Evermore Genealogy

Mila Hayford, Samuel Bartow McKenney Jr. and Lenore Nellie Reynolds

Original courtesy Allan McKenney

Mila Hayford, S. B. McKenney and Nona L. Reynolds age 14 Original courtesy of Allan McKenney. I took the liberty of retouching a bit.

Mila Hayford b. 1871, daughter of Gilbert Faxon Hayford and Rebecca Ella McKenney (1848-1872), Samuel Bartow McKenney Jr. (1879-1913), son of Samuel Bartow McKenney (1847-1881) and Antoinette Lagroue (1859-1880), and Lenore Nellie “Nona” Reynolds (1877-1863) daughter of Albert Reynolds (1848-1918) and Charity Alice McKenney (1856-1922).

Rebecca Ella, Samuel Bartow and Charity Alice were all children of Robert Eugene McKenney (1821-1898) and Mary Bartow (1816-1879).


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