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Samuel Kelly Crockett and Sarah Elizabeth “Sadie” Hackney

Samuel Kelly Crockett and Sarah Elizabeth Hackney

The following was written Sept 29 1931 by Sadie Hackney CROCKETT, wife of Samuel Kelly.

“Samuel Kelly Crockett was born in Boone Co. MO on Oct 6 1855. His father moved his family to Chautauqua Co. Kans in 1871 and from which time his home has been in the above named county.

“Sarah Elizabeth Hackney was born in Van Buren Iowa, Dec. 4, 1857. Her father moved his family to Chautauqua Co. Kans in the year 1872. Then to Montgomery Co. KS in 1876 and to Washington Co. Kans in 1878 and in this last named county Samuel Kelly Crockett and Sarah Elizabeth Hackney were married on Dec. 21 1882. Came to Chautauqua Co. immediately following the marriage and have made their home here. In this Co., their eight children were born, Six of whom lived to maturity.”

Samuel Kelly CROCKETT, son of James Kelly CROCKETT and Millie Ann STRICKLIN, was born 6 Oct 1855 in Missouri. He died 20 March 1934, at the age of 78, in Chautauqua Co. KS and is buried at the El Cado Cemetery in Chautauqua Co.

On 21 June 1882, Samuel married Sarah Elizabeth (Sadie) HACKNEY, daughter of William S. HACKNEY and Mary Jane ENLAW. He was 26 and she was 24.

Sadie was born 4 Dec 1857 in Iowa and died 22 March 1946 in KS, at the age of 88. She is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Chautauqua Co.

Samuel and Sadie were married 51 years.

Samuel and Sadie had 8 children:

  1. David William b. 29 Sept. 1883, Chautauqua Co. KS, died 23 May 1906 Chautauqua Co. KS. Never married. Buried at El Cado Cemetery.
  2. Buell Kelly b. 5 Feb 1885 at Chautauqua Co. KS, died 29 Dec. 1933 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On 1907 August 8 he married Lillian HARRIS who was born 1889 in Kansas. Her parents were John Harris b. IA or IN and Sadie b. NE or IA. Their known children were Marjorie b. 1911 and Dorothy E. b. 1913. The censuses show them in Belleville until 1915 when they appear in Caney, Montgomery, Kansas living next to Lillian’s parents. By 1920 they are in Black Dog, Osage, Oklahoma, then in 1930 are in Arkansas City, Cowley, Kansas where he worked as an auto salesman.
  3. Vera, b. 1 March 1886 in Chautauqua Co. KS, m. James Albert MCKENNEY. Direct line. This family is covered in another post.
  4. Meade Marvin, b. 20 May 1887 at Chautauqua Co. KS, died 3 Feb. 1888 at Chautauqua Co. KS.
  5. Charles Clifford, b. 20 May 1887 at Chautauqua Co. KS, died 21 July 1957, in Chautauqua Co. He married Dena MONTGOMERY. Her parents were James Montgomery b. IN and Ellen Nott born in Iowa. Known children of Charles and Dena were Luther Crockett b. 1916 and Clydene Crockett b. 1918. He’s in the census through 1910 in Belleville, Oklahoma, then WWI draft registration finds him in Creek County, Oklahoma. In 1920 they resided in Shannon, Creek, Oklahoma, Charles working as a superintendent at an oil field. In 1930 they were in Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma where Charles was a district foreman for an oil firm.
  6. George Keithly, b. 11 Sept. 1889, died August 1971 at Chautauqua Co. KS. He’s buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in Chautauqua. He married (1) Blanche Margaret LANDIS and had 3 children with her. Lillian E. b. 1912, Harold K. b.1913, d. 1992 Aug 17 in San Diego County, California, and William b. 1917. Blanche died 1921 June 3 at Yale in Payne County Oklahoma and was buried at the El Cado Cemetery in Chautauqua. George married (2) Maude Estelle Daniels KNOWLES on Oct 20 1924. She was b. 1897 Dec 18, died 1987 Nov 13 in Sedan, Chautauqua County, Kansas. George was in Belleville through 1905, then the WWI draft in 1917-1918 found him in Creek County, Oklahoma. In 1920 he was working at an oil field in Lagoon, Pawnee, Oklahoma. I have yet to find him in the 1930 census.
  7. Dorothy Sadie, b. 7 Oct. 1892, Chautauqua Co. KS, died 24 July 1980 in Rogers, Benton, Arkansas. She married John Allen FLEMING. I have covered this family in another post on the blog.
  8. Eugenie, b. 28 Sept. 1897 at Chautauqua Co. KS, died 9 July 1898 at Chautauqua Co. KS and is buried at the El Cado Cemetery.

Sadie’s family had moved to Chautauqua County from Van Buren County, Iowa, where I believe they were acquainted with the McKenney family. By 1878 they had moved to Washington, Washington, Kansas, in the northern section of the state. Samuel and Sadie were married there on Dec 21 1882.


1885 Kansas Chautauqua County
2/8 William PRICE
3/9 S. K. CROCKETT 29 farming b. MO from IA
Sada 27 b. IA from unknown
William D. 1 b. KS
Buel 2 months b. KS
4/10 D. D. RATHBUN
Note: This suggests that S. K. Crockett was in Iowa, but instead it would be because Sadie was from Iowa.

Samuel and Sadie were residing next to Samuel’s parents in the 1900 census. Samuel’s household incorrectly gives his mother as born in KY.

1900 Chautauqua County, Kansas
CROCKETT James K. w m sept 1832 67 b. Mo. Father-Va. Mother-KY
Millie A. (STRICKLIN) w f Dec. 1835 64 b. Mo. Father-Tenn. Mother-Ky.
FOSTER Lulu (daughter) w f Oct. 1875 age 24 b. Missouri father-Tenn and mother-KY.
CROCKETT Samuel w m Oct. 1855 age 44 b. Mo. Father-Mo Mother-KY
Sarah E. (HACKNEY) w f Dec 1857 age 42 b. Iowa Father-Ohio Mother-Ohio
William D. w m Sept 1883 age 16 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa
Buell K. w m Feb 1885 age 15 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa
Vera w f Mar. 1886 age 14 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa
Clifford R.w m May 1888 age 13 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa
George K. w m Sept 1886 age 14 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa
Sadie D. w f Oct 1892 age 7 b. Kansas f-Mo m-Iowa

In 1905, living next to sister Louisa Crockett Brockey.

1905 Belleville, Chautauqua, Kansas
104 Tannahill family
105 Lovall A family
106 Shole family
107 Darnall family
108/108 BROCKEY M 57 line 21 b. OH father MI mother illegible
L R 35 b. MO from MO
E B 2 b. KS from KS
Infant female b. KS
109/109 CROCKETT SK 49 line 25 b. MO from MO
SH 47 b. IA from IA
Buell 20 b. KS from KS
Clifford 17
Geo 15
D S 12 female
J K 72 b. MO from MO
M A 69

Samuel is observed living with his wife and son George and daughter Dorothy. His sister Lula still lives beside him with her family and his widowed mother. Sons Buell and Charles live also nearby with their families. James Kelly Crockett had died in the Crockett farmhouse fire of Oct 1909 and the family history has the Crocketts and McKenneys moving in together. This doesn’t seem to be shown here. By 1911 the farmhouse was rebuilt and we see in censuses subsequent to that the McKenneys and Crocketts living together beside the Brockeys.

22 April pg. 6A
5/5 BROCKEY Nathaniel head mw (age unable to read) md 29? b. OH father b. PA mother b. PA Farmer owns
Lula Wife fw 39 md 8 3 children 3 surviving b. MO father b. MO mother b. MO
Estill Son mw 7 b. KS father b. OH mother b. MO
Gladys Daughter fw 5 b. KS father b. OH mother b. MO
Burris Daughter fw 3 b. KS father b. OH mother b. MO
CROCKETT Milly mother-in-law fw 74 wd b. MO father b. MO mother b. MO
6/6 CROCKETT Samuel Head mw 54 md 27 b. MO father b. MO mother b. MO Farmer owns
Sadie Wife fw 52 md 27 7 children 5 surviving b. IA father b. OH mother b. OH
George Son mw 30 s b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA Farm laborer on Home Farm
Dorothy Daughter fw 17 s b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA
7/7 CROCKETT Buell head mw 25 md 2 b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA Pumper at Oil Field for wages
Lillian Wife fw 21 md 2 b. KS father b. IA mother b. NE
8/8 CROCKETT Charles head mw 22 md 1 b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA Pumper at oil field for wages
Dena Wife fw 22 ? md 1 b. MO father b. MO mother b. AR

1915 shows the Crocketts, Brockeys and daughter Vera and her McKenney family living side by side.

1915 Chautauqua County Kansas
pg. 34 of 82
John W. DARNELL family
John HULL family
J. A. MCKENNEY 31 KS Farmer
Vera 29
Loyd 6
Thelma 3
Lela 9 months
Sada 57 IA
M. BROCKEY 66 OH Farmer
Louisa 44 MO
Estel 12 KS
Gladis 10
Bernice 8

James Albert MCKENNEY and family are living on farm of Samuel and Sadie CROCKETT.

1920 Belleville Chautauqua County Kansas
2nd Feb. pg. 20B
MCKENNEY James A. Rents 35 b. KS father b. IN mother b.IL farmer
Vera C. wife 33 b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA
Loyd C. son 11 b. KS
Thelma E. daughter 8 b. KS
Lela M. daughter 5 b. KS
188/189 CROCKETT Samuel head owns free mw 64 md b. MO parents b. MO Farmer owns own farm #125
Sadie H. wife fw 62 md b. IA parents b. IA

James Albert MCKENNEY and wife Vera are living with her parents Samuel and Sadie CROCKETT in their household.

NOTE: Vera and James Albert MCKENNEY are living in the household of Samuel Kelly.
(Image 7) pg. 4a
West Beadley Street
94/91 SHREVE Larry H. $4600 57 b. PA father b. PA mother b. NY
Della 46 b. KS father b. OH mother b. IN
Eveline 24 b. KS
Edythe U. 21
Martha A. 16
DRAKE Noama M. mother-in-law 68 married at 20 b. OH parents b. OH
95/92 CROCKETT Samuel K. $3000 74 married at 27 b. MO parents b. MO
Sarah H. 72 married at 25 b. IA parents b. OH
/95 MCKENNEY James A. $15 46 married at 20 b. KS parents b. IA Retail Market, Flour & Feed
Vera 44 married at 18 b. KS
Thelma 18
Lela M. 15


These Crocketts are buried in the El Cado cemetery, Chautauqua Co. KS.

CROCKETT, Blanche L. 28 Oct 1891 03 Jun 1921 w/o George K.
CROCKETT, Buell K. 05 Feb 1885 29 Dec 1933
CROCKETT, David 29 Sep 1883 23 May 1905
CROCKETT, Eugenie 28 Sep 1897 09 Jul 1898
CROCKETT, James K. 21 Sep 1832 12 Oct 1909
CROCKETT, Milly Ann 12 Dec 1835 29 Nov 1910 his wife
CROCKETT, John Keithly 11 Jul 1861 05 Apr 1893
CROCKETT, Sally Blanche 06 Mar 1876 06 Jul 1897
CROCKETT, Quinton L. 15 Jan 1859 10 Feb 1884 (25 y, 26 d)
CROCKETT, S. Kelly 1855 1934
CROCKETT, Sadie 1857 1946
SOURCE: USGENWEB: Chautauqua CO., El Cado cemetery listing


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