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Photos of Nancy Caroline Welch Hennesy

These are 2 photos of Nancy Caroline Welch Hennesy that would have been taken on the same day. Nancy was born Feb 9 1848 in Franklinton, Washington Parish, Louisiana to James Daniel Welch and Caroline Bullock. She married James Hennesy 1868 March 19 and died 1925 Nov 6.

Jean Hennesy Kearns believed that since the little girl was holding flowers, these children were Mildred and Leon at the grave of their mother Zula Hennesy Knight. However, Zula didn’t die until 1926 when Leon and Mildred were about 10 and 9 years of age, and Nancy Caroline Hennesy had already died in 1925. It seems the attire of the children, however, is 1920s. The children couldn’t be Leon and Mildred so they’re at present unidentified.

I took the below photo off Jeff Hennesy’s website. It clearly shows Nancy’s bonnet and further some other white head covering worn beneath. I’m assuming this isn’t long before Nancy’s death, so she would be about 76 years of age.

There are certain portions of the attire that are puzzling to me such as the seeming high belt on what appears to be a jacket over her dress.

Her attire seems a world and century apart from that of Alice Ranager Crabtree who was only born 3 years later than Nancy.


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