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Lucius Theodore Simmons and…

Lucius Simmons and possible father of Rosa Lee Simmons

Lucius Theodore Simmons (29 Dec 1883 – 9 Sep 1963) is on the left.

The father of Rosa Lee, wife of Desera “George” Simmons, was originally identified by family as being on the right. Desera lived 1917 – 1932, dying of a tick bite. The photo does look like it may have been made at the same time as this photo identified as being at the Lang-Simmons Cemetery, showing Rosa Lee wife of Desera. However, if the photo was of Rosa Lee’s father it would have had to have been about the time of Desera’s death and Lucius would have only been 49 years of age. He doesn’t appear to be 49 here, he appears to be older.

Was the photo made during a visit to the grave at a later visit? If anyone had any information, let me know.

Having seen photos of Lucius in 1949, I would date this some time about 1945.

This is the penultimate tall man – short man photo, only Lucius wasn’t really all that tall from what I can tell from other photos.

Photo from Ethel Simmons Hennesy collection.


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