Brewer Burials at Mount Carmel Cemetery

Find-A-Grave has two Brewer burials at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Fillmore, Putnam, Indiana, Daniel A. Brewer and wife Nancy Smith.

Daniel A. Brewer Sr. was born Aug 31 1784 in York, Pennsylvania to Johannes (John) Brewer and Jane Van Arsdale.

On October 5 1805 he married, in Mercer County, West Virginia, Nancy Smith, who was born Dec 4 1785. She died Nov 9 1859 in Fillmore, Putnam, Indiana.

Daniel married 2nd Charity Bridges in 1863. She died June 22 1896 in Coatesville, Hendricks, Indiana.

Daniel also died in Coatesville, Hendricks, Indiana, on April 9, 1881 but was apparently returned to Putnam to be buried with Nancy.

They were the parents of Daniel Levi Brewer who married Catherine Hedden.

There are images of the headstones but they are a little too distant to read.

The cemetery can be viewed below. The town of Fillmore is only a short way north of it. It’s an itsy bitsy teeny place with a town hall that is about the size of a couple of garages stuck together. I guess it is primarily a farming community. I wonder if it was ever larger than this.

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George Washington Smith and Mary

It was for a while believed by the family that Daniel BREWER’s wife was Nancy GARNETT or GURNET, but we now know otherwise.

Nancy Benton writes:

The “cousin” who gave me the family sheet of Daniel which listed his mother as “Nancy Gurnet” said there was some scandal about her, but she didn’t know what it was. In some of mother’s writings I found mention of Nancy Garnett as wife of Daniel.

In corresponding with other researchers (including Steve Brewer and Debbie Schmidt) I found that Nancy Smith who md. Daniel Brewer in 1805 in Mercer County was mentioned as a daughter in George Smith’s probate records. George had been married previously and had five children before marrying Nancy’s mother and having six more.

Isom: “Marriage Bonds and Consents, Mercer Co., KY 1786-1820, p. 13–“Daniel Brewer and Nancy Smith; Consent of Mary Smith for her daughter, same date, witnessed by Narney Smock and Abraham Brewer.

So, we know George Washington Smith was father of Nancy.

George Washington Smith, what an odd name for a man born about 1740. It wasn’t like he could have been named for George Washington.

Things get confusing with George Smith so I’ll set it out in dates, the bulk of this research via Debbie Schmidt and Irma Korbitz.

Abt. 1740 he is born.

Before 1762 he marries a Jerusha or a Jessica Jerusha.

1762 circa, Rebecca is born. Will marry a Samuel Brewer in 1787.

1774 circa, George Washington Smith is born. Will marry Mary Fulkerson in 1794 and move to St. Louis.

Milley Smith born unknown. Marries Isaac Carson.

Catherine Smith b. unknown. She will marry Jacob Wilmore in 1786.

1779 Dec 29, concerning land.

Debbie Schmidt gives from Irma Korbitz:

PIONEER KENTUCKY BY Willard R. Jillson , Frankfort, 1934, p. 101 – Smiths station…is shown by Filson west of the Dicks River on the trail from the Low Dutch station to the juncture of the Dicks and Kentucky River.

EARLY KENTUCKY LAND RECORDS 1773-1780 by Neal O Hammons, published by Filson Club gives that settlers were allowed only one Settlement and Preemption entry so that would indicate the George Smith had a settlement claim of 400 acres on 12-29-1779 on Harrods Run and 600 acres Settlement Preemption on 10-15-1780 on Harrods Run.

There is a 1000 acre entry from a treasury warrant on Silver Creek which was sold/passed on to Andrew HANNAH. There is also a land commission record of this land dated 1804 and the land had an area called Gerusha’s Grove. It was at St Alsaphs just below Danville.

According to Irma (IKATHRYNK) who did this research, there was a treasury warrant purchased from the state. Treasury warrants could not be entered until May 1780 giving those with settlement certificts and preemption
warrants the opportunity to make earlier entries.

Debbie Schmidt gives Irma Korbitz’ notes having George Smith as appearing in Kentucky County, Kentucky records as early as 1780 with land grants, then later in Lincoln county from which Mercer County was formed in 1786.

1780 Dec 22, Dorcas Dobitha is born. She will marry Alexander Vanarsdall.

After 1780, George marries Mary.

Debbie Schmidt: Second Wife: Mary married before 1793 ( Mercer Co. KY Deed Book II, p. 58-60.)

Irma Korbitz notes she has a record of a marriage in January of 1785 of a George SMITH to a Polly GORDON in Lincoln County Kentucky. Polly was a common nickname for Mary. She tried checking GORDONS in Lincoln County Kentucky and came up with two GORDON men who died, one of whom had a wife Mary in Mercer County Kentucky Court Records–1801, Mary SMITH vs. George SMITH Sr. and George SMITH Jr.

1785 Dec 4, Nancy Smith is born who will marry Daniel A. Brewer Sr. in 1805. His mother is Jane Van Arsdale. Unknown relationship to the above Alexander Vanarsdale but I bet there is one. DIRECT LINE.

Jerusha Smith b. unknown date will marry John Hunter in 1804. He’s a son of Henry Hunter. His brother Charles marries Susannah Hedden, daughter of Abraham Hedden and Charity Munson. His brother Carter Hunter, in 1818, will marry Anne Hedden, daughter of Abraham Hedden and Charity Munson. This Hedden family marries into our Brewers with Catherine Hedden (a descendant of Abraham and Charity) marrying Daniel Levi Brewer, son of Daniel A. Brewer and Nancy Smith, in 1843.

1787 census in Mercer County, Virginia

1787. Debbie Schmidt gives this from Irma Korbitz: In 1787 George Smith entered himself as special bail for Henry Hunter (whose son John Hunter marries Jerusha Smith, George’s daughter in 1804) in the suit of Henry Hart in an action for debt.

Elizabeth Smith, born unknown date,will marry David McEwin in 1817.

1790. Mercer County, West Virginia. Margaret S. Henson records on the Rootsweb Mercer Co. KY Deeds board, Wed., 30 June, 1999, that Charles McKinney came to then Lincoln Co in 1785 and located unknown date on Harrods Run. Court Order book July 1789 says he wants road moved to the west side of his property. Neighbors were James Harrod and George Smith.

1791. Debbie Schmidt gives this from Irma Korbitz: In 1791 Mary James and Jeremiah Tilford were appointed guardians to Sarah James, Leah James and George James, orphans of Abraham James, dec`d. George and Thomas Smith were sureties.

1792. Debbie Schmidt gives this from Irma Korbitz: In 1792 Thomas Vincent, 7 years old was bound to George Smith.

1794. In 1794 George Smith entered into bond with Frederick Baker to keep a tavern at Danville.

1794. An indenture from George Smith to John Allin was proved by George S. Smith and William Gaines in 1794.

1795, appears on the tax list in Mercer, West Virginia.

1795. An indenture from Daniel Bulger to George Smith was proved by George Smith Jr. and Thomas Freedman and David Black in 1795.

Levi Smith, b. 1797 in Kentucky, will die 1851 in St. Louis.

James Smith b. 1799 in Kentucky, marries Elizabeth Ellis in 1819 in St. Louis.

According to (HISTORY OF SHELBY COUNTY, KY; Geo. L. Willis, Sr.; Shelby County Genealogical-Historical Society`s Committee on Printing; 1929; p 50, 51) a Low Dutch colony came from Mercer County into Shelby county between 1784-1786 and settled around Pleasureville. Brewers and Vanisdals were among those who moved to Shelby Co. James Smith, son of George Smith was reportedly born in Shelby Co, in 1799. George evidently moved there for a brief time before moving on to the St. Louis area.

1800 March 18, a land transaction in Powhattan, Virginia.

Irma Korbitz records:

18 March 1800 a Benjamin Sublett of Pohattan Co, VA to George Smith, also of Powhattan, 1oo pounds for 1,178 2/3 acres in Lincoln Co on the waters of the Cumberland River, a miles below Stinking Creek, and north. This was recorded in Powhattan Co, Va. Other land owned by George was on Stinking Creek.? Powhattan may have been the county he came from in VA.

1800, appeared on the tax list in Mercer, West Virginia.

1800 Sept 3. Deed in Mercer Co.

Irma Korbitz notes:

Deed in Mercer Co, Deed Book,4, p 220,3 Sept 1800, Power of Attorney from George Smith sr to George Smith jr. “to sell or transfer to Milly Smith, daughter of said Smith sr. .. all the property of the Said George Smith Sr, now in the Elynoy grant, northwest of the Ohio, except land, and the said land, to be sold now whereby the said George Smith jr is empowered to transact all any any of my business whatever..”

The Illinois grant was the land given to George Rogers Clark to give to the men who fought with him. There were two George Smiths, one fortunately, died early. The other I believe to be our George. In THE FIRST AMERICAN FRONTIER, CONQUEST OF THE COUNTRY NORTHWEST OF THE RIVER OHIO ; 1778-1783, VOL I AND II, William Hayden English; Arno Press and the New York Times, 1971.

The plats of land are displayed on a map and George Smith was granted 104 acres. I have not been able to find where the land was sold. It was actually in Clark County Indiana.

1801, May 25. George Smith is appointed an assistant to Joseph McKinney, Captain of Patrollers, to patrol the companies of Moore, Walls and Davis.

1801. In 1801 Josiah McKinney was appointed Constable in place of George Smith. Irma Korbitz notes it has not been found where George Smith was appointed constable and wonders if this means he was on the move in 1801.

1801 in Mercer, West Virginia. A court case with his wife. Mary Smith vs George Smith Sr. and George Smith Jr.

Wait…what? Mary Smith in court against her own husband and stepson? Things aren’t looking so good between Mary and George.

1802. George is in St. Louis. Maybe things were looking soooooo not good that George decided it was time to leave.

The first record of George Smith in the St. Louis area is 18 Dec 1802 when he claimed 300-400 arpents of land, adjoining the fields of St. Ferdinand (claiming as assignee of Peter Payan) producing to the Board a special
permission to settle, from Charles D Delassus, same date, and a survey of four hundred and seventy-Three arpents taken Nov 25, 1805 [sic] and certified 5 Jan, 1803; and a deed of transfer of the same, dated 14 Feb., 1805. In testimony on 15 Sept 1806, John Ellis, probably brother of Peter and Abraham, says Peter Payan settled the said land in 1800 and prior to and on 20th Dec. 1803 actually inhabited and cultivated the same. On 15 Sept, 1806 the Board granted George two hundred arpents of land, situated as said, provided so much be found vacant there. George Smith most likely came to Ky from VA. A letter was left at the St. Louis Post office July 1, 1808 for George Smith and Simon Vanarsdal. Simon was from Mercer/Shelby Ky. and it was possibly his son who married Dorcas Smith.

1803 Feb 7. Receipt for sale of two slaves named Sam and Rachel from Uriah Taylor to George Smith of Kentucky. (Notation on the back of the document states that the document was recorded in St. Louis County, Missouri Territory.)

1804 Jan 9 he’s in St. Louis, Missouri Territory.


Vol 4 p. 54 9 JAN. 1804. George Smith bought from William Musick 475 arpens on river(cold water) and bordering on lands of Daniel Musick and the Royal Denesue. Signatures are William Musick. G.W. Morrison, John Long and Santiago Mackay. From the Recorder of Deeds, Room 126 City Hall, 12th and Market. St. Louis, MO.

SOURCE: Debbie Schmidt

1804 Feb 14, again in St. Louis.

P 474;F465 E17,1986
St. Louis County; Grantee Index no. 4; p 47; 14 FE 1804. George Smith bought from Thomas Jones, 240 Arpens. S. side of the Missouri River, corner of Creuve Coerve banded west by Missouri and on all other sides by the Royal Deneseau, for $320. George Smith signed name. From the Recorder of Deeds, Room 126 City Hall, 12th and Market. St. Louis, MO.

Source: Debbie Schmidt

1804 Feb 21. Again in St. Louis.

Vol 4 ;p 103 21 Feb. 1804 George Smith Bought from Baptiste Belille a piece of land , 3 arpens ? , bounded N. by Baptiest Crely, S. by Peter Ellis, E by Little River, W. by River Missouri. From the Recorder of Deeds, Room 126 City Hall, 12th and Market. St. Louis, MO.
Source: Debbie Schmidt

1804 Sept. 1.

in Mercer Co, John Hunter and Jerusha Smith, daughter of Mary Smith and son of Henry Hunter, married. Teste is Nancy Smith. This indicates that Mary was not living in Mo and that George was no longer in Ky to give his consent. However, in George`s will date 17 February, 1810 he mentions daughters Nancy Smith, yet unmarried, daughter of Mary Smith with Jerusha Smith daughter of Mary Smith. He does not give Jerusha`s married name or name her husband. Possibly, the marriage bands were published and the marriage never took place. Wife Mary is mentioned in the will only as mother to her children and does not appear to be provided for indicating she may have been dead.

1805. Eli Smith is born. An Eli Ruth (Smith) and Elizabeth Ruth (abt. 1806) are said to be children fathered out of wedlock, mother being a Leah Ruth. Estate papers concerning Levi Smith seemed to have something about his guardianship over his half-brother, Eli Ruth, alias Eli Smith. Someone wrote about this…

Eli and Elizabeth…were children he had with Leah Ruth and he admits in the deed (he wrote to them) that the children were born out of wedlock.

1805, Oct 5 in Mercer, West Virginia, daughter Nancy is married to Daniel A. Brewer. Nancy’s mother signs. George isn’t there for the nuptials.

He died before Feb 17, 1810 in St. Louis.

SOURCE: Debbie Schmidt

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of George Smith naming his wives and children.


Be it remembered that I GEORGE SMITH of the district of St Louis in upper Louisana territory being weak of body but of sound mind and memory. Blessed be Almighty God for for the same do make and for ________________ last will and testiment hereby revoking all other wills by me made. that is to say first my will is that all my just debts be paid by my excutors. Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my son GEORGE SMITH son of JESSICA SMITH one dollar he having received his portion of my estate heartofore – – – – I give and bequeath unto my son LEVI SMITH son of MARY SMITH my __________________ athon where I now live containing four hundred and seventy five acres of Land as by the platt with appears to ________ the said LEVI his heirs and assigns forever togeather with one rifle gun – – – – – – – – – – – – – – I give and bequeath unto my son JAMES SMITH son of MARY SMITH one ________ or parcel of land lying in the St Ferdinan Field ___________ two hundred and thirty arpants bounded on the upper side by a tract of landbelonging to AUGUST CHOTAU to the __________ of the said JAMES his heirs and assigns forever I give and bequeath unto my daughter MILLEY CARSON daughter of JESSICA SMITH one dollar She having received her share of my estate heartofore – – – – – – – – – I give and bequeath unto my daughter ROBECAH BREWER wife of ___________ BREWER and DARCUS VANASDALL wife of ALEXANDER VANASDALL and my daughter NANCY SMITH yet unmarried daughter of MARY SMITH with JESSICA SMITH daughter of MARY SMITH all my estate real ____________ which I have not disposed of before this my Last Will as that the above mentioned property be sold in due time after my demise at twelve months _______ the amount of which to be equally divided between the above named daughters all excepting the heirs of my daughter —- CATHERINE WOOLMORE who I gave and_________________________ the __________ received her portion of my estate heartofore futhermore my will is that a certain deed of ___ft be exicuted ________ date the fifteenth day of august where I have given a certain tract or parcel of land containing three hundred and fifty acres to geather with one smooth bored rifle gun unto ELI SMITH his heirs and assigns forever as well as a certain ________ of the property I have ____________________ my daughter ELIZABETH SMITH as by the _______ deed of gift will appear Shall __________ force and virtue without any alteration whatsoever further more I do hearby appoint my trusty friends ALEXANDER CLARK and JOHN BROWN ______ both living in the district of St Louis to be my executors to this my last will and testement in writing where of I have set my hand and seal this 14th day of february in the year of our lord one thousand and eight hundred and ten.

Signed Sealed
and ___________ by said GEORGE SMITH GEORGE SMITH {seal}
in the presance of ____ who hearunto set our names as witness to the same


Before me the undersigned Judge of Probate for the District aforesaid personally came & appeared JOHN HOWESHELL and JOHN MUSICK who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almight God deposes & says that they were present when GEORGE SMITH signed sealed and executed the written last will & Testament for the purposes & effect therein contained & mentioned, that he said GEORGE SMITH was at the time of signing the same in his perfect memory and understanding, that they at the same time subscribed their names thereto as witnesses and that they saw WILLIAM MARTIN subscribe also the same time his name to the same as witnesses Sworn to & Subscribed before me Judge of Probate aforesaid given under my hand this 7th day of March A.D. 1810.

M. E. HOUC {SEAL} Judge of Probate

Though George Smith was one of the early St. Louis settlers, his line down through Nancy wouldn’t set foot in Missouri until some 60 years after his death.