living not much further down are the WELCHs. James HENNESY, son of Isaac, married Nancy Caroline WELCH in 1868.
pg. 783
128/123 Andrew HOLTON 55 b. GA and Mary and family
129/124 Warren ALFORD 40 b. LA and Celia Anne and family
130/125 Daniel FENDLESON 29 b. SC and Elizabeth and family
131/126 Jasper N. CORTNEY 27 b. MS and Margaret and family
132/127 Sarah ? 42 b. LA and family
133/128 James HENNESEY 55 farmer personal value $100 b. GA can’t read or write
Sarah 60 b. GA can’t read or write
Anna 30 b. LA
Mary 16
James 13
134/129 Isaac HENNESEY 60 farmer RE value $20, personal value $160 b. GA can’t read or write
Judy 60 b. GA can’t read or write
James 21 b. MS
James MCDAVID 19 clerk b. Scotland
135/130 Isaac HENNESEY Jr. 21 or 24 farmer RE value $60, personal value $150 b. MS
Sarah b. MS
Chapman L. PEAK 37 farmer RE value 250. personal value 2630. b. MS (and Elizabeth and family)
137/132 John R. HOLTON 22 farmer 325. 85. b. MS (and Margaret E.)
138/133 James D. WELCH 48 farmer 1500. 1009. b. MS
Caroline 44 b. GA
James P. 16 b. LA
William H. 11?
Nancy C. 12
Edward E. 9
Nicholas E.
(at household 161/155 is Elijah J. WELCH 44 with wife Elizabeth and children)
(explored only 783-787)

pg. 138 2 W. Tangipahoa (ancestry.com 128)
262/262 SINSEY William 45 (b) farmer b. VA and Millie and family
263/263 ELLIS Maria 40 (b) farming b. MS (and family)
264/264 PEAK Chapman 48 Farmer b. MS (and Eliza and family)
Patsy 16 (b) servant
Benton 9 (b) servant
Note: Chapman PEAK was the husband of Elizabeth M. HENNESY, daughter of Isaac. Cintha Hennesy, daughter of Isaac, married a Givens. They are a few households down.
265/265 HENNESSEY Isaac 65 b. GA
Judy 65 b. GA
266/266 HENNESSEY James 26 farming RE value $600 personal $640 b. MS
Nancy 22 b. LA
Hellan 2 b. LA
267/267 WELCH Jam. D. 58 farmer $1500 $1135 b. MS
Caroline 54 b. GA
William H. 24 b. LA
Edward E. 18
Nicholas 16
BUCKHALTER M. (f) 20 (mulatto) b. LA
Rosa A. 2 (mulatto) b. LA
Charles? J. 2/12 (mulatto) b. LA
270/270 HOTTEN Andrew 65 farmer $6000 $665 b. NC
Mary 55 b. GA
Susan 5 b. LA
273 273 GIVENS Wm. S. 33 m w Farmer 300-345 MS
Cynthia 35 f w MS James R. 13 m w LA
Josephine 11 f w LA
274 274 GIVENS Robt. 33 m w Farmer 300-360 MS
Jane 32 f w LA Jacob 8 m w LA
Bolivar 5 m w LA Corrinne 3 f w LA
Mary 1 f w LA
(only explored 126-130 or 135)

Louisiana Land Records shows for an Isaac HENNESY:

Land Office: GREENBURG
Sequence #: 1 Document Number: 3259
Total Acres: 40.23
Misc. Doc. Nr.:
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: July 01, 1859
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Survey Date:
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
Legal Land Description:
# 1
Aliquot Parts NENE
Block #
Base Line: St Helena
Fractional Section: No Township 3 S
Range: 9 E
Section #: 21

Land Office: GREENBURG
Sequence #: 1
Document Number: 3414
Total Acres: 40.63
Misc. Doc. Nr.:
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: July 01, 1859
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Survey Date:
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
# 1
Aliquot Parts NESE
Block #
Base Line: St Helena
Fractional Section: No Township 3 S
Range: 9 E
Section #: 21

Land Office: GREENBURG
Sequence #: 1
Document Number: 5014
Total Acres: 81.37
Misc. Doc. Nr.:
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: May 1, 1861
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Survey Date: Statutory
Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
# 1
Aliquot Parts W½NW
Block #
Base Line: St Helena
Fractional Section: No Township 3 S
Range: 9 E
Section #: 21

Louisiana Land Records shows for an Isaac HENNESSEY:

Land Office: Greenburg
Document Number: 4231
Canceled Document: No
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Survey Date:
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Sequence #:1
Total Acres: 81.17
Signature: Yes
Issue Date: June 1, 1860
Metes and Bounds: No
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
Legal Land Description #1:
Aliquot Parts: NWSE
No BLock Given
Base Line: St. Helena
Fractional Secton: No
Township: 3 S
Range: 9 E
Section #22
Legal Land Description #1:
Aliquot Parts: NWSE
No BLock Given
Base Line: St. Helena
Fractional Secton: No
Township: 3 S
Range: 9 E
Section #22

Cutis Hennesy gives Isaac as dying 1861 at Tangipahoa Parish, LA, but it seems that he appears in the 1870 census with his wife Judith at household 265.

Census data
Curtis Hennesy

Early 1970s Hennesy Reunion

Hennesy Reunion

From left to right, James “Jim” Simmons b. 1923, Fannie Lee “Cooter” Simmons Foil b. 1920, Ezra “Jodi” Simmons b. 1913, an Ethel Lorena Simmons b. 1906, all children of Lucius Theodore Simmons and Annie Clarinda Knight Simmons. The other three children, Estus, Desera and Lloyd were deceased prior this reunion which I believe took place at the home of Ethel in Natchez, Mississippi–but I could be wrong on that! Fashion styles spread at different speeds not only geographically but even within a community so it’s difficult for me to apply a date other than “Early 1970s”.

It’s easy enough to pick out the siblings in the below photo. Ethel’s husband, Esmond Edward Hennesy is the elder gentleman seated to the right with the couple of children in his lap. Aside from Esmond, I’ve not a clue who anyone else is and no one else has been identified for me. I believe I recognize Jim’s wife from a 1954 reunion picture, she’s standing to the left of him at the far right. The woman in the blue shirt standing to the left of Ethel (back, a little left of center) is Juanita Simmons, Jodi’s wife.

If you have further info, let me know.

Hennesy Reunion

Two other photos of Ezra and his wife, Juanita, taken at the same reunion can be viewed here.

Wedding Photos of Lola Hennesy and Albert Miles Dubbrin

Albert Miles Dubbrin was born 1923 June 10 in Washington and died 1984 Dec 9 in Boyes Hot Springs, Sonoma, California. In March of 1946 he married, in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama, Lolavee “Lola” Hennesy who was born 1925 July 7 in Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana and died 2004 July 30 in Santa Rosa, California.

After Albert’s death she married, second, Fred Gerdes.

In this first photo we see sister Ezzielea “Lea” Hennesy, Lola, father Esmond Edward Hennesy, mother Ethel Lorena Simmons Hennesy, sister Annie Jean Hennesy and brother James Leon “Buddy” Hennesy.

The Hennesy family at Lola’s wedding

The second photo shows Lola and Albert cutting the cake with unknown bridesmaids and groomsmen looking on. Lola’s sister, Lea, is the woman on the right in the dark suit.

Lola and Al cut the cake

The happy couple. If anyone knows the unknown individuals surrounding the couple, please contact me.

Al Dubbrin and Al Hennesy

Photo of Jean Playing on Car

Jean and Buddy

Cars were big back then.

Jean Hennesy is between perhaps 13 and 15 in the photo. I’d place her as being about 14 and this picture taken circa 1945.

Family gave Buddy, her brother, as being the boy in the photo but Buddy is 3 years younger than Jean and there appears to be a much greater age difference between Jean and the boy than 3 years.

The photo would have been taken in Mobile, Alabama.

Photo of Lucius Simmons and Albert Winston Lang

Lucius Simmons and Albert Winston Lang


Bob Ann Breland notes: “Apparently they were good friends. Look at Uncle Lucious’ arm around grandpa’s shoulder. I read your mother-in-law’s memories on the web site and she was right. He was a pretty stern person. I remember him well. No foolishness about him. But he was not a lot different from most older people when I was a child. Most of them had had such a hard life that there wasn’t much to be happy about. But a lot had to do with personality. His brothers Bud and John were both pretty jolly fellows who loved children. Aunt Annie was the dearest lady. She was always ready to help anybody in the community that needed help. I remember her as a motherly type that could just envelop you in her arms in that big apron she seemed always to wear.”

This photo would have been taken in Washington Parish, Louisiana. The clothing is very similar to the 1949 photo taken at Albert Winston Lang’s 80th birthday celebration. Lucius is at least wearing a different belt and shirt, but the style is the same and Albert may be wearing the same suit. The men appear older. Details, however, are blown out, the quality of the photo is pretty bad, and Lucius’ stooping to put his arm around Albert may only make him appear older. I’ll simply date it early 1950s.

Images courtesy of Bob Ann Breland.

Lucius Theodore Simmons and…

Lucius Simmons and possible father of Rosa Lee Simmons

Lucius Theodore Simmons (29 Dec 1883 – 9 Sep 1963) is on the left.

The father of Rosa Lee, wife of Desera “George” Simmons, was originally identified by family as being on the right. Desera lived 1917 – 1932, dying of a tick bite. The photo does look like it may have been made at the same time as this photo identified as being at the Lang-Simmons Cemetery, showing Rosa Lee wife of Desera. However, if the photo was of Rosa Lee’s father it would have had to have been about the time of Desera’s death and Lucius would have only been 49 years of age. He doesn’t appear to be 49 here, he appears to be older.

Was the photo made during a visit to the grave at a later visit? If anyone had any information, let me know.

Having seen photos of Lucius in 1949, I would date this some time about 1945.

This is the penultimate tall man – short man photo, only Lucius wasn’t really all that tall from what I can tell from other photos.

Photo from Ethel Simmons Hennesy collection.