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Jesse L. Hackney married Emily Smith

Jesse L. Hackney, son of our William Hackney and Sarah Shannon, sibling of our William S. Hackney, was born about 1822 and died likely before 1870. He married 1847 Aug 5 in Wapello County, Iowa, Emily Smith, who was born in 1830 in Illinois. They had three children:

1. James Hackney b. circa 1848 in Iowa or Illinois married Minnie E. Corey who was born about 1854 in Oregon. They had children: Sarah Emily b. 1871, James J. b. 1873, Sloan T. b. 1876, Annie S. b. 1879.

2. Joseph Hackney b. abt. 1850 in Illinois

3. John Hackney b. abt. 1857 in Oregon

I’ve not located Jesse Hackney in the 1850 census. In the 1860 census in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, a James L. Hackney, aged 36, a laborer from Indiana is found. It’s a possibility they may be one and the same.

An Amelia HACKNEY is observed in the 1860 OR Portland census. Jesse is given as having married an Emily in IA, but I have wondered if it is this Amelia. I place her here as being *possibly* Emily SMITH as the first child is given as born c. 1848, and Jesse and Emily were married in 1847. Also, the 1880 OR census gives a James HACKNEY 29 b. IL with a mother Emily CLARK who I think is likely this Emily (Amelia) SMITH remarried and widowed.

1860 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
556/491 Amelia HACKNEY 30 f b. IL
James 12 m b. IL
Jos 10 m b. IL
John 3 m b. OR

It’s possible that after this marriage, she then married a Nathaniel P. Cory.

The 1870 Olympia, Thurston, Washington census shows in household 446 Nathaniel P. Cory, 55, a carriage maker born in NY, married to a 38 year old Emily born in Illinois.

By 1875 they have a son named Andrew.

The 1875 census for Thurston Washington shows:
Cory N. P. 57 wheel wright b. NY
Cory Emily 45 b. Iowa
Cory Andrew 4 b. Washington Territory

By 1877, N. P. Cory is living alone again and I don’t find Emily or Andrew on the Washington Territory censuses though he is there on the state censuses.

By 1880, Emily had possibly married Jason Squire Clark.

Enumerated on the 10th of June 1880, in Skamokawa Valley, Wahkiakum, Washington
101/101 Clark J. S. 62 grocer b. IN no birth place for parents
Emily 49 b. IL no birth place for parents
Cora Andrew 9 stepson broken leg b. Washington Territory, mother b. IL (Given in the index as Cory)
Hackney John 22 boarder laborer b. Iowa

Jason Squire Clark, according to one family tree, was married to Anna Michael, then Rachel Bensyl,(1811-1892) and finally Emily b. 1831. Rachel, b. abt. 1812 in Ohio, is given as having married to a Luke Currey Corey in 1835 in Vermillion Illinois (had two children, a John Riley b. 1838 and a Mary Angeline b. 1840, died. 1931 in Portland), then a David Kuns in 1849 in Vermillion Illinois, then Jason Squire Clark in Portland Oregon, in 1869. She appears to have perhaps been residing in Washington Clinton Ohio in 1880 with her son Riley. In 1860 Rachel and David were in the census in Eugene, Lane, Oregon with two sons. He died and she married Jason Clark and they’re in the 1870 Seattle census.

Okay, so the Washington State census was on June 10th, then the Oregon census was on June 14th, and Emily Clark and Andrew Corey appear now to be in the house of her (possibly) son James, whose age here is several years off from the 1860 census.

James HACKNEY Self M Male W 29 IA Coffee House Steward IL IL
Minnie E. HACKNEY Wife M Female W 26 OR Keeps House NY IA
Sarah Emily HACKNEY Dau S Female W 9 OR IA OR
James J. HACKNEY Son S Male W 7 OR IA OR
Sloan T. HACKNEY Son S Male W 4 WA-TER IA OR
Annie S. HACKNEY Dau S Female W 1 OR IA OR
Emily CLARK Mother Female W 49 IL SCOT GER
Andrew COREY BroL S Male W 9 WA-TER NY IA

Source Information:
Census Place Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
Family History Library Film 1255083
NA Film Number T9-1083
Page Number 326B

So, what’s going on? Someone wrote me and took me to task as having “no proof that James Hackney married Minnie Corey nor that she is the brother of Andrew. You should pull this page and start over because the info is wrong.” They left an obviously fake email address. It said it was fake. So I didn’t approve the comment. At that time I didn’t have the 1880 Washington territory census, or the 1875 census, and I think I can be forgiven for having assumed that Minnie E. Corey was a sibling of Andrew as he is given in the census as James’ brother-in-law, and both gave their father as born in New York and their mother as born in Iowa.

So, I went back to look at things again, and found the 1875 census for Nathaniel and Emily Cory with son Andrew, and found they were afterwards separated, and found the 1880 Washington census with it seeming Emily having married to Clark, and Andrew Cory being in that household. And then here we have Emily four days later in the household of son James and Andrew is there and it’s just…well…all too confusing for words. The 1870 and 1875 and 1880 Washington censuses seem to indicate that Andrew would be a son of Emily and Nathanial Cory, but in the Oregon household he’s given as a brother-in-law of James Hackney rather than a step-brother, and, well, I don’t know, I just don’t know.

Looking about a little more, a website concerning Jason Squire Clark’s wife, Anna, gives him as having “apparently married third 3 Nov 1877 Multnomah Co., OR Emily HACKNEY() born 1831 (cc)”.

I find a family tree at Ancestry that gives Nathaniel P. Corey as marrying Emily Hackney on 1867 25 Jul in Clatsop County Oregon. He was previously married to a Betsey Tuck who died in 1883. They were separated by 1860. They were in Michigan in 1860, living as a family, and by 1860 he was in O’Neal, San Joaquin, California. Betsey remained in Michigan.

* * * * * * * *

Jesse served in the following companies out of Oregon during the Civil War.

HACKNEY Jesse L. T Company, 1 Oregon Cavalry, Private (induction rank), Private (discharge rank)
HACKNEY Jesse L., Company F, 1 Oregon Infantry, Private (induction rank)
SOURCE: Ancestry.com


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