Entire Albert Winston Lang Family

Albert Winston Lang family

Bob Ann Breland didn’t know the occasion for this photo but says this is the entire family except for Clyde, who died as a child. Front row, left to right: Narvil, Seldon, Norman, Fannie Lang Smith; back row, left to right: Iva, Evie Lang Knight, Lillian Lang Lowe, Leslie, Narcis and Albert. (Narvil and Norman were twins, as were Lillian and Leslie.)

I’m going to guess a date somewhere around 1942 based on styles and a 1938 reunion photo.

Albert Winston and Narcissus Simmons Lang’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Photos

Albert Winston and Narcissa Lang

Fun with color

Albert and Narcis on their 50th wedding anniversary about 1938. The little girl is Euna Claire Rhodes, daughter of Walter and Margie Rester Rhodes. Margie Rhodes is the daughter of Euna Simmons Rester, who was the daughter of Murdock Middleton “Steve” Simmons.

Albert Winston Lang family

Front row, left to right: Leslie, Seldon, Fannie Lang Smith and Narvil. Back row: Albert, Narcis, Iva, Evie Lang Knight and Lillian Lang Lowe.

Photos from Albert Winston Lang’s 80th Birthday Dinner

Albert Winston Lang

Albert Winston LANG at his 80th birthday dinner in Oct 1949. Bob Ann Breland writes, “Grandpa had a birthday dinner every year his father, William Perry, died (1936). The family always met for ‘Grandpa Bill’s’ birthday too.”

Family of Albert Winston Lang at his 80th birthday party

Albert Winston Lang’s 80th birthday dinner. A professional photographer from Bogalusa took the photos. Front, seated: Leslie, Seldon and Iva O. Standing: Evie Lang Knight, Fannie Lang Smith, Albert, Lillian Lang Lowe, Norman and Narvil Lang.

The 80th birthday celebration photos were made in 1949 in Washington Parish, Louisiana.