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Cora Rachel Noyes Greene

Original photo of Cora



Cora, daughter of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell, was born 19 April 1863, at “1 and 1/4 oclock” in Wakishma, Michigan. She married Frank GREEN, 30 March 1886, at the age of 23, in Junction, Kansas. She died in childbirth, 16 Oct 1887.

Cora died in childbirth. Her son, Robert, was adopted by Cora’s sister, Emma Viola.
SOURCE: Pansy Noyes Pinkerton’s Noyes Family Record (made early to middle 1900’s and augmented by Nancy Benton).

From a couple of surviving letters, we have bits of information about Cora. In 1883 she had been working in a printing shop but lost the job, which is known from a letter her brother, Victor, wrote her in December.

A letter in August of 1885 from Victor to Cora informs us that Cora was interested in spiritualism.

In 1886, Cora married Frank Green. Envelopes, but not letters, from their correspondence survived, the letters perhaps destroyed when the family purged anything about which they were worried during the McCarthy years.

K of L(?) Section, Beloit, KS (Postmark–unreadable, KS)
Transient, Lincoln, NE (Postmark–Liberal, MO)
Care U.P. Engineer Corps, Hutchison, KS (Postmark–McPherson, KS)
Omaha, NE (Postmark–Liberal, MO–from Allen Noyes)
Occidental Hotel, Omaha, NE (Postmark–Liberal, MO)
Editor Resident, Wichita, KS (Postmark–Junction City, KS)
Transient, Chester, NE (Return Address–Green & Co., 211 S. 13th Street, Lincoln, NE)
“Hon” Frank Greene, State Convention Anti-Monopoly, Topeka, KS (Postmark–Wichita, KS)

I cannot make out the date on the last one, but apparently he was a state representative if he was addressed as “Hon”. Also possible he was working for the Union Pacific as an engineer.

The “editor resident” must have been for the Evening News in Wichita. There are two letters to Cora in the same handwriting in envelopes with that return address, written in the same hand, one to Liberal in 1887 and one to Junction City, KS, (no date). The same handwriting on a plain envelope addressed to her in McPherson, KS (no date).

SOURCE: Nancy Benton 2 May 2003

I don’t find any Frank GREEN who was a State Representative for the Anti-Monopoly party which was in the process of winding down at that point. He would likely have been at the Anti-Monopolist convention held at Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas on August 25 1886. I read the convention made no nominations for executive offices but delegates were instructed to work for the election of such candidates as would pledge themselves to secure the adoption of all the measures for the relief of labor and the great producing class that were in harmony with the AntiMonopolist, Greenback, and Knights of Labor declaration of principles.

Cora apparently went on the road with Frank, only envelopes surviving from letters written to her mother, Caroline.

Envelopes to Carrie, apparently from Cora, from Wichita, Mcpherson, Omaha, Lincoln, and one in an envelope with return of McPherson Steam Laundry in Wichita. Wonder if Cora worked there at one time? One dated Apr 14, 1893 from Scranton, PA, has a note on one side “Containing Frank Greene’s death…
SOURCE: Nancy Benton 2 May 2003

A note written by Carrie on a dream which seemed to become a premonition, was saved by the family. The seeming premonition was of Cora’s death in 1887.

Other posts have information on Robert Harmon who was taken in by Cora’s sister, Viola, and her husband.

I’ve yet to find the family of Frank Greene, who seemingly died before April 14 1893.


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