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Jean Hennesy Kearns’ Sunday School Class in Camden

Sunday school class

Annie Jean Hennesy Kearns, daughter of Esmond and Ethel Hennesy, has given this as a Sunday school class photo in Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas. She is 4th from the left, the girl smiling with her hands clasped over her chest, and looks absolutely delighted with the photo shoot.

This is a photo taken after an Easter egg hunt one Sunday after church.

Jean was born in 1931 and Shirley Temple had been prime entertainment for several years on the big screen, as can be seen in the Shirley Temple curls of the middle child who has ruined her mother’s care with her very important photo day appearance by looking somewhat dour and skeptical, but so does the girl standing next to her. Their perspective was obviously different from the girls on the left and one wonders how this was so. Perhaps the girls on the left had a teacher or someone else encouraging them from the side.



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