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Samuel Crabtree, son of Irvin Crabtree and Sarah Faggard

Samuel Thomas CRABTREE was born 30 Dec. 1838 at 28 Mile Bluff, AL. He died 17 June 1923 at about 85 and is buried at Indian Springs Cemetery at Eight Mile, AL, where his tombstone reads that he was born 1838 and died in 1923. Amie Akerman notes that both Phelan B. Crabtree, son of Sam Sr., gave Samuel T. as being born in 1838.

On 10 March 1859, at Mobile, AL., Samuel, 21, married Margaret OVERSTREET, daughter of Jacob OVERSTREET and Elizabeth DAVIS. Margaret (perhaps Margaret Mary) was born 14 March 1840 in GA and died 1872 at 32. She is buried at Indian Springs Cem., at Eight Mile, AL.

Amie Akerman notes:

“Her (Margaret’s) parents WERE Jacob and Elizabeth Davis Overstreet, this is from the 1840 Census of Wayne Co Ms…Jacob and Elizabeth’s names were given to me by James Ervin Crabtree (still living in Moss Point, Ms,) grandson of Samuel T. Jr., son of Sam and Margaret, also, Harry Keenan (still living), grandson of Vina E. Crabtree Stringfellow daughter of Sam T. Jr., son of Sam T. Sr. and Margaret Overstreet Crabtree.”

Amie continues,

“John Overstreet son of Henry, father of Jacob is on Page 2, #4. John’s son James is on Page #13. b.15 Feb 1807 d.18 Mar 1883. Jacob is on Page 5 #14 b. 1810 d 1845.

“Jacob and his family are listed in the 1849 Wayne Co, Ms census with Elizabeth and his children. Jefferson b. 1832, Sarah b.1835, Ferba b. 1837, *Margaret (my ggrandmother) b. 1839, Brazil b. 6 Aug 1842, and Rosier R. b.1844.

“James Ervin (of Moss Point, Ms) in a conversation with me, claims Elizabeth Davis Overstreet was full blooded Choctaw, making Margaret and her siblings half Choctaw. Jacob is NOT shown in 1850 census, he died in 1845. Elizabeth IS shown with her children in the 1860 census, page 3.”

Amie Akerman supplies the following history and dates for Samuel Thomas CRABTREE:

“I believe GGrandpa Sam was married 4 times.The dates of his children tend to prove this. A story told me, by his son Phelan B. CRABTREE and my Aunt Sarah Beatrice Crabtree PARNELL, is that, and I quote them, ‘By the time he was 17 Grandpa Sam was married had three children and served in the army.’

“Samuel Thomas CRABTREE b.12/30/1838 d. 6/17/1923 Birthplace 28 Mile Bluff, AL. Buried Indian Springs Cem. Eight Mile AL. Son of Ervin and Sarah Ann Faggard CRABTREE.

Samuel m. Wife #1 unknown.
Children of Samuel and wife #1:
(1) Herbert b. d.
(2) Matthew b. d.
(3) Littleton b. d.

“Samuel m Wife #2 Marguerite/Margaret OVERSTREET 3/10/1858 (Mobile Co Bk 17 Pg 51). Marguerite b. unknown, d. 1872. Buried at Indian Springs Cem., Eight Mile AL. Children of Samuel and Marguerite/Margaret:
(4) Jarvis b. d.
(5) Samuel Thomas, Jr b.9/7/1862 d 3/9/1936
(6) Theodore b.1866 d.
(7) Thomas Jefferson b. 7/1/1870 d.5/18/1918. Marguerite died 1872. Thomas was two yrs old.

(8) Eliza Ann b.1876 d.1924 WHO WAS ELIZA’S MOTHER? She would have to be Wife #3.

“Samuel m. Wife #4 Nancy Francis HEVELSTON 3/5/1880 (Mobile Co Bk2 Pg 340). Nancy HEVELSTON was b.4/1/1858 at Semmes; d. 3/1/1944. Buried at Indian Springs Cemetery Eight Mile AL. Children of Samuel and Nancy after 1880:
(9) Mary Francis b.1883 d.1964
(10) Virginia Belle b. d.
(11) Ruth Erette b. d.
(12) Rosa Lee b.7/17/1890 d.
(13) Phelan Britton b.5/30/1895 d.6/22/1990 (Met Him)
(14) Laura b.3/26/1898 d.11/4/1983 (Met Her)
(15) Sarah Ann (Sally) b.8/9/1902 d.
(16) Jane b. d. Died at birth
(17) Amos McMalore b.7/26/1871 d.8/26/1942

“I Was told by Uncle Phelan, Aunt Sarah Beatrice PARNELL and Rena Crabtree BOOTHE (the ggGranddaughter of Theodore) that Amos was the son of Nancy HEVELSTON. He was either adopted by Samuel Sr. or just took the name of CRABTREE. His last name was FOSTER. There is more to this story, told me by Uncle Phelan. There was a murder committed in Mobile Co. area, and shortly after that, Theodore and Amos left the area and, in his words, ‘high tailed it to the Richburg and Hattisburg, MS area’. Theodore was married to an Indian woman (unknown to me). They did meet two sisters Catherine and Hattie HARTFIELD and married them. Theodore married Catherine and Amos married Hattie. They are all buried in Richburg Cem. I met Amos’ children on a visit to Hattisburg in 1984.

“The rest of Sam’s story: He was father to 17 children, the last fathered at age 72. Just think how many he would have had if Viagra was around then. Hope you can enjoy this story of a grandpa I never met, but wish I had…”
Amie Akerman

I asked Amie how in the world Sam could afford 17 children. What he did for a living. She replied, “It has been said that Sam was a butcher but I would imagine he would have probably worked at job to feed his kids…I know some of the (Crabtree) men worked in saw mills, my grandpa Tom worked in Chickasaw AL setting off dynamite to clear land. Some worked on boats…others in ship yards. Uncle Phelan, drove oxen…”

FamilySearch, Internet Genealogy Service, in an August 21, 1999 site search gives Samuel “Sam” as being born 1850 in Georgia and that there were these other siblings to Samuel Thomas and Adam Bell, but the dates are very far off from what Amie Akerman sites: iii. Littleton “Lit” born 1848, Gainsville, Hall Co. AL. Married Nancy.
iv. Jacob “Jake” born 1852, GA. Married Jane Miller, born 1852.

Amie Akerman writes: “There are six (6) Littleton CRABTREES in Littleton and Rebecca’s line. Also two of the Littletons married Nancy’s, one a BUSBY and one a BROWNING. One month apart 3 Mar 1858 and the other 5 Feb 1858. Think they are trying to confuse us.”

The 1860 census shows Samuel CRABTREE living in the same area as the KEARNS. Irvin CRABTREE, his brother, was father of Adam Bell CRABTREE, father of Susie CRABTREE who married Rhett Goode KEARNS.

1860 ALABAMA MOBILE CENSUS, Mobile Township pg. 98
861/669 Geo F. BOONE and family
862/670 Saml CRABTREE 22 Butcher RE value: 500. personal value: $200 b. AL
Margaret 21 b. MS
Louise V. 3/12 b. AL
Thos. BUSH 28 Labourer b. England
863/670 Rebecca FARRLER 60 RE value: 111,000(?) Personal value 40,000 b. AL
Helen E. BULLOCH 35 b. AL
865/672 John J. MERRMAN and family
867/673 Hourg L. MERRBOLD (?) and family
868/674 Dennis GREEN 28 gardener b. Ireland RE value: 1100 Personal value: 500
Sarah 27 b. Ireland
Mary 1 b. AL
Ellen QUINN 13 b. Ireland
Patrick SWEENY 20 Laborer b. Ireland
869/675 Michael MCDONALD 35 gardener RE value: 2200 Personal value: 500 b. Ireland
Mary 40 b. Ireland
Ann 30 b. Ireland
Michael MCNAIL 20 laborer b. Ireland
Terence OLAUGHLIN 22 b. Ireland
879/676 Jas. STEWART 45 personal value: 300 b. Ireland
Ann 48 RE value: 1500 b. Ireland
Mary J. 13 b. Alabama
James H. 12 b. Alabama
Margaret A. 10 b. AL
870/627 Patrick MCNULTY 30 Gardener RE value: 400 personal value: 500 b. Ireland
Elisa 32 b. Ireland
(pg. 99)
Mary A. 8 b. AL
Daniel KELLY 30 Laborer b. Ireland
871/678 KEARNS John 39 Gardener RE Value: 1400 Personal value: 400 b. Ireland
Catherine 31 b. Ireland
Eliza A. 8 b. AL
Micahel 4 b. AL
Timothy 1 b. AL
Frank ROMAN or RENAN(?) 45 Laborer b. Ireland
872/678 Thomas FINCH 40 gardener b. Ireland
? 35 b. Ireland
Ellen 2 b. AL Mary 1 b. AL Mary (?) 63 b. Ireland
873/680 Peter KEEGAN 50 Laborer b. Ireland
Michael FINCH 24 Gardener b. Ireland
Sarah 60 b. Ireland
Mary 19 b. Ireland
Ellen 17 b. Ireland
874/681 Edward RENE 38 shoemaker b. Saxony…

Death certificate of son Thomas Jefferson gives Samuel’s birth place as AL, Mobile Co.

Following are Samuel’s marriage licenses to Margaret Overstreet and Nancy Francis Helveston.

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