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Lola Hennesy as child

Lola Hennesy and Otis Hyde

Lola Hennesy as child (daughter of Esmond and Ethel Hennesy) and Otis Hyde in Bogalusa, LA.

There was no indication of date on the photo but Ethel and Ezzie Hennesy moved to Camden, Arkansas around 1930 so this would have been around 1929-30, prior to that move. Jean Kearns says the girl is her sister, Lola, and the gentleman is Otis Hyde who lived with them for a little while. The event appears to be a parade? Possibly a 4th of July parade? A grocery store is advertised on the car, as well as its number.

The photograph’s cardboard frame read “Art Studio, Bogalusa, LA”.

Curiously, I find an Otis Hyde Lafayette, Ouachita, Arkansas where the Hennesy family was then living. He’s a boarder, 24 in a household there and was born in Ohio. He was listed as working at the paper mill.



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