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  • Charles Clifford Crockett Invention

    Charles Clifford Crockett Invention

    Below is an invention of Charles Clifford Crockett, son of Samuel Kelly Crockett and Sarah Elizabeth Hackney and brother of this blog’s Vera Crockett. He married Dena Montgomery, child of James Montgomery and Ellen Nott, and had children Luther and Clydene. Sept. 30, 1930. C. C CROCKETT 1,777,197 PORTABLE CABLE REEL Original Filed Aug. 24,…

  • McKenney Bible Images

    McKenney Bible Images

    Thanks to my cousins for sending photocopies of these pages to me. Lloyd McKenney’s bible was used for recording some family history. I didn’t see it until about 2003. The genealogy I received as a child wasn’t in the bible, it was instead on loose paper, but in the case of the Hackney and McKenney…

  • Samuel Kelly Crockett and Sarah Elizabeth “Sadie” Hackney

    Samuel Kelly Crockett and Sarah Elizabeth “Sadie” Hackney

    The following was written Sept 29 1931 by Sadie Hackney CROCKETT, wife of Samuel Kelly. “Samuel Kelly Crockett was born in Boone Co. MO on Oct 6 1855. His father moved his family to Chautauqua Co. Kans in 1871 and from which time his home has been in the above named county. “Sarah Elizabeth Hackney…