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Entire Albert Winston Lang Family

Albert Winston Lang family

Bob Ann Breland didn’t know the occasion for this photo but says this is the entire family except for Clyde, who died as a child. Front row, left to right: Narvil, Seldon, Norman, Fannie Lang Smith; back row, left to right: Iva, Evie Lang Knight, Lillian Lang Lowe, Leslie, Narcis and Albert. (Narvil and Norman were twins, as were Lillian and Leslie.)

I’m going to guess a date somewhere around 1942 based on styles and a 1938 reunion photo.


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  1. Bob Ann Breland Avatar
    Bob Ann Breland

    This identification does not go with this picture. Front row; Leslie, Seldon, Fannie and Narvil; back row: Albert, Narcis, Iva, Evie and Lillian, Norman is not on this photo and Clyde died as a child.– Bob Ann Breland.

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