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Irvin Crabtree and Sarah Ann Faggard

Irvin (or Ervin, Irving, Erving, even Ewin) CRABTREE is reported to have been born 11 Nov. 1814 in Hall County, GA., the eldest son and one of 9 children born to Littleton CRABTREE and Rebecca COX.

Amie Akerman notes that the division of Jackson Co. GA created 1801 Clarke Co.; 1811 Madison Co., and in 1818 Hall, Gwinette and Walton Co. Irvin, who was born in 1814, would have been born in one of these earlier counties.

On 19 Jan 1834 (bond date was 15 Jan 1843) (Source: Amie Ackerman) Irvin married Sarah Ann FAGGARD (FAGGERT/FAGGETT) daughter of Daniel FAGGARD and Martha. Irvin was about 20 and Sarah, born 6 Dec. 1819, was about 15.

Between 1835 and 1846 Irvin and Sarah are known to have had at least 4 children. A fifth child, Jacob, is found in the 1860 Alabama Mobile census:

  • Littleton CRABTREE b. 26 Jan 1835, died 25 May 1887 at about 52. Married Nancy BROWNING. Littleton is buried at Whistler Cemetery, Whistler, AL., the same cemetery as Adam Bell and Alice Virginia RANAGIER CRABTREE. Sources: Amie Akerman, who further notes: Littleton-age 45 notary public, b. Al, father born in “Illinois?” Nancy A. (Browning ) 49, Warren 18, Hubbard 13. After comparing the signature of the Littleton Crabtree’s in the family – –here are 6 Littleton Crabtree,’s–the Littleton in this census is the son of Ervin and Sarah. Littleton Jr, s/o Littleton and Rebecca. Littleton Jr. married Nancy Busby; 1858 signed his license to marry, Nancy Busby,”Littleton, Jr. ” Also have copies of both marriage license. Littleton Crabtree, son of Ervin and Sarah, husband of Nancy Browning, is buried in Old Whistler in a plot next to the Browning family. I was told at one time Nancy Browning was married to a “Warren, surname unknown”.
  • Samuel Thomas CRABTREE was born 30 Dec. 1838 at 28 Mile Bluff, AL. He died 17 June 1923 at about 85 and is buried at Indian Springs Cemetery at Eight Mile, AL, where his tombstone reads that he was born 1838 and died in 1923. He married Margaret OVERSTREET. (NOTE that according to the 1850 Alabama Mobile census he is born about 1846 as his age is given as 14. Amie Akerman notes that both Phelan B. Crabtree, son of Sam Sr., gave Samuel T. as being born in 1838.)
  • Eleander (Ellen) CRABTREE was born about 1840 according to the 1850 Alabama Mobile census. Amie Akerman writes that she was born 10 March 1840 and married Needham CRANE on 19 May 1859 at Mobile Co. AL. The marriage bond is signed by Ervin and Littleton as JP. The marriage took place in the home of the bride’s father.
  • Adam Bell CRABTREE was born 5 Feb. 1846. His daughter, Susie gave him as born at Gainsville, Hall Co. GA. The 1850 and 1860 Alabama Mobile censuses however give him as born abt. 1848 in AL. Married Alice Virginia Ranager.
  • Jacob CRABTREE is given as 7 years of age, born about 1853, in the 1860 Alabama Mobile census. Amie Akerman notes: “Jacob Crabtree, (son of Ervin) Adam Bell’s brother, b.Jan 1850 d.? married Melissa Jane TEW, (M.J) Listed with Jacob, 23 Dec 1870, d/o of John TEW & ?”

Irvin was described by Susie Crabtree Kearns DRUMMOND, his granddaughter, as coming from Hall County, GA.

Susie wrote: “My grandfather was born in Hall Co. Ga. He was married to a girl (or lady) named Ann. I don’t know her last name. His name was Irvin Crabtree. His wife, Ann. They had several sons. They were English and French. The Crabtree name originated in England.”

Beverly Melvin, another Crabtree descendant, gives Irvin as perhaps also written as Irving or Erving. “…Thomas Jefferson Crabtree, Samuel Thomas Crabtree and Irving (Erving) Crabtree…They are my ggrfather, gggrfather & ggggrfather. I have names of siblings to T.J. They may have moved from GA to AL, and from there, some moved to south LA.”

FamilySearch, Internet Genealogy Service. Submitter: HENRIETTA G. EDWARDS ALBUQUERQUE NM USA 87111 Submission: AF85-002035 in an August 21st, 1999 site search gives the birth date of “Ervin” Crabtree, and also the marriage date. It also sites Sarah Ann Faggert as having been born 6 Sep 1817. It gives Irvin’s date of death as being 1861 when instead it is 1863 according to his tombstone (this data from Amie Akerman).

Beverly Melvin has found Ervin and Sarah Ann listed in a marriage registry. She writes: “I found Ervin & Sarah Ann Faggart listed in a marriage registry. The date was Jan. 15, 1834, in Mobile Co. AL. I also have her dob as 9/6/1819 & dod as 2/16/1861 in Citronelle, AL. I have found several cousins who have supplied much of the info I have. From somewhere that I can’t recall, I have a wife listed for Adam as Georgia Tucker, married Jan. 2, 1848. Is that another Adam? Do you know anything about that?…”

Ervin CRABTREE is seen as Evin or Ewin in the 1840 Mississippi Newton County Census. He appears to be living next door to his father, Littleton. Two more houses down is Daniel OVERSTREET, and further down is a James OVERSTREET. Mary OVERSTREET, who married Samuel Thomas CRABTREE, had as a father Jacob OVERSTREET b. 1810 GA, d. 1845 in Wayne Co., MS. Jacob is a nick for James, so this James may be Margaret’s father.

CRABTREE Evin 1 1 – – – 1 – – – – – – – | – – – – 1
(1 male under 5 would be Samuel Thomas b. 1838, 1 male 5 to 10 would be Littleton b. 1835, 1 male 30 to 40 would be Irvin b. 1814, 1 female 20 to 30 would be Sarah Ann b. 1819)
CRABTREE Littleton 1 1 2 1 1 – – 1 – – – – – | 1 – 2 – – – 1
1 male under 5 would be ?, 1 male 5 to 10 might be Murphy b. 1831), 2 males 10 to 15 would include Haynes b. 1829, 1 male 15 to 20 would be either Alfred R. or Littleton Jr. both given as born 1822 by Amie, so one of these must be the missing male in the 10 to 15 category, 1 male 20 to 30 would be perhaps Jackson b. 1817, 1 male 50 to 60 would be Littleton b. 1790, 1 female under 5, 2 females 10 to 15, 1 female 40 to 50 would be Rebecca COX.
Lee Jacob
OVERSTREET Daniel M. (James OVERSTREET further down page).

In the 1850 Alabama Mobile census, Irvin gives himself as 36, so born 1814. NOTE that Saran Ann gives herself here as 34, born about 1815 rather than 1819.

1850 ALABAMA MOBILE CENSUS, Mobile Township
pg. 441
DICKERSON Florentine
26/26 CRABTREE Erwin 36 wheelwright b. GA
Sarah Ann 34 b. MS
Littleton 16 b. MS
Samuel 14 b. AL
Eleander 10 b. AL
Adam 2. b. AL
27/27 GILLON Sam
NICOLAS William S.

1860 ALABAMA MOBILE CENSUS, Mobile Township
pg. 110
PAINE William
KOSTER Hearman
966/761 CRABTREE Ervin 46 wheelwright b. GA
Sarah A. 44 b. GA
Adam 12 b. AL
Jacob 7 b. AL
PARISH William R. 28 carpenter b. TN
CRANE Ellen 20 seamstress b. MS
967/762 Matilda JOHNSON

The 1870 Alabama Mobile census shows a Lewis who is given as 36, thus born about 1834, but is about the age to be Littleton CRABTREE, and he is married to a Nancy. In the next household is a Jacob CRABTREE who is given born about 1850 so would almost match Littleton’s youngest brother, Jacob. But there may be no relationship. For who is Andrew CRABTREE, age 21?

1870 ALABAMA MOBILE CENSUS, Mobile Township
pg. 309
363/363 CRABTREE Lewis 36 carpenter b. GA
Nancy 40 b. AL
Matilda 12 b. AL
Warren 9 b. AL
Herbert 4 b. AL
264/264 CRABTREE Andrew 21 Tinner b. AL
Georgia 20 b. AL
Jake 20 b. AL

Irvin CRABTREE died 12 May 1863 at about 49. He was preceded by Sarah who died 16 Feb. 1861 at Citronelle, Mobile Co. AL.

Marriage certificate of Irvin Crabtree and Sarah Ann Faggard.


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