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James E. Sparks and Carrie E. (Cary Ann) Burch

James and Carrie Burch Sparks

Photo of James Sparks and Carrie Burch Sparks courtesy of Francis Partch
Location would be Chautauqua Co., Kansas. I’m going to give a tentative date of 1902, around the time of their 50th wedding anniversary.

James E. Sparks was born about 1832 in Indiana and died 1927 in Chautauqua County, Kansas. He married 1852 March 28 in Martin County, Indiana to Carrie E. (Cary Ann) Burch born 1835 in Greene County, Indiana, died 1917 in Chautauqua County Kansas. They are both buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Belleville, Chautauqua County, Kansas.

James E. Sparks was the son of James Sparks and Mary Ann Ellis. Carrie was the daughter of Joseph Burch Jr. and Elizabeth Gardner.

According to the Martin Co. IN Marriage Database at Rootsweb, James married Carrie (Cary) BURCH, March 28 1852. (Source: Martin Co. IN Marriage Database Rootsweb. Book 1 page 135.). Francis PARTCH, another descendant, has stated that Carrie was an ELLIS. It appears that Carrie’s mother was instead an ELLIS.

The family is given in Belle Sparks McKENNEY’s obituary as having moved to Limestone Prairie in Chautauqua Co. KS in 1873

According to the 1910 census, James and Carrie had 9 children. We know of the following:

  1. John L. Sparks, born Dec 1852 in Indiana, died 1919 and is buried in the Pawhuska Cemetery, Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma.
  2. Mary Elizabeth Sparks b. 1857 June 13 in Indiana, died 1939 Nov 28 in Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma, married (1) in 1872 in Kansas to Samuel McCormick b. abt. 1852 in Indiana, died 1887. She married (2) James Preston “Jim” Tripp who was born abt 1863 and died 1928. I write of their families in another post.
  3. Martha Catherine was born 1859 Oct in Indiana and died 1942 Aug 14 in Osage County, Oklahoma. She married 1878 June 24 in Sedan, Chautauqua County, Kansas to Philemon Thomas b. 1857 July 14 in Monroe County, Iowa, and died 1936 May 21 in Osage County, Oklahoma. I write of this family in a different post.
  4. Belle M. Sparks b. 1868 Jan 14 in Shelby County, Illinois, died 1935 Dec 28 in Sedan, Chautauqua County, Kansas, married 1883 June 3 in Elgin, Chautuauqua County, Kansas to George Washington McKenney Jr. born 1861 Sept 2 in Iowa, died 1947 March3 in Sedan, Chautauqua County, Kansas. Direct line.
  5. William E. Sparks b. 1876 Aug 26 in Belleville, Chautauqua County, Kansas, died 1904 June 7. He is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Belleville, Chautauqua County, Kansas.

pg. 738
James ELLIS 38 stone mason b. KY
R. Mariah 44 b. KY
Elvira MILLER 23 b. IN
Mary ELLIS 19
James 14
Benjamin 12
Jonathan 10
Sarah A.
James W. ? 4
Albert 5
NOTE: James Nicholas ELLIS and wife Rebecca were living next to the SPARKS in the 1850 Martin County census. James Nicholas is a brother of Mary Ann Ellis SPARKS.
pg. 740 (76 ancestry.com)
73/73 James W. SCOTT 45 wheelwright $1200 $500 b. KY
Adelia 45 b. GA?
Malison 19 f. b. IL
Carolin 16 b. IL
Robert 12. b. IN
James Wesley SCOTT is going to be a relative of Rebecca Mariah SCOTT married to James ELLIS in the above household.
James SPARKS 54 M Farmer personal value 200 b. KY
Mary 53 F b. KY
Benjamin D. 21 M b. IN
Mary E. 17 F b. IN
James SPARKS 26 m Farmer b. IN
Cary A. 24 F b. IN
John 7 M b. IN
Mary E. 3 F b. IN
Martha C. 1 F b. IN
John COWWDE? COWWELE 50 b. NY and family
84/84 577/577
Wiley C. VAILS 36 and Susan and family
Elizabeth M. SCOTT 40 widow
79/79 Davies LARKINS 65 and Ann and family
80/80 John ELLISON 30 and family
81/81 Sanford LARKINS 30
82/82 Wiliam LARKINS 28 and family
83/83 Alfred P. GIBBONS? 43 and family
D. ELLIS 28 personal property 500 b. ILL
Sarah 25
Martha A. 7
John 5
Andrew Ellison 2
Samuel SHOPES or SHAPES 36 (PA) and Mary and family
Stephen SMITH and Julia and family
NOTE: I don’t see any MCCORMICKS in Cumberland County.

page 1, 22 June 1870
1/1 SPURLING J. P. 53 farmer b. OH
James 20 b. IN
Rosa 13
Joshua 11
Benjamin 9
1/2 MCCARTY James 27 b. IN
Mrs. 18
2/3 MARTZ? or NANTZ? John 83 M.D. b. VA
Jess 49 b. TN
Sarah A. 20 b. TN
3/4 FRAZER Presley 29 farmer b. IL
Charles 10
Ellen 8
Flora 5
Antonia 2
Evaline 50 b. TN
Sarah A. 26 b. IL
4/5 FRAZER James 26 farmer b. IL
Malinda 25
Rosa 4
Ida May 2
Albert 10/12
5/6 MCCARTY John 25 b. IL
Susie 20
6/7 SPARKS James 40 farmer $700 personal value can’t read or write (Mrs. SPARKS is not given as not being able to read and write)
SPARKS Mrs. 34 b. IN
John 18
Mary E. 13
Martha C. 11
Belle 2 b. IL
7/8 GILLMORE Thomas 25 farmer b. Ireland (and wife)
8/9 BENNETT John 24 b. IL (and Mrs.)
9/19 DUPREE W. N. 38 farmer b. IN (and mrs.)
NOTE: No MCCORMICKS found in Ashgrove Census.

In 1871, Carrie’s mother dies in Indiana.

In 1872, daughter Mary Elizabeth marries Samuel McCormick.

1875 Sedan, Howard, Kansas
p5. 28 J Brown and family
4/4 J. S. SPARKS 42 farmer $100 IN from IL
CA 40
J 21
M 15
Bell 8 IL from IL
6/5 E BLANE 47 and family

In 1878 daughter Martha marries Philemon Thomas.

20/21 SHORT William S. 52 Farmer b. IL parents b. KY
Elvira 43 b. IN parents b. KY
21/22 CRIN Brice M. 55 Farmer b. TN parents b. TN
Jesse? 47 b. IL f b. KY m b. TN
Nathaniel 30 b. IL father b. TN m b. IL
Hessie J. 18
Clara C. 12
William A. 3 (grandson) b. IL
22/23 MCWHIRT Cornelius 52 carpenter b. VA parents b. VA
Mary L 42 b. PA father b. Ireland mother b. NY
James M. 18 b. IL father b. VA mother b. PA
Samuel A. 20
Lura L. 12
23/24 WILSON Joseph 56 Farmer b. OH parents b. KY
Frankie 46 b. KY parents b. KY
Harrison 16 b. MO
Lucy J. 14
Emma 12 b. IA
Lafayette 11?
Ida M. 7
24/25 WORTH Laree ? P. 44 Farmer b. NY parents b. NY
Jesse? 25 b. IL father b. VA mother b. TN
Willard C. 2 b. KS
Frank H. 1
25/26 EVANS Quinton? 51 Farmer b. MS parents b. “M”
Sophronia 43 b. TN parents b. TN
James 20 b. KY
Mary F. 12 b. KS
Lee A. (f) 11 Ruth D. 9 b. MO
Ollive 5
DM? 7
Cladosia 2
Fortune? or Fontaine (m) 4/12 b. KS
26/27 WINCHESTER Henry 35 Farmer b. IN parents b. PA
Cora 23 b. KY father b. MS mother b. TN
Ren 2 b. KS
James 3/12
WINCHESTER Susan 67 mother b. NY father b. VT mother b. NY
27/28 HOSTETTER Frank P. Farmer b. OH parents b. PA
Mary b. KY parents b. VA
Mabel b. MO
28/19 ELDRIDGE Isaac F. 45 Farmer NC parents b. NC
Ivey F. 33 SC and family b. NC parents b. NC
Charlie B. 14
Emma M. 12
William A. 10 b. MO
Ellie V. 7 b. KS
Henry H. 4
Robert D. 2
THOMAS Philemon 22 farmer b. IA father b. IN mother b. IL
Martha C. 20 wife b. IN parents b. IN
Clara C. 11/12 daughter b. KS
Isabelle E. mother b. IL father b. KY mother b. TN
NOTE: Martha C. is Martha C. SPARKS, daughter of James E. and Carrie SPARKS, of the next household.
SPARKS James E. w m 47 (b. 1833) stone mason b. Ind father-Ky mother-Ky
Carrie w f 45 b. (1835) b. Ind father-Ky mother-Ky
John L. w m 27 (b. 1853) farming b. Ind father-Ind mother-Ind
Belle M. w f 12 (b. 1868) b. Illinois father-Ind mother-Ind
William E. w m 3 (b. 1877) b. Kansas father-Ind. Mother-Ind.
31/32 HAYS Willis S. 40 Farmer b. IN parents b. IN
Elizabeth 46 b. IL parents b. TN
Mary T. 13 b. IA
Lemontt 12 b. MO
M…? (f) 8
Elmina? 6
Talitha M. ? 2 b. KS
32/33 WOOLSEY George 50 Physician b. TN parents b. TN
Jerimiah 25 Farmer b. MO parents b. TN
Laura E. 14 (rheumatic fever)
33/34 WEAVER Gustave? 39 Farmer b. NY parents b. NY
Martha A. 26 (congestive ?) b. IL father b. IN mother b. TN
Cordelia 4 b. KY
? 6/12
FERGUSON Robert 26 Working on time b. IN father b. Scotland mother b. IN
34/35 PASLEY William A. 37 Farmer KY
Rebecca A. 24 b. MO
William J. 7
James E. 3 b. KS
NOTE: Belle SPARKS will marry George W. McKINNEY Jr., Addie’s brother. Both the McWHIRTS and SPARKS are in Illinois in 1868.

* * * * * * *

Willis G. Hays’ (living next to the Sparks) family is John Hays and Elizabeth Hays in the 1860 Iowa Monroe Co. census. He married Elizabeth Narcissa Boyd of Illinois, in Iowa in 1866. Isabel and Philemon Thomas are in the Boyd’s household in the 1860 Monroe County census.

In 1883 Belle Sparks marries George McKenney Jr.

Before 1884, James Preston TRIPP, who will be the second husband of Mary Elizabeth SPARKS, marries 1st Jennie MCWHIRT, sibling of Samuel Alvin MCWHIRT who married Addie MCKENNEY.

1895 Belleville, Chautauqua, Kansas
6/6 James E. Sparks 62 Farmer IN
C. E. 60
John L. 22
W. E. 18 KS

In 1899, daughter Mary Elizabeth marries 2nd Joseph Preston Tripp.

SPARKS James w m 1832 age 68 b. Ind. Father-KY Mother-KY
Carrie w f Aug 1834 65 b. Ind. father-Ind. mother-Maryland
John L w m Dec 1852 47 single b. Ind. Father Ind. Mother-Ind.
William E. w m Aug 1876 23 single b. Kansas father-Ind. Mother-Ind.
NOTE: In the 1880 census both of Carrie’s parents are given as born in KY. Now her mother is from Maryland and her father from Indiana.

In 1904, son William E. dies and is buried in Pawhuska.

1905 Elgin, Chautauqua, Kansas
231/231 SPARKS J E 72
Carrie 70
John 50

1910 Belleville, Chautauqua, Kansas
McKENNEY James m w 47 m. 26 years b. Iowa f-Ohio m-Pennsylvania
Bell f w 42 b. Illinois f-Indiana m-Indiana
Carrie f w 12 b. Kansas f-Iowa m-Illinois
James W. (father) m w age 78 b. Ohio f-Ireland m-Pennsylvania
SPARKS Clara (mother-in-law) f w 76 had 9 children, 4 surviving, b.Ind father-Ohio mother-Maryland. Born about 1836. This is a bizarre census. George McKenney Jr. is given as James. His father, George W., is given as James W. For some reason Carrie’s mother-in-law appears to be enumerated in the household and her name given as Clara rather than Carrie, and she’s given as widowed, when she was not. Carrie is thus enumerated twice in this census for she is observed living with her husband (see below). Carrie’s parents were however born in NC and MD. A Belle and G. W. did name a daughter Mable Clair. Is it possible that Carrie was also named Clara?

(forgot to write the number)
SPARKS James E. head m w 78 married 52 years b. Indiana, parents b. KY
Carrie A. wife f w 75 married 52 years, having had 9 children with only 4 surviving b. Indiana and parents b. in KY
John L. son m w 56 single
They own their farm. James is a farmer. The son works on the home farm. They all read and write.
Enumeration was on the 11th day of May.
In the 1900 census, Carrie had given herself as b. Indiana and her father in Indiana and her mother in Maryland. They had stated they’d been married 52 years (sic. give the same number of years married in the 1910 census). But in the 1880 census she is given as born in Indiana and her parents in KY, so there is a return to that version again in 1910.

1915 Chautauqua, Chautauqua, Kansas
Pg. 12
Pennell, Anderson, Moffit families, then:
Belle 45 IN
Carrie 17 OK
Carrie 81
Mable 26 KS
Note: G. W. McKenney and Belle’s Daughter Mable Clair is seen here with her husband Franklin B. Tripp.

Carrie died in 1917.

14 January 1920 by Carl H. McDonald
Pg. 9B
Kiles Street
66/75 MCKENNEY George W. Head OF mw 56 md. b. IA father b. OH mother b. PA house carpenter own business
C. Belle Wife fw 50 md b. IL father b. IN mother b. IN
SPARKS James E. Father-in-law mw 87 wd b. IN father b. KY mother b. KY
Note: The live next to daughter Carrie who is married to Jesse Hampton.
70/79 HAMPTON Jesse C. Own, Free mw 34 md b. Illinois and parents in Tennessee Retail salesman, general merchandise, wages
Carrie I. fw 22 md b. Oklahoma. Father-Iowa and mother-Illinois
Marie M. fw 1 6/12 b. Kansas father b. IL mother b. OK
Doris R. (daughter) fw 3/12 b. Kansas father b. IL mother b. OK


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