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George Washington McKenney Jr., Eli W. McKenney and Addie McKenney McWhirt

G. W. McKenney, Addie McKenney McWhirt and Eli W. McKenney

This is a photo I received today from Michelle Koscheski, who descends down Addie McKenney McWhirt’s line.

Below I enlarged and added some color just to differentiate the figures from the background.

G. W. McKenney Jr., Addie McKenney McWhirt and Eli W. McKenney

I believe that’s George McKenney Jr. on her right (our left) and Eli on the other side. George died in 1947 and I’ve yet to find when Eli died. Addie lived to 1952.

George and Addie were children of George Washington McKenney Sr. and Isabella Love. Eli was the son of George Washington McKenney Sr. and an unknown woman, after the death of Isabella Love.

It’s likely this photo was either taken in Osage County, Oklahoma, where Addie would have been living, perhaps Pawhuska, or in Chautauqua County, Kansas, where George lived. Eli would have traveled from his home, the last I’m aware of being in the Vicksburg area of Mississippi in 1938.

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