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James Noyes and Rebecca Russell

“James Noyes was a circuit rider and clergyman. He preached in several New England states. He also preached among the Indians in Canada and Michigan during his later life. He was one of the first Methodist ministers in Michigan according to his youngest daughter, Eliza Ann, and was a great student of history.”

SOURCE: Noyes Family Genealogy – Generation No. 5 – James Noyes and Rebecca Russell. Compiled by Nancy Benton from Family Bible copied by Sarah Melissa Noyes Slater Anderson.

Rebecca was a Scotch Puritan. Her father was at the battle of Bunker Hill and had his leg broken in that battle. According to James Allen Noyes, born 1826, his grandmother was much beloved by her grandchildren.

Rebecca had three sisters–Patty Dunbar, Hannah Russell, Lydia Houghton and Betty Worthington. She had one brother, Peter Russell.

There is an old daguerreotype that is still in excellent condition. This, along with a silhouette of her husband James, was given to Eliza Ann Rowe, to Sarah Melissa Anderson, to Grace Noyes Pinkerton, to Nancy Bryant Benton. (It is still in excellent condition in 1998).

SOURCE: Nancy Bryant Benton

James Noyes b. 17 Nov 1771 at Winchendon, Worcester, Massachusetts, died 13 Oct 1835 at Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan at the age of 63, and was buried at Gourdneck Prairie Cemetery, Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo, Michigan. He married Rebecca Russell b. 3 Aug 1773 at Worcester County, Massachusetts. She died 17 March 1853 at Fremont, Steuben, Indiana at the age of 79.

James was a son of James Noyes and Elizabeth Brown. Rebecca was a daughter of Samuel Russell and Lydia Wheeler.

Their children were:

  1. James Noyes b. 1793 Sep 13 at Worcester Co., Massachusetts marries Sally Marble
  2. Elizabeth Noyes b. Dec 16 1795 at St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, Vermont. Dies Aug 26 1835 at Pavilion, Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  3. George W. Noyes b. Sept 7 1798 at Coos County, New Hampshire, dies Nov 23 1826 at Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Michigan. He married an unknown woman.
  4. Rebecca Noyes b. July 9 1800 at Grafton County, New Hampshire. Dies Nov 28 1874 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.
  5. John Wesley Noyes b. June 14 1802 at Grafton County, New Hampshire. Dies Oct 25 1888 at Fremont, Steuben County, Indiana. He will marry Dolly Rowe in 1827. They will have at least 11 children, including Mary Jane Noyes b. abt . 1831, Enos B. Noyes b. abt. 1834 who marries Sarah E. Farnham, Hannah Noyes b. abt 1837, Eunice Noyes b. abt. 1841, and Clark Noyes b. abt. 1848
  6. Dan Y. Noyes b. June 7 1803 at Grafton County, New Hampshire, dies July 1828 in Rochester, Monroe County, New York.
  7. Eunice Noyes b. July 24 1806 at Grafton county, New Hampshire, dies May 3 1809.
  8. Ward Noyes b. Aug. 18 1808 at Grafton County, New Hampshire. He dies at an unknown time in California.
  9. Eunice Noyes b. Sep 7 1810 in Grafton County, New Hampshire, will die March 10 1894.
  10. Mary Ann Noyes b. Jan 16 1814 at Ontario, Wayne, New York. She will marry Clark (A. C.) Briggs born abt 1812 in Vermont.
  11. David R. Noyes b. Jan 7 1815 at Ontario, Wayne County, New York, will die in Illinois. On March 30 1839 in Vermilion County, Indiana he marries Eliza Jane McElvain who was born abt 1818 in Ohio. They have at least 3 children: Cordelia J. Noyes b. abt 1841, William B. Noyes b. abt 1845 and George W. Noyes b. abt 1848.
  12. Chauncey H. Noyes b. Feb 2 1818 in Ontario, Wayne Co., New York, will die June 11 1892 in North Dakota. On Feb 3 1848 in Fremont, Steuben, Indiana, he marries Joana Masters b. abt. 1828 in PA. He was an Alphadelphia Association member.
  13. Eliza Ann Noyes b. April 14 1823 in Ontario, Wayne County, New York, marries Philip Rowe who was born abt 1825 in New Jersey. Their two children were Harry b. abt. 1862 and Alice b. abt. 1865.

* * * * *

Noted events in his life were:

• Birth, 17 Nov 1771, Massachusetts, Worcester County, Winchendon.
Date from Family Record of James Noyes and Rebecca Russell.

Birth place from Noyes Family Genealogy – Generation No. 5 – James Noyes and Rebecca Russell, as compiled by Nancy Benton from Family Bible copied by Sarah Melissa Noyes Slater Anderson and Nicholas Noyes Genealogy Vol. 1, page 319..

• Note.
James was the eldest son and one of five children of James NOYES and Elizabeth BROWN, born when the elder James was 28 yoa.

• Occupation: Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church.
James was a Methodist Episcopal Minister in his early years, according to John Wesley NOYES’ bio in the History of Steuben Co. IN 1885.

James’ father was also a minister.

• Marriage: James NOYES marries Rebecca RUSSELL., 29 Apr 1793, Massachusetts, Worcester County, Winchendon.
James was 22 and Rebecca was 20 when they married. James’ father would later marry Hannah RUSSELL c. 1800, a sister of Rebecca. His sister Sally married Peter RUSSELL.

• Children: Possible unknown child.
I have not noted in the accounting below a possible unknown female child. The 1800 census shows two females under 10, one of whom is Elizabeth born 1795. The 1810 census shows 2 females 10 to 15 who would be Rebecca and the unknown female. The female in the 16 to 25 category would be Elizabeth. This female is not given as having been recorded in the Noyes Family Bible.

• 1st Known Child Born, 13 Sept 1793, Massachusetts, Worcester County.
James Sr. was 21 and Rebecca was 18 when James Jr. was born.

• Residence: Vermont, Orange County, Newbury.
A bio of John Wesley NOYES gives his parents as moving from MA to Newbury VT, then to Grafton Co., NH. After this they went to NY in 1811 and finally Kalamazoo Co., MI in 1833.

• 2nd Known Child Born:, 16 Dec 1795, Vermont.
James Sr. was 24 and Rebecca was 21 when Elizabeth was born.

• 3rd Known Child Born, 17 Sept 1798, New Hampshire, Grafton County.
James Sr. was 26 and Rebecca was 23 when George W. was born.

George W. is in my notes as being born 1798 in Coos, NH, however Coos Co. was not formed from Grafton Co. until 1803.

1800 Franconia, Grafton, New Hampshire
Noyes, James
State: New Hampshire Year: 1800
County: Grafton Roll:
Township: Unknown Townships Page: 389

James NOYES 2 – – 1/ 2 – – 1

The two males under 10 would be James and George. Rebecca, born 1800, could be one of the two females under 10, the other being Elizabeth, but because an unknown female in the appropriate age category again appears in the 1810 census I don’t place her here. James and Rebecca Russell NOYES are 26 to 44.

There were no other NOYES in Franconia.

• 4th Known Child Born, 9 Jul 1800, New Hampshire, Grafton County.
James Sr. was 28 and Rebecca was 24 when Rebecca was born.

• 5th Known Child Born, 14 Jun 1802, New Hampshire, Grafton County.
James Sr. was 30 and Rebecca was 26 when John Wesley was born.

John is in my notes as born in Coos Co. NH, but Coos County was not formed until 1803 from Grafton County.

• 6th Known Child Born, 7 Jun 1804, New Hampshire, Grafton County.
James Sr. was 32 and Rebecca was 28 when Dan Y. was born.

• 7th Known Child Born, 4 Jul 1806, New Hampshire, Grafton County.
James Sr. was 34 and Rebecca was 30 when Eunice was born. Eunice is the individual who crafted the silhouette of James Sr.

• 8th Known Child Born, 18 Aug 1808, New Hampshire, Grafton County.
James Sr. was 36 and Rebecca was 33 when Ward was born.

• Child’s Death, 3 May 1809, New Hampshire, Grafton County.
Eunice died at 2 years 10 months and 9 days.

1810 Concord, Grafton, New Hampshire
Timothy NOYES 2 – 1 – 1 / 2 2 – – 1
Thomas COLBY
Elisha SMITH
Ebenezer QUIMBY
Qilliam QUIMBY
Elephalt? NORTHEY
Benjamin MORSE
Farnum MORSE
James NOYES 3 1 1 1 / – 2 1 1

The 3 males under 10 in the James NOYES household would be Ward, Dan and John; 1 male 10 to 15 would be George; 1 male 16 to 25 would be James Jr., 1 male 26 to 44 would be James Sr.; 2 females 10 to 15 would be Rebecca and an unknown female, 1 female 16 to 25 would be Elizabeth. Eunice, who was born in 1806, isn’t shown. She was perhaps mistakenly placed and is the unknown female in the 10 to 15 category. However, neither is James NOYES’ wife, Rebecca observed in this census. Unless the census is in error, Rebecca is probably living with her toddler daughter, Eunice, in another household.

• 9th Known Child Born, 7 Sept 1810, New Hampshire, Grafton County.
James Sr. was 38 and Rebecca was 34 when their next daughter after Eunice’s death was born. They named her Eunice. It was common at the time to name a child as a namesake of a sibling who had died in youth.

• Migration, 1811, New York.
The James NOYES family moved to NY from NH, Grafton Co.

• 10th Known Child Born, 16 Jan 1812, New York, Ontario County.
James Sr. was 40 and Rebecca was 36 when Mary Ann was born.

• Child’s Marriage: James NOYES Jr. marries Sally MARBLE., 6 Sept 1815, New York, Ontario County, Phelps.

• 11th Known Child Born, 27 Jan 1815, New York, Ontario County.
James Sr. was 43 and Rebecca was 39 when David R. was born.

• 12th Known Child Born, 2 Feb 1818, New York, Ontario County.
James Sr. was 46 and Rebecca was 42 when Chauncy was born.

1820 Phelps, Ontario, New York

Excerpt from the 1820 ONTARIO CO. PHELPS NY CENSUS, in which James’ surname is spelled NOYS:

William KING
Charles HUDSON
Daniel PAGE
William CATLIN
Michael JONES
James NOYS 2 1 1 1 – 1 1 1 1 – 1 – 2 – 1

In the James NOYS household there are 2 white males to 10, 1 white male 10 to 16, 1 white male 16 to 18, 1 white male 16 to 26, 1 white male 45 and up, 1 white female to 10, 1 white female 10 to 16, 1 white female 16 to 26, 1 white female 45 and up, 2 persons engaged in agriculture, 1 person engaged in manufacturing.

The 2 white males to 10 would be Chauncy b. 1818 and David b. 1815, 1 white male 10 to 16 would be Ward b. 1808, 1 white male 16 to 18 would be Dan b. 1804, 1 white male 16 to 26 would be John or George. The older male is James Sr. 1 white female to 10 is Mary Ann b. 1812; 1 white female 10 to 16 is Eunice b. 1810; 1 white female 16 to 26 is Rebecca b. 1800 or Elizabeth b. 1793, 1 white female over 45 and up is Rebecca.

The possible unknown female in the 1800 and 1810 census is no longer observed.

• Brother’s Death, 23 Apr 1822, Maine.
Death of his brother, Ward, in Maine. His other full brother, David, is said to have also moved to Maine in 1804.

• 13th Known Child Born, 14 Apr 1823, New York, Ontario County.
James Sr. was 51 and Rebecca was 47 when Eliza Ann was born. She was their last child.

• Migration, 1823-1825, Michigan.
Circa 1823 to 1825, the James NOYES family migrated from NY to MI. It was after this that he would begin his preaching in Michigan and Canada.

Dan Y. did not apparently move with the family as he would die in a few years in New York. George W. and James Sr. did move with the family. John Wesley didn’t make the move from NY until 1834. Eunice is given as marrying in Ontario NY in 1828 so, being aged 17 to 19 during the time of the move, she may have chosen not to migrate with her parents to Michigan, remaining perhaps with one of her brothers in NY.

• Tax List, 1825, Michigan.

There are two listings for a James NOYES in the Wayne-Washtenaw area in the 1825 Tax List. One would be likely James NOYES SR., and the other Jame NOYES Jr. I don’t know which would be which.

1825 NOYES JAMES Wayne-wshtnwco MI 799 Tax List 1825 Tax List MI Early Census Index MIS2a927036

1825 NOYES JAMES Wayne-washtenaw MI Ann Arbor Tax List MI Early Census Index MIS2a927044

• Child’s Death, 23 Nov 1826, Michigan, Kalamazoo County, Ann Arbor.
Death of George W. at 28. He had also moved to Michigan with the family and had a saw mill operation in Ann Arbor.

1824-1826 Deeds, Washtenaw Co., Michigan

I have the following deed listings for James NOYES, but don’t know whether theyare for James NOYES Sr. or Jr.

NOYES JAMES 34 1 S 6 E 19 80.0000 02 1888 1826/02/22
NOYES JAMES 28 2 S 6 E 19 79.1400 02 907 1824/10/20
NOYES JAMES 14 2 S 6 E 19 160.0000 02 1514 1826/01/06
NOYES JAMES 3 2 S 6 E 19 58.9800 02 1889 1826/02/22

• Census, 1827, Michigan, Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor.
The 1827 Ann Arbor census shows a James NOYES. I don’t know if this is James Sr. or James Jr.

• Child’s Death: Death of Dan Y., Jul 1828.
Dan Y. is given as dying in Rochester, New York in July 1828 at about the age of 25.

• Images: Cut silhouette of James Noyes, c. 1820s.
A silhouette of James, made by his daughter Eunice, is still in excellent condition in 2002 and owned by Nancy Bryant Benton, his g-g-g-granddaughter.
Source: Nancy Benton

The image was not likely made until at least after 1821 when Eunice was 15. In 1821 James was abt 50. As Eunice perhaps stayed in NY when her family moved to Michigan, marrying in NY in 1828, the silhouette may have been made c. 1823 to 1825 before the NOYES family migrated to Michigan.

Silhouette of James Noyes at https://evermore.imagedjinn.com/images/jamessilhouette.jpg.

1830 Kalamazoo County, Michigan

James NOYES is given at Ancestry.com in the census index as being in the 1830 Kalamazoo Co. census. I am unable however to locate the census for Kalamazoo in the Michigan Territory.

• Migration, 1833, Michigan, Kalamazoo County.
The James NOYES family moved to Kalamazoo in 1833.

• Child’s Death, 26 Aug 1835, Michigan, Kalamazoo County, Pavilion Township.
Elizabeth dies at the age of 40, followed by her father’s death in Oct.

• Death, 13 Oct 1835, Michigan, Kalamazoo County, Kalamazoo.

Following his daughter Elizabeth, who had died in August, James died 13 Oct 1835 at the age of 63.

Date of death is from Family Record of James Noyes and Rebecca Russell.

Place of death from Noyes Family Genealogy – Generation No. 5 – James Noyes and Rebecca Russell, as compiled by Nancy Benton from Family Bible copied by Sarah Melissa Noyes Slater Anderson, and Nicholas Noyes Genealogy Vol. 1, page 319..

I’m unable to locate Rebecca in the 1840 census. She is found in the 1850 census living with Enos Beall, beside the household of her son, John W. Noyes.

In the 1850 16 August Census of Fremont, Steuben, Indiana, Rebecca was living with Enos BEALL, a partner of her son, John Wesley.

126/126 John W. NOYSE 47 tavern keeper $3500 b. NY
Dolly 40 b. NJ
Mary Jane 19 b. NY
Enos 16 Farmer b. NY
Hannah 13 b. MI
Eunice 9 b. MI
Clark 2 b. IN
Babe without a name 2/12 b. IN
127/127 Enos BEALL 43 (illegible) judge $7250 b. NY
Hannah 44
Therisa 6 b. MI
Dyson 3
Ellise AUSTIN 16
Rebecca NOYSE 77 b. ME (?)

Rebecca died March 27 1853 in Fremont, Steuben, Indiana.

• Cemetery: Michigan, Kalamazoo County, Schoolcraft, Gourdneck Prairie Cemetery.

View the Gourdneck Prairie Cemetery listing at https://evermore.imagedjinn.com/images/gourdneckprairiecemeteryl.jpg.

Gourdneck Prairie Cemetery–Sec. 14, East side of Portage Road, next to Schoolcraft Township Hall, Schoolcraft Township.

View location of cemetery at the Rootsweb Kalamazoo County Cemeteries website at http://www.rootsweb.com/~mikalama/cemmap2.htm#southw

View cemetery marker at the Rootsweb Kalamazoo County Cemeteries website at http://www.rootsweb.com/~mikalama/cemetery2.htm#Gourdneckpriecm

• Accessory Document: Noyes-Russell Family Record.

View the Noyes-Russell record at https://evermore.imagedjinn.com/images/recordnoyesrussell.jpg.
Copied by Sarah Noyes Slater from the family bible.


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