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Photo of Lucinda Pounds Hennesy

Lucinda (Pounds) Hennesy as young woman, 2nd wife of James Leon Hennesy. There is no date on the photo and from the attire I’m assuming it’s about 1910 to 1914.

My attempt at livening up the photo with a touch of color.

The picture’s jacket frame reads on the front: Stanton Photo Co., Springfield, Ohio. On the back reads the ad, “Trilby Photos, only 25 cents a dozen. How to get them. Send any photo well wrapped, with 25 cents and a 2 cent stamp. We will promptly return postpaid your photo, with 12 “Trilby” photos made from it, size of this groups same price. Send for illustrated catalogue of Photo Jewelry, latest style Photos, 25 cents to $3 a dozen. Stanton Photo Novelty Co., Springfield, Ohio.”

This photo then was a mail order photo. One would send a photo to Stanton for small copies to be made. This may have been done at the time of the photo or perhaps when Lucinda died these copies were made for family.

Lucinda was born circa 1887 in Louisiana and died before 1924.

pg. 13A
Richardson Town
198/208 HENNESY James 47 married b. LA father b. GA mother b. LA clerk in grocery store
POUNDS Lucy Cousin 34 married b. LA parents b. LA
HENNESY Jule son 18
Elzy son 16

Lucinda here is listed as a cousin rather than a wife and her married name is given as POUNDS. The census is enumerated the 16 of January 1920. On the 19 of July 1920, daughter Lucille will be born, so Lucinda would already be pregnant. Why is she given as Lucy POUNDS rather than Lucy Hennesy?

In the Hennesy cemetery is Amanda Jane Pounds born 1861 July 19 who died July 16, the year not listed. Online she is given as dying in 1936 and is Amanda Jane Welch. Her husband was George Washington Pounds b. 1843 in MS.

Mary Hennesy b. 1827 in Marion, Mississippi, daughter of Isaac Hennesy and Judith Ann Gill and a sister of James Leon, married a John J. Pounds b. circa 1815 in Mississippi. They were the parents of George Washington Pounds. John J. Pounds’ parents were Isom Pounds b. circa 10 Jan 1775 in Marion District SC and Margaret Parker.

I ransacked the census and I couldn’t find an easy candidate for Lucinda/Lucy in 1910 and 1900. I’d first assumed she was a Pounds, then I’d reasoned, with a woman born about 1887, that Lucinda stood a good a chance of being previously married, that Pounds was a married name and that we don’t know her maiden name. If she married a Pounds then we don’t see it in 1910 when she was about 24. I also don’t see in the online Louisiana marriage records anything for her era of a Lucinda marrying a Pounds. Neither is her marriage to Hennesy listed, but James Leon Hennesy’s 3rd marriage isn’t listed either, only his first marriage to Lucy Myles.

We know Lucy, the first wife, was buried at the Hennesy Cemetery. We know that the third wife, who had been first married to a Nobles, was buried at the Nobles Cemetery. We have no burial information on Lucinda. She’s an elusive one, the woman seeming as vague as the photo which shows her alone, with no family.

I return and find the above Amanda Pounds, now widowed, on the 1910 census:

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Police Jury Ward 1, Washington, Louisiana; Roll T624_534; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 124; Image: 13.
64/69 POUNDS Manda 47 widowed 5 children b. LA parents b. LA farmer
Mary L. 23
William A. 21
John W. 19
Leon J. 17
Mollie J. 15

Further down the page is the father of James Leon Hennesy, James Hennesy. And I realize that Lucinda is likely Mary L., daughter of George Washington Pounds and Amanda. They were first cousins, once removed, through the Hennesy line, and second cousins through the Welch line.

The photo is from Ethel Simmons Hennesy collection.

More on the Stanton Photo Company.



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  1. joan dinnel Avatar

    I am interested in the reproduction of the photo of Lucinda after 1900. we have a photo with the same studio printed on it bUT we were told the husband died in germany which we don’t want to believe. our photo would have been taken after 1881 and before 1895. do you think this studio was doing reprints before 1800. or have you found a web site telling about these reprints.

  2. admin Avatar

    I don’t have any information on the history of Stanton Photo Novelty Co. But I just looked and a Google books search shows an ad for them in (among other years) a 1900 periodical.

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