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Brewer Burials at Mount Carmel Cemetery

Find-A-Grave has two Brewer burials at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Fillmore, Putnam, Indiana, Daniel A. Brewer and wife Nancy Smith.

Daniel A. Brewer Sr. was born Aug 31 1784 in York, Pennsylvania to Johannes (John) Brewer and Jane Van Arsdale.

On October 5 1805 he married, in Mercer County, West Virginia, Nancy Smith, who was born Dec 4 1785. She died Nov 9 1859 in Fillmore, Putnam, Indiana.

Daniel married 2nd Charity Bridges in 1863. She died June 22 1896 in Coatesville, Hendricks, Indiana.

Daniel also died in Coatesville, Hendricks, Indiana, on April 9, 1881 but was apparently returned to Putnam to be buried with Nancy.

They were the parents of Daniel Levi Brewer who married Catherine Hedden.

There are images of the headstones but they are a little too distant to read.

The cemetery can be viewed below. The town of Fillmore is only a short way north of it. It’s an itsy bitsy teeny place with a town hall that is about the size of a couple of garages stuck together. I guess it is primarily a farming community. I wonder if it was ever larger than this.

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