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William S. Hackney and Mary Jane Enlow

The following was written Sept 29 1931 by Sadie Hackney CROCKETT, wife of Samuel Kelly.

Samuel Kelly Crockett was born in Boone Co. MO on Oct 6 1855. His father moved his family to Chautauqua Co. Kans in 1871 and from which time his home has been in the above named county.

Sarah Elizabeth Hackney was born in Van Buren Iowa, Dec. 4, 1857. Her father moved his family to Chautauqua Co. Kans in the year 1872. Then to Montgomery Co. KS in 1876 and to Washington Co. Kans in 1878 and in this last named county Samuel Kelly Crockett and Sarah Elizabeth Hackney were married on Dec. 21 1882. Came to Chautauqua Co. immediately following the marriage and have made their home here. In this Co., their eight children were born, Six of whom lived to maturity.

William S. HACKNEY was born 17 March 1820 in Ohio to William HACKNEY and Sally SHANNON.

He married, 29 Dec. 1842, in Van Buren Co. IA., Mary Jane ENLAW, daughter of Edward Wilson ENLAW and Elizabeth WOOD. Mary Jane was born 15 Nov. 1824 in Ohio and died 2 Jan 1895 at age 70 in Chautauqua Co. KS. She is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Chautauqua.

William S. HACKNEY died 2 June 1881 at about 61 in Chautauqua Co. KS and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Chautauqua.

William and Mary Jane were married 38 years and had the following children:

  1. Amos S. b. 25 Nov 1843 IA (seen in Van Buren censuses), died 26 2 Sept. 1915, is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Chautauqua Co. KS. Fought in Civil War, union. Co. H, 5 Iowa Vol. Inf. Sarah wrote of watching her father and Amos both go off to fight in the Civil War when she was a little girl. He married 20 Nov. 1879 to Julia E. Source for dates: Lloyd McKenney family bible, which has Amos born 25 November 1843).
  2. Charles b. 1847 IA. Seen in the 1850 Van Buren Co., census. Charles perhaps died before the 1860 census. He isn’t recorded in the family bible.
  3. William b. 28 Feb 1850 IA, was married 11 April in 1872 and died 26 of October in 1915 according to Lloyd McKenney’s family bible. His middle name appears to have been France but this is difficult to make out. Seen in the 1860 Van Buren Co. census. Source for dates: Lloyd McKenney family bible.
  4. Parris Wood b. 5 Jan 1855, died unknown. Sarah Hackney recorded that Parris went to California during “the gold rush”. She stated he’d found gold and would be going to Mexico before returning. He was never heard from again. I’ve since uncovered more information on Parris, of a marriage in Oregon, and a child, and possible separation or divorce. I don’t know whether the family knew about this or not. I’ll cover Parris in a separate post. Source for his birthdate is the McKenney family bible.
  5. Sarah Elizabeth “Sadie” b. 4 Dec. 1857 in IA married Samuel Kelly CROCKETT 21 December 1882. She died 22 March 1946. Source for dates: Lloyd McKenney family bible.
  6. A daughter named Susan was born in 1862. She is not in the family bible but is observed in the 1870 and 1880 censuses with the family.
  7. George Ross HACKNEY b. 23 Aug 1864, died 19 Nov. 1890 at about 26 and is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Chautauqua Co. KS. Source for dates: Lloyd McKenney family bible.

William S. HACKNEY served in the Co. H, 5 Iowa Inf. Sergt. Wm. S. Hackney, e. June 24, 1861, disd. July 12, 1861, disab.

Amos S. HACKNEY, his son, also served:
Hackney, A. S., e. June 24, 1861, disd. July 26, 1862, sick.


The 1846 Wapello census shows the Hackneys. I will write of the Skilman Doughty family in the post on Parris and their possible significance in appearance on the same page of the census together.

index selection
DOUGHTY Skilman 3 3 pg. 19
Hackley, Frances 2 2 11
Hackney, Jacob T. 2 3 19
Hackney, Joseph L. 1 1 20
Hackney, Sarah 3 2 19
Hackney, William S. 2 1 22

William’s wife, Mary Jane, and children are living with her parents in Van Buren Co. IA in the 1850 census. William is not with them.

William HACKNEY, age 30, is seen in the 1850 Oregon Territory, Washington Co., Portland census. Though his birth place is given as Indiana, this is our William Hackney. He is recorded next to William Baker to whom his sister Isabel was married. The Bakers moved out to Oregon, as did Jesse L. Hackney.

1850 Portland, Washington, Oregon Territory
page 129
7th December
93/93 William HACKNEY 30 b. IN no occupation
Wm. BAKER 29 b. IN no occupation

A William HACKNEY is also given as in 1845 Portland census.

If William was in OR in 1845, then it may fit with the gap in births, Amos born in 1845 and Charles born in 1847. Then William S. appears to have returned with or met William BAKER in Portland OR in 1850. William BAKER and Isabel had migrated to Oregon by 1854.

The Hackney family is in the 1852 Union, Van Buren, Iowa census.

1852 Union, Van Buren, Iowa
Joseph NIXON
Benjmamin WIDNER
Edward ENLOW 2 males 3 females 2 voters
John M. DAY
Cyrus ROOD
Ezra S. RAND
Nathaniel DAVIS
William HACKNEY 3 males 1 female
J. W. McMANAMAN 3 males 5 females

The family appears in the 1856 Lick Creek, Van Buren, Iowa census. The heads of households are off by a line in a number of instances. We see them here living near the Partelows and the Shaffers (the Shaffers are connected through the Robert Eugene McKenney line).

Iowa, Van Buren County, Lick Creek Township
Pg. 300
John SEARS PA trader and Rosan (his is illegible age, perhaps 58)
90/91 Ann LUCAS 60 PA
William HACKNEY 34 OH farmer
Mary J. 32?
Amos S. 15 IA
William F. 5
James 4
92/92 Perrs M. 1
John VANSEL 34 IL and Lydia from IN
Martha 7 IL and children
93/93 Elizabeth WILBERN 49 OH and family

97/97 Bluet PARTLOW 50 OH
Letta 33 IN
Jams 11? IA
Emilin HALE 4
Marshall HALE 1
98/99 Mary BUCKMASTER 90? from Ireland followed by Cyntha b. PA
100/100 George SHAFFER illegible PA
Margaret 53?
Jacob 21 OH
illegible 18
Elizabeth 12
illegible female
Nancy J. 21 PA
Others following, David Carson, St. Leger Stout.

In 1860 we again see the Hackneys next to the Partelows and Shaffers.

pg. 295 LICK CREEK TOWNSHIP (pg. 145 ancestry.com)
8 June 1860
319/331 PARTLOW
320/332 GODOWN Mark (OH) and Mahala (PA)
321/333 SCHAEFFER J. 39 b. OH
Elizabeth 39 b. OH
Mary 14 (all children born in IA)
Nancey C. 10
Wm. M. 7
Catharine 2
John 4/14
322/334 CARSON D. G. (VA) and Sarah (OH)
323/335 HACKNEY Wm. J. 40 m. farmer $90 $200 b. OH
Mary J. 36 f b. OH
HACKNEY Amos S. 17 b. IA
HACKNEY William 10 b. IA
HACKNEY Parris 6 b. IA
HACKNEY Sarah 2 b. IA

There are SCHAEFFERS from OH on the other side of the HACKNEYS as well. H. Q. SCHAEFFER 34 and Nancy. This is a Hiram SCHAEFFER and was still living near the HACKNEYS in 1870. By 1870 Jeremiah SHAFFER was in Jasper Co. IA, where Elijah BARTOW had been since 1850. Cyrus BARTOW, a brother of Elijah, had also gone to Van Buren Co.

Jeremiah SCHAEFFER (SHAFFER) was married to Elizabeth BARTOW, sister of Mary BARTOW who married Robert Eugene MCKENNEY. Robert Eugene MCKENNEY was in the 1850 Monroe Co. OH census, in which G. W. MCKENNEY Sr. also appeared.

William S. HACKNEY’s granddaughter, Vera CROCKETT, married James Albert MCKENNEY, grandson of G. W. MCKENNEY Sr.

Thomas Evans COLE b. 1842 in OH Washington Co. ends up on pg 83D of the Iowa, Wapello County, Center census in 1880. His wife is Mary Jane PICKEN. Her grandparents are Michael CONAWAY and Martha HOAGLAND. Her mother was Rachel CONAWAY and Rachel’s sister Elizabeth m. George MCKINNEY Jr. b. 1805 in PA, Washington Co.

They are living next to Paris CALDWELL in 1880. Paris CALDWELL married Margaret HACKNEY, sister of William S. HACKNEY. In the 1860 census, Jeremiah SHAEFER (married the sister of Mary BARTOW who married Robert Eugene MCKINNEY) is living next to William S. HACKNEY in Van Buren IA.

98/104 CALDWELL Paris 63 farmer b. VA parents unknown
Joseph S. 19 b. IA father b. VA mother b. OH
Blanch 12 b. IA
ARRISON Huston M. 26 son-in-law b. PA parents b. PA
Anna L. 24 b. IA father b. VA mother b. OH
99/105 COLE Thomas C. 38 farmer b. OH parents b. OH
Mary J. 39 b. OH parents b. OH
M? M. 10 b. IA
William B. 6
Jason W. 5

The 1870 census shows the Hackneys in Lick Creek Township in Van Buren, Iowa.

Lick Creek Township
Birmingham Post Office
8 June 1870
pg. 300
147/140 HACKNEY William S. 50 m w Farmer $610 personal b. OH
Mary J. 43 f w Keeping House b. OH
Paris W. 15 mw Farm Laborer b. IA att school
Sarah E. 12 fw At home b. IA att school
Susan 9 fw b. IA att school
George R. 6 mw b. IA att school
3 June 1870
Birmingham Union Township
Birmingham PO
84/84 THOMPSON E. 62 fw keeping house $1000 $1100 b. PA
HACKNEY W. 19 mw Workmen Blacksmith b. PA
SADDLES ? 16 mw Apprentice wagonmaker b. IL widowed

In 1872, son William France (or Frances) married Jane Anderson, daughter of Foster Anderson. Everyone then removed to Kansas where in 1875 we find the Hackneys in Belleville, Howard County (later Chautauqua) Kansas.

Pg. 12
97/97 W. S. Hackney 55 Farming $300 $200 Ohio from Iowa
Mary 50
P W 20 Iowa
Sarah E 17
Susan 14
George 10
Elizabeth Enlow 74 b. Mass from Iowa

They migrated to Montgomery County in 1876 and by 1878 to Washington County where William France Hackney was already living in 1876, operating two blacksmith shops. Joseph Hackney had moved there as well.

12 June 1880
Image 22 Ancestry.com
W. S. HACKNEY 60 b. OH Farmer father b. VA mother b. KY
Mary Jane HACKNEY 56 b. OH father b. KY mother b. MA
Sada Dau HACKNEY 21 IA teacher parents b. OH
Susan Dau 18 IA teacher parents b. OH
George Son 16 IA parents b. OH
Amos S. Other 36 IA farmer parents b. OH
Julia wife 18 IA parents b. OH

On Dec 21 1882, in Washington County, Kansas, Sadie married Samuel Crockett of Chautauqua County, Kansas.

In 1885 we see William S. and Mary Jane in Linn, Washington, Kansas.

1885 KS, Washington Co. Linn
136/142 L…. P L from PA
137/143 HACKNEY W S 65 b. OH from IA
M J 61
Susan 22 b. IA from IA
G. R. 20
138/144 VANPELTIER J B from NY
139/146 DOUD JE 41 from IA (not from Van Buren)

It sees William S. and Mary Jane may have moved back to Chautauqua as they are both buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Belleville, Chautauqua, Kansas.


George Washington McKenney, George Washington McKenney Sr. and Belle Sparks McKenney are buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery, Chautauqua Co., KS.

HACKNEYS are also buried there:
HACKNEY, George R. 23 Aug 1864 19 Nov 1890
HACKNEY, William S. 17 Mar 1820 02 Jun 1891 Co. H, 5 Iowa Inf.
HACKNEY, Mary J. 02 Jan 1895 w/o Wm. S. (70 y, 1 m, 28 d)
HACKNEY, Amos S. 26 Nov 1843 02 Sep 1915 Co. H, 5 Iowa Vol. Inf.
HACKNEY, Julia E. 05 Mar 1861 12 Jan 1939
SOURCE: US Genweb search 5 November 2000


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