Evermore Genealogy

Photo of Murdock Middleton and Clarinda Simmons and family

Original image, a multiple generations xerox.
Courtesy of Delores Tousineau.

An attempt I made to clean up the image a bit.

And then not leave well enough (kind of) alone, though the resolution doesn’t merit it.

This family photo was made the same day as the above. No children were given but I’m going to make a stab at it. I believe the photo is made about 1900, before the birth of the youngest, James F. in 1902. The youngest boy leaning against Murdock may be Charles Jewell Simmons b. 1898, the little girl leaning against Louisa Clarinda would be Frances, b. 1896, John Benjamin b. 1894 would be the boy to the far left standing behind the youngest boy, Mary Elizabeth Simmons b. 1891 would be then the girl on the far right next to Louisa. Mary Elizabeth would be about 9. Her next sister up would be Ella b. 1888 who would be about 12 and I don’t see a girl in that age range here. Next would be Dewitt, born 1886, about 14 at the time, and would be the boy standing at the rear of the photo, behind Murdock. Lucius, b. 1883, would be about 17 and doesn’t seem to appear in the photo. The oldest, Euna Emily b. 1882, may be one of the two women to either side of Dewitt.


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