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Nancy Benton, who had this in her collection, notes Caroline Atwell Noyes (line of the blog’s author) had cut apart an envelope that had contained a letter addressed to herself and written this dream on the inside.

The dream concerns her daughter Cora going on a trip, and the numbers 87. It was a powerful dream for her, else she’d not have kept this scrap of paper. Why it was kept throughout her life, and after her death, I expect, was due the fact that on Oct 16, 1887 Cora died bearing her first and only child, Robert Greene Harmon, who survived and was raised by his aunt and uncle.

The dream may have also been powerful to her due the fact she wonders in it if she is a witch. The line of Carrie’s husband, James Allen Noyes, was connected with the Salem witchcraft trials. Timothy Noyes, an ancestor, had a brother who was a clergyman witnessing at least four of the hangings, Rev’d. Nicholas Noyes, and was said to have been cursed.

Wikipedia and other sources note that in folklore, witch’s milk, that taken from the breast of a newborn infant, was believed to be a source of nourishment for witches’ familiar spirits. Caroline may have been aware of this lore, which would have made even stronger for her a sense of prognostication of Cora’s dying in childbirth.


Feb. 7 1885

I also dreamed of being at some neighbors
house and seeing a woman and some
children – and it seems I sent a young
woman to return a cloak to Mrs. Boulwares
folks and she started with it but I afterwards
learned she did not take it to the right
place. I dreamed something about
Cora, though she was not the messenger
I sent with the cloak – Cora went on the
journey I expected to take – and I saw
the figures 8 7 which I understood meant
it would cost her eighty seven dollars to
buy her ticket. – I also dreamed of seeing
milk several times once when I set down
after I had set there a little while I looked and
there I was sitting in a great pan of milk.
The pan was as big as a dish pan, and I exclaimed
was (?) I a witch! Feb. 7 1885
Carrie A. Noyes

Carrie Noyes note


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