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Photo of Mildred Knight, daughter of Zula Hennesy and Wilbur Knight

Mildred Knight

Mildred Knight as a young girl. Daughter of Zula Hennesy Knight and Wilbur Knight. Mildred was thus related on the Hennesy and Simmons side of the family. Her aunt was Annie Clarinda Knight who married Lucius Theodore Simmons and Lucius was the father of Ethel Lorena Simmons who married Esmond Edward Hennesy, brother of her mother.

Mildred was born circa 1917 in Washington Parish, Louisiana. Her mother died when she was about 9 years of age and her father married Ethel Crowe second. I would guess this photo was made when she was about eight to ten years of age, in the mid 20s.

One gets a glimpse of a Washington parish town street in the background, its wood houses and wire and picket fences. I imagine it being a hot summer evening, shadows long, crickets hummings. She stands like a child who is used to playing jump rope.

From Ethel Simmons Hennesy collection.



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