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Photo of Lucius Simmons and Albert Winston Lang

Lucius Simmons and Albert Winston Lang


Bob Ann Breland notes: “Apparently they were good friends. Look at Uncle Lucious’ arm around grandpa’s shoulder. I read your mother-in-law’s memories on the web site and she was right. He was a pretty stern person. I remember him well. No foolishness about him. But he was not a lot different from most older people when I was a child. Most of them had had such a hard life that there wasn’t much to be happy about. But a lot had to do with personality. His brothers Bud and John were both pretty jolly fellows who loved children. Aunt Annie was the dearest lady. She was always ready to help anybody in the community that needed help. I remember her as a motherly type that could just envelop you in her arms in that big apron she seemed always to wear.”

This photo would have been taken in Washington Parish, Louisiana. The clothing is very similar to the 1949 photo taken at Albert Winston Lang’s 80th birthday celebration. Lucius is at least wearing a different belt and shirt, but the style is the same and Albert may be wearing the same suit. The men appear older. Details, however, are blown out, the quality of the photo is pretty bad, and Lucius’ stooping to put his arm around Albert may only make him appear older. I’ll simply date it early 1950s.

Images courtesy of Bob Ann Breland.


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