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Addie McKenney McWhirt with Daughters, circa 1910s

Photo courtesy Michelle Koscheski
McWhirts – tinted

This photo is courtesy of Michelle Koscheski, who descends down Addie McKenney McWhirt’s line.

Michelle identified the individuals as Starlie Isabella McWhirt, and her aunts Jane McWhirt Bogle and Mary McWhirt Custer. Starlie was born in July 14 1923 to Harry B. McWhirt and Ruth Cowan (Harry was a son of Addie) and married John George Creek. This would have placed the dating of the photo as about 1934 if the youngest child is 10. But the styles appear not quite right for 1934.

Hattie Jane (I also have her as “Sarah Jane”) McWhirt was born August 1894 in Oklahoma Indian Territory and died 1972 June 1 in Hominy, Osage, Oklahoma. She married Bogue Bogle and Claude Moore.

Mary Isabell McWhirt was born 1904 Nov 29 in Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma. She married Joel R. Custer on July 30 1923 and died April 1983.

After I posted this photo I received a clarification. Another descendant of Addie’s, through Harry B., is Joy Gray Butcher, and she wrote instead that the photo shows Addie McWhirt herself with daughters Hattie Jane and Mary Isabell, which places the photo as made about 1914. This dating fits better the style of clothing. Also, this photo sent by Michelle shows Addie with two of her brothers at a later date and the older woman in this photo certainly looks like a match for a younger version of Addie in that other photo.

So, thank you to Michelle for the photo and to Joy for the clarification on the identities. This is wonderful and I appreciate it. This clarification helps us with the story of the picture, for it is of Addie with her two surviving daughters. The 1910 census indicates she had 10 children of whom only 7 survived. Census data and data I’ve received indicate the other girls she’d had were Ruby, Maureen and Grace. Ruby, Maureen and Grace had all died in infancy or youth, leaving her with two living daughters, those being Hattie Jane and Mary Isabell (or Mary Isabelle). She also had living sons–Clyde, Harry and Jurdy–but this picture then was devoted to Addie and her daughters.


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  1. Joy Gray Butcher Avatar
    Joy Gray Butcher

    I am a decendent of Addie McKinney McWhirt (granddaughter of Harry B. McWhirt who was Addie McWhirt’s son – youngest son but third child: her children were Clyde McWhirt, Hattie Jane McWhirt, Harry B. McWhirt and Mary Isabelle McWhirt) the women in this picture are actually Addie McWhirt and her two daughters, Hattie Jane McWhirt (married names: Moore then Bogle) and Mary Isabelle McWhirt (married: Custer).

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