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Photo of Esmond Edward Hennesy at a fair

Esmond Edward Hennesy, son of James Leon Hennesy and Lucy Myles
1 Jun 1903 – 24 Nov 1992

Circa early 1920s.

This is really a pretty interesting photo in that it is a “staged” photo at a fair of some type, probably in Washington Parish, Louisiana where he lived. There is another photo of him with what is apparently his Ford Model T, in Bogalusa, which one might connect with the time period and yet he seems to be rather younger here, and the fashion is a little different, his tie being wider in this photo than the other. I had assumed that this photo also shows Esmond’s same Model T in the background, but noticing that there is an individual in the auto, I’m not sure about this. He is, however, holding the same or similar driving cap that he has in the Bogalusa photo.

There was no indication on the photo of photographer or date. It was in a cardboard frame so appeared to have been taken by a professional photographer.

The automobile appears to perhaps be a 1923 Ford Model T Touring Car. So the date is perhaps no earlier than 1923.



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