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Trying to make sense of Isaac Hennesy b. 1803 and his father, David

The first “firm” Hennesy we have as a known ancestor in my husband’s line is Isaac who was born 1803 in Georgia and married Judith Ann Gill 1820 June 5 in Marion County, Mississippi. And we know this Isaac had a father named David as it was listed with the marriage.


Curtis Hennesy did extensive research on this line, traveling and interviewing Hennesys for family information and a great debt is owed to him. He had posited a Rev. David Hennesy born circa 1745 as a father of Isaac, and I’ve read that this Hennesy’s father was another Rev. David Hennesy born about 1720 in Ireland, who had at least 6 children between the years 1743 and 1759. It seems to me however there’s a missing generation between Rev. David Hennesy b. 1745 and Isaac Hennesy b. 1803 in Georgia, whose siblings are at this time believed to be James b. 1805, Jemima b. 1812 and Nancy b. 1818. That places David’s youngest child as being born when he was nearly 75 years of age.

From my notes:

Note first a problem with the following research data. Curtis Hennesy gives David Hennesy as a probable father for Isaac and siblings born between 1803 and 1812 in GA, adding also a possible Nancy Hennesy Cox who was not born until 1818 in North Carolina, Union County. He supplies censuses from 1780 and 1790 in Duplin County, North Carolina, each showing 1 male and 2 females…

Following is the research from Curtis and Jeff Hennesy:

Jeff HENNESY writes that the HENNESYS came in through NC and migrated to Louisiana and Mississippi. One branch may have moved north to Canada. (Source: Jeff Hennesy, Rootsweb Hennesy board 1999)

Land records of David HENNESY from North Carolina from the mid 1700’s show he lived just North of Wilmington on the Black river. Jeff writes that clues say the two brothers came over from England and split up. One going North and one going South to Louisiana. (Source: Jeff Hennesy, Rootsweb Hennesy board 2000)

It’s said the brothers separated because one was caught with the other’s wife. (Source: Jeff Hennesy, Rootsweb Hennesy board 2000)

Cutis Hennesy writes:
“1790 Census shows Dan. INNES (Chatham Co. GA) and Andrew ENNIS (GA). One of these two could have been the father of Isaac Sr. Probably brother of David. 1850 census shows two Isaac HENNESSEYS about 15 to 20 years apart. The older one could have been the brother of the father of the younger one. Nancy was the name of the wife of the older Isaac. Marriage in Marion Co. MS. Shows David HENNESSY as father of Isaac HENNESSY who married Judith GILL(1820). MS Dept. of Archives and Hist. Finds no mention of David ENNIS, INNES or HENNESY in 1810 MS tax list or in 1820, 30, 40, 50 census indexes. Relatives believe that the name should have been HENNESSY.

Some records for (a) David Hennesy are found:

1780 Wilmington District, Duplin Co. shows David HENNESY (1 male, 2 females) SOURCE: Curtis Hennesy

NC Census (1786) shows David HENNESY between 26 and 60 years of age. One female. In Darlington, N.C.

The 1790 census in Duplin:

1790 Duplin Co. NC Census
pg. 9 (ancestry.com
Giving the 15 names to either side as well
William JAMES
Timothy BRYAN
Brettian POWELL
William WELLS
Jonathan WILLISE
James COOK
Isaac HALL
David HENNESEY 1 – 2 –
NOTE: 1 free white male over 16, 2 free white females
Joseph BEVEN
Jonah? LEIGH
Abraham G?
Rawlin? ROGERS

In Bullock Co., GA there was a grant of 100 acres October 11, 1798.

In my notes for further research I have:


Duplin and Craven Counties were both formed out of New Hanover. There were Henneseys already in New Hanover, one of whom was named David.

New Hanover Co., NC Wills + Estate Papers Giles-Keane, (SLFHL 1577608)

Will of John Henesey, 1756.
Will of John Henesey of Newhanover Co., Province of , carpenter. Tract of land on Tuckaho to nephews John Henesey + Jemmy Henesey; Also give to said nephews John + James Henesey; Chn of my brother David Henesey; Sister Margarett Henesey; Wife Catharine Henesey; My child Mary Henesey; Exrs: brother David Henesey + William Robinson; made 22 Nov. 1756; Signed Jno. Henesey; Wit: Wm. Robinson, John Simpson, and James Parrell, his mark.

New Hanover Co., NC Grantor Deed Index H-M 1729-1925 (SLFHL 0019378)

D/122 1755 POA Henesey, John to Joseph Portenint Atty al
D/256 —- Will Henesey, John al to John Henesey
E/171 1765 Deed Hennesey, John+Sally to Rendal Ramsey
E/376 1767 Deed Hennesey, James+Sarah to Thomas Corbett
F/109 1770 Deed Hennesey, James to Onimus Futch
G/104 1777 Deed Henesey, John to Anasimus Futch
L-2/746 — Deed Hennesey, Allen to Stephen Williamson
P/627 1818 Deed Hennesey, Sarah to John G. Morris
Q/339 1819 Deed Hennesey, Sarah to Aaron Rowe

New Hanover Co., NC Grantee Deed Index H-M 1729-1925 (SLFHL 0019383)

D/256 —- Will Henesey, David exr, Catherine, John & James, Margaret, David, Mary, Hrs. of David, from John Henesey
E/52 1763 Deed Hennesey, James from Allen Sloan
H/319 —- Grant Heanicy, William from State of NC
L-1/336 1796 Deed Henesy, Allen from Naman Carter
P/414 1817 Deed Hennesey, John from Jacob Powell
P/524 1817 Deed Henesey, …, George from Bartholomew Burns
N/4 1805 Deed Hennesy, William from William Moore

1779 Petition to divide Bladen, Duplin and New Haven Counties showing a William Hennesy, James and Richard Henecy.

The courthouse was destroyed many times by fire and the only marriage record remaining showing a Hennesy has: Sutton, William marrying Hennesey, Susannah on 7-7-1779 with Devane, John, Jr. as witness.

By 1790 there don’t appear to be any HENNESYs or variations thereon in the Duplin, New Hanover, Onslow, Sampson, Bladen, Brunswick and Johnston County censuses.

There do not appear to have been any HENNESYs who served in the Revolutionary war from Duplin or Sampson Counties.

And I had a variety of links leading to information on other websites but those sites no longer exist. Oh well….

Curtis Hennesy also writes, “As far as the name ENNIS, that came from the census records in Louisiana in 1840, 1850 and 1860. I would have to look up the records again but I believe our family went tby the name of ENNIS in 1840. In 1850, the same family used HENNESY, but in 1860 it went back to ENNIS. A story is told in the family that some of the local black folks referred to them as ENNIS. The same story teller said that this might have been a nick name. Since some of the ancestors could not read and write, the census taker would have to spell it in whatever way he thought it would be. As a result of this, I have found the names spelled: Hennessee, Hennessy, Hennessey, Hensley, Hensly, Ennessy etc. Makes life interesting. I am beginning to believe the correct spelling should be Hennessy. A letter written in 1925 by Ellen HENNESY BONDS remembers her parents said that it was spelled with one s or two.”

Anyway, this line is still a bit confused past Isaac, to the best of my knowledge. If research has cleared the matter up I’d love to hear about it, if a researcher who knows more and better passes through.


This David Hennesy is said to have had, as far as we know, maybe 4 children.

  • Issac b. abt. 1803 GA according to Curtis HENNESY, but 1850, 1860 census places him born abt. 1790 GA. He married Judith Ann GILL
  • James b. 1805 GA according to 1860 census, married Sarah b. 1810. Children were: Ann b. 1836, Clara b. 1840, Mary b. 1844, James b. 1847 died 1911
  • Jemima “Minna” b. 1812 GA married Jimmy FRANCOIS. They had a son, Jimmy. She married (2nd) T. J. POLK b. 1812 SC.
  • Nancy b. 8 April 1818, Union Co. NC. married Lewis B. COX b. 1807 SC or GA.

The above James is living next to his brother Isaac in Washington Parish, Louisiana in 1860, as can be seen further below.

Nancy is is still an uncertain sibling.

Notes for Lewis B. Cox: Curtis Hennesy states he has added Nancy Hennesy Cox as a sister to Isaac Sr. but cannot prove this.

They lived in Marion Co. MS in 1820. Moved to Tangipahoa Parish before 1850.

Doris Holden says Nancy and Lewis went to LA in about 1848 and that their first 3 children were born in MS.

1/21/1840, Lewis B. Cox Deed to James W. Pittman for $200 land, Southwest quarter of Section 30, T5, R18W, 39.71 acres. Witness: Alexander Butler (Marion County, Mississippi).

1860 Census, Washington Parish, LA.:
Cox, James 55 SC 1805
Nancy 40 MS 1820
Mary 13 LA 1847
James R. 10 1850
Isaac N. 7 1853
George W. 5 1855
Sarah J. 5 mo. 1860

“Edna J and Cox Mulina said that Lewis and Nancy went to LA shortly before the civil war and homesteaded land near Amite, Louisiana.”

“Records and Notes of Old Sharon Church” says “Nancy Cox, presented a letter from the church of Christ at Society Hill, Lawrence County State of Mississippi; dated October 24, 1846.

Children are: Elizabeth COX b. 1836 married Daniel Augustus HOGAN b. 25 Aug 1834; Judson A. COX b. 1838 married Camelia GIVENS; Mary S. COX b. 1847 in Marion Co. MS married Joseph Robert GIVENS; Agnes Bagley COX b. 1849 LA; James Rufus COX b. 1850 Marion Co., MS; Isaac N. “Zollie” COX b. 12 Nov. 1853, Marion Co., MS married Mary Josephin LEBEAU b. 28 Nov 1855; George W. COX b. 10 Oct. 1855, Marion Co., MS married in 1883 to Corean GIVENS b. 11 Sept. 1867; Sarah Jane COX b. 1860 Marion Co., MS married Robert C. DANIELS


Isaac married Judith Ann Gill on 1820 June 5 in Marion County, Mississippi. Her birth date and place are as yet unknown.

Maybe someone out there by now knows who Judith Ann Gill was. I don’t find Hennesy in the 1820 Marion County, Mississippi census but I do find:

pg. 5
William HUNT
Elias FORD
James GILL 3 1 – 2 – 1 2 1 1 1 – – 3 – –
William SMITH
William WARD
Phillip HELLER
William CLARK
John LOTTS Jr.
Thomas GILL 2 3 – – – 1 2 – 1 1 – – 4 – – – – – –

Gill passports show both James and Thomas Gill:

Thanks to Glenna Kinard for sending these records!

Source: “Passports of Southern Pioneers 1770-1823 – Indian, Spanish and other Land Passports for Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, North and South Carolina” by Dorothy Williams Potter.
Georgia Passports, Pg. 234:
Executive Department
Monday 9th January 1809
On the recommendation of several respectable citizens of the State of South Carolina
That a Passport through the Creek nation be prepared for James Myrick, Henry Myrick, RICHARD GILL, and Daniel Jackson.
Which was presented and signed.

Georgia Passports Pg 276:
Executive Department
Monday 28th January 1811
On application
That passports be prepared for the following persons to travel through the Creek Nation of Indians to wit.
One for Mr. Joseph Baker with his wife and three children, One for Mr. Lewis Cook and his wife and four children, One for Vinson Mixon with his wife and six children, One for MR. ROBERT GILL with his wife and One for Messrs. JAMES GILL with his wife and seven children and THOMAS GILL and his wife and five children – all from the County of Bulloch in this state and One for Mr. Nathaniel Day from Edgefield district of South Carolina.
Which were severally presented and signed.

Georgia Passports, Pg. 296:
Executive Department
Saturday, 7th march 1812
On application
That Passports be prepared for the following persons to travel through the Indian Nations to the Western Country, viz One for Mr. JOHN GILL, with his wife and six children, Mr. John Kysar, with his wife one child and one negro, and Mr. James Faust with his wife six children and nine negroes, the two former and their families from Lexington , and the latter from Richland District, South Carolina. One for Mr. Peter Sandifer with his wife and four children, one for Mr. Edward Chitty, both from Barnwell district South Carolina.
Which were severally presented and signed.

Isaac and Judith had 5 children:

  • Mary b. 1827 Marion Co. MS married John POUNDS. A known child is George Washington POUNDS b. 17 Nov. 1848, died 10 Dec. 1908
  • Elizabeth M. b. 1832 MS married Chapman L. PEAK b. 1823. Their children were: Nora, Mary E. b. 1849 married George GRACE, Julia Anna b. 1852 married Ed WELCH, Martha R. b. 1856 married Buck BONDS b. 12 Dec. 1877
  • Cintha b. 1833, married William Samuel GIVENS b. 31 Dec. 1835 d. 19 Nov. 1925
  • Isaac Jr. b. 1836 MS, d. 1866, married Sarah
  • James b. 4 Jan 1839 GA m. Nancy Caroline WELCH

Notes provided by Curtis Hennesy on Isaac relate:

Isaac could have been born in Chatham County, GA or Marion County, MS. Might have had another daughter, according to Census.

Some relatives believe that Isaac Ennis was born in SC. Some Census records show him being born in MS and others in Georgia. Much of present day MS was ceded by SC to GA in 1787. Georgia ceded the land to MS in 1802. Curtis Hennesy believes that Isaac was born between 1785 and 1800. Present day Marion County, MS was at one time part of SC and another time part of GA.

Isaac Hennessey married Judith Gill in 1820. Listed father as David Hennessey. Married in Marion Co. MS.

Washington Parish, LA court records show Isaac’s wife name as Ann. Curtis Hennesy believse that name was Judith Ann Gill. A James Gill was found in Marion County, MS in 1820 census.

Sharon Church records show Isaac and Judy Hennesy were new members as of November 14, 1846. This was by letter from the Antioch Church of Marion County, Mississippi.


December 04, 1862, Andrew Holton administered the estate of Isaac Hennesy late of the parish dec.

Sold to James D. Welch 162 42/100 acres NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 sec 22 T35 R9E. Estate was that of Isaac and Ann Hennessee.

End notes on Hennesy provided by Curtis Hennesy.

A James ENNIS was residing in Washington Parish in 1830 and 1040. Was this James ENNIS the brother of Isaac, another son of David, born 1805 who married Sarah? He is given as in the 20 to 30 age range with a wife in the 20 to 30 age range.

1830 ENNIS JAMES Washington Parish LA 088 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule LA 1830 Federal Census Index LA560121174
James ENNIS – – – – 1 / – – – – 1
1840 ENNIS JAMES Washington Parish LA 106 No Township Listed Federal Population Schedule LA 1840 Federal Census Index LAS4a841584
James ENNIS 1 1 – – – 1 / 1 1 – – 1

Isaac and Judith were living in Marion County, Mississippi in 1840.

pg. 11
Isaac ENNIS 1 1 – – – 1 – – – – – – – | 2 1 – – 1 – – – – – – –

By 1850 Isaac and Judith were in Washington Parish. It’s not as if they had far to go. Washington Parish is located right beneath Marion County, and it’s likely they settled in the Franklinton area.

Detail from earlier map

1860. Before the formation of Tangipahoa Parish

There are mysteries even with Isaac. Again from my notes:

NOTE that there are some problems with the following. There were perhaps (perhaps not) two Isaac Hennesys in Washington Parish. Curtis Hennesy believes that the 1850 census shows these two, and their ages do differ by a good amount. Despite the differences, I wonder if this is the same Isaac HENNESSEY who has been enumerated twice. The information for Isaac and James is close enough and there is again a PONDS (POUNDS) in the household. More significantly, the household of R. MCLEAN, age 45, follows both Isaacs and that seems mighty peculiar.

The 1850 census shows first at household 282 Isaac HENNESY 65 b. GA, worth $100, with Nancy age 65 born GA, and children Isaac 18 and James 15, and a PONDS child 1 year of age. At household 282 is R.MCLEAN 45 and Mary.

The second Isaac, at household 310 is 55, worth $100, b. MS, with a wife Lada who is 50, daughter Cintha 16, Isaac 17, James 14, John POUNDS 35, Mary 23, George 6 and a child of 2. They are followed in household 311 by R. MCLEAN 55 b. SC and Elizabeth. This is our Isaac, John Pounds’ wife, Mary, being Mary Hennesy.

Supporting the idea that there were perhaps two Isaac HENNESYs is Curtis giving an estate of an Isaac Hennesy being administered in 1862. He believed this to be the estate of our Isaac Hennesy and had him dying 1861. However, Our Isaac Hennesy appears in the 1870 census with wife Judy.

Was there a second Isaac Hennesy who also had children James and Isaac almost the exact ages of our Isaac Hennesy? Or is this a duplicate and the estate of Isaac Hennesy administered 1862 is perhaps a misrecording and belongs to a later year?

Here’s the census info:

4th Nov 1850
pg. 459B (pg. 44 ancestry.com)
310/310 Isaac HENNESSEY 55 m Farmer $100 b. MS
Lada 50 f b. MS
Cintha 16 f b. MS attends school
Isaac 17 m Laborer b. MS attends school
James 14 m b. MS attends school
John POUNDS 35 m Laborer b. MS
Mary 23 f b. MS
George 6 m b. MS
(no name) 2 f b. MS
Note: Grandson James Leon Hennesy will marry a Lucinda POUNDS who is given in the 1920 census as his cousin.

There is also at household 282 an Isaac HENNESSEY
4th Nov. 1850
282/282 Isaac HENNESSEY 65 m Farmer $100 b. GA
Nancy 65 f b. GA Can’t write
Isaac 18 m Laborer b. LA attends school
James 15 m b. LA attends school
PONDS 1 f b. LA

Despite the differences, I wonder if this is the same Isaac HENNESSEY who has been enumerated twice. The information for Isaac and James is close enough and there is again a PONDS (POUNDS) in the household. More significantly, the household of R. MCLEAN, age 45, follows both Isaacs.

Curtis Hennesy believes this to be a brother of our Isaac Hennesy’s father. There is a notation of an estate administered 1862 belonging to an Isaac Hennesy.

Slaves. Were there slaves. Always a question to be considered in the South.

The Hennesy family didn’t own any slaves.

Below we have the Hennesy clan in 1860 in Washington Parish.

Isaac HENNESY is now given as born 1800. His wife is Judy, born in GA. They are living next to a James HENESSEY, age 55., who would be his brother. Living nearby is his son Isaac HENNESEY and Elizabeth Hennesy PEAK married to Chapman PEAK. Living not much further down are the WELCHs. James HENNESY, son of Isaac, married Nancy Caroline WELCH in 1868.

1860 Washington Parish LA
Post Office: Stubbs Mills
pg. 783 (19 ancestry.com)
12th of June by John E. Means
133/128 James HENNESEY 55 m farmer personal value $400 b. GA can’t read or write
Sarah f 60 b. GA can’t read or write
Anna f 30 b. LA
Mary f 16 b. LA
James m 13 b. LA attends school
134/129 Isaac HENNESEY 60 m farmer RE value $20, personal value $160 b. GA can’t read or write
Judy 60 f b. GA can’t read or write
James 21 m b. MS
James MCDAVID 19 m clerk b. Scotland
135/130 Isaac HENNESEY Jr. 22 or 24 farmer RE value $60, personal value $150 b. MS (married within the year)
Sarah 16 f b. MS (married within the year)
Chapman L. PEAK 37 farmer RE value 250. personal value 2630. b. MS (and Elizabeth and family)
137/132 John R. HOLTON 22 farmer 325. 85. b. MS (and Margaret E.)
138/133 James D. WELCH 48 m farmer 1500. 1009. b. MS
Caroline 44 f b. GA can’t read or write
James P. 16 m b. LA attends school
William H. H. 11? or 16? m b. LA attends school
Nancy C. 12 f b. LA attends school
Edward E. 9 m b. LA attends school
Nicholas E. 6 m b. LA attends school

Continuing on with land documents that are possible for either this Isaac Hennesy or the other:

1859 July 1 in Louisiana shows:
Land Office: GREENBURG
Sequence #: 1 Document Number: 3259
Total Acres: 40.23
Misc. Doc. Nr.:
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: July 01, 1859
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Survey Date:
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
Legal Land Description:
# 1
Aliquot Parts NENE
Block #
Base Line: St Helena
Fractional Section: No Township 3 S
Range: 9 E
Section #: 21

Land Office: GREENBURG
Sequence #: 1
Document Number: 3414
Total Acres: 40.63
Misc. Doc. Nr.:
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: July 01, 1859
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Survey Date:
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
# 1
Aliquot Parts NESE
Block #
Base Line: St Helena
Fractional Section: No Township 3 S
Range: 9 E
Section #: 21

1860 June 1 in Louisiana shows:

Land Office: Greenburg
Document Number: 4231
Canceled Document: No
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Survey Date:
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Sequence #:1
Total Acres: 81.17
Signature: Yes
Issue Date: June 1, 1860
Metes and Bounds: No
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
Legal Land Description #1:
Aliquot Parts: NWSE
No BLock Given
Base Line: St. Helena
Fractional Secton: No
Township: 3 S
Range: 9 E
Section #22

1861 May 1 in Louisiana shows:

and Office: GREENBURG
Sequence #: 1
Document Number: 5014
Total Acres: 81.37
Misc. Doc. Nr.:
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: May 1, 1861
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Survey Date: Statutory
Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
# 1
Aliquot Parts W½NW
Block #
Base Line: St Helena
Fractional Section: No Township 3 S
Range: 9 E
Section #: 21

The estate of one Isaac Hennesy was administered 1862 Dec 4.

Curtis Hennesy gives that on December 04, 1862, Andrew Holton administered the estate of Isaac Hennesy late of the parish dec.

However, Isaac Hennesy and wife Judy are observed in the 1870 census. This is perhaps a brother of Isaac’s father that Curtis Hennesy believes is observed in the 1850 census.

I have also a sale of land from Isaac to James D. Welch, who would be James Daniel Welch b. 1811, the father of Nancy Caroline Welch who married Isaac Hennesy’s son James L.

Sold to James D. Welch 162 42/100 acres NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 sec 22 T35 R9E. Estate was that of Isaac and Ann Hennessee.

Finally, Isaac Hennesy in the 1870 census:

pg. 138 2 W. Tangipahoa (ancestry.com 128)
262/262 SINSEY William 45 (b) farmer b. VA and Millie and family
263/263 ELLIS Maria 40 (b) farming b. MS (and family)
264/264 PEAK Chapman 48 Farmer b. MS (and Eliza and family)
Patsy 16 (b) servant
Benton 9 (b) servant
Chapman PEAK was the husband of Elizabeth M. HENNESY, daughter of Isaac. Cintha Hennesy, daughter of Isaac, married a Givens. They are a few households down.
265/265 HENNESSEY Isaac 65 b. GA
Judy 65 b. GA
266/266 HENNESSEY James 26 farming RE value $600 personal $640 b. MS
Nancy 22 b. LA
Hellan 2 b. LA
267/267 WELCH Jam. D. 58 farmer $1500 $1135 b. MS
Caroline 54 b. GA
William H. 24 b. LA
Edward E. 18
Nicholas 16
BUCKHALTER M. (f) 20 (mulatto) b. LA
Rosa A. 2 (mulatto) b. LA
Charles? J. 2/12 (mulatto) b. LA

270/270 HOTTEN Andrew 65 farmer $6000 $665 b. NC
Mary 55 b. GA
Susan 5 b. LA
273 273 GIVENS Wm. S. 33 m w Farmer 300-345 MS
Cynthia 35 f w MS James R. 13 m w LA
Josephine 11 f w LA
274 274 GIVENS Robt. 33 m w Farmer 300-360 MS
Jane 32 f w LA Jacob 8 m w LA
Bolivar 5 m w LA Corrinne 3 f w LA
Mary 1 f w LA

I don’t know when Isaac died, I don’t know when Judith died, but as best as I can tell neither are in the 1880 census for Washington Parish, Louisiana.

If you have further information, please feel free to let me know.






12 responses to “Trying to make sense of Isaac Hennesy b. 1803 and his father, David”

  1. Jeff Hennesy Avatar

    Judy, hope all is well with you. I spent a couple of hours trying to piece all of the info together that I have on David and Isaac. It only confused me more, so I put together a PDF report to share with you that does contain more info on David, his where abouts prior to 1820 (Marion County, MS) and his occupation. Unfortunately, I lost your email address and couldn’t forward it directly to you. Please contact me and let me know how to get the PDF file to you. Thanks! Jeff Hennesy (4th gr-grandson of David)

  2. Tanya Avatar

    Nancy Hennesy Cox is my 5th Great Grandmother. I’ve been looking at this as I’m interested in who her mother was as they are in my direct mtdna line. I strongly believe Nancy Hennesy Cox was the child of Rev. David Hennesy who had migrated from GA to MS in 1815/1816. She was born in MS abt 1820 according to what she told the Census taker in 1850. Nancy and Lewis named one of their sons Isaac, clearly an important family name. They had several children. I am descended from Elizabeth who married Daniel A. Hogan. They are buried in the Hennesy Cemetary in Tangipahoa Parish. I just learned of this yesterday when investigating the family of my Grandmother Vera Carambat. Her mother was Dean Addison, daughter of Florence Hogan, who in turn was the daughter of Elizabeth Cox and granddaughter of Nancy Hennesy. I had no idea I such deep connections on the Northshore and look forward to visiting this Cemetary next time I go home to New Orleans.

  3. Tanya Avatar

    I sure hope this isn’t a duplicate comment. I tried to post one earlier from my iPad and it did not seem to work. I am a direct descendant of Nancy Hennesy Cox. I’m thinking she is the is the daughter of Rev. David Hennesy who migrated from GA to MS in 1815. I think Nancy Hennessy Cox, who many people list as being the daughter of Isaac, even though the datesdon’t fit, was just a much younger sister of Isaac Sr. It makes the most sense. Also, she told Census takers on two separate occasions, she was born in MS. I strongly suspect Nancy and Lewis Cox are buried in the Hennesy Cemetery, possibly in one of the many graves with eroded engraving. I am descended from Nancy and Lewis’ daughter Elizabeth who married Daniel Aguustus Hogan. I just dug into this side of the family a day ago after my mom found some papers to help guide me. I had no idea I had such deep roots in Tangipahoa Parish. My brother lives not far from this area in Mandeville, so I think next time I am in town, I’ll visit the cemetery.

    1. jmk Avatar

      Hi, Tanya. The reason the comment didn’t post is I have first-time comments set for moderation (helps cut spam).

      1. Tanya Avatar

        Hi! Thank you! You can delete one of my comments if you’d like to clean things up. I’ve been thinking and perhaps Nancy could be the daughter of Isaac and Judith. Perhaps a teenage wedding and the family all wished them well!


      Hi Tanya, I see you posted this some years back but maybe it will find you. I am Also a direct descendant of Daniel Augustus Hogan and Elizabeth Cox, through their son Christopher Columbus Hogan. My Grandmother Jessie Mae Hogan, who knew her grandmother Elizabeth Cox told me that Lewis had met Nancy before she was old enough to marry that Lewis had followed Nancy’s Family in order to marry her when she old enough.

  4. jmk Avatar

    Could be either way, but it makes more sense to me she would be a daughter of David’s, younger sister to Isaac, and 15 years is a very reasonable separation. What we need is David’s will. If he left one. (I left both comments as there is supplemental information in the second.)

  5. Tanya Avatar

    I’ll keep on digging and if I find anything new, I’ll let you know. Yesterday I found this bit of ephemera which was interesting: http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM9NV6

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I especially like your tagline “We are all related. Can I stop now?” I used to assist in genealogical work in my early career as a Librarian, but never wanted to do any of my own. I was up to my ears in microfiche and microfilm as a History grad student as it was. I even lived in Salt Lake for several years and could have used their main Family History Library, but never did. Now I’m completely obsessed and want to make a trip down to LA and MS to dig through their archives.

  6. Tanya Avatar

    I’m not sure why I used ephemera there! That sign is anything but ephemera. I think I’m spending too much time looking at this stuff or perhaps I’m remembering our ephemera file in the genealogy section of the library I worked at 20 years ago that often contained helpful information.

    1. jmk Avatar

      Ha! Great find. Anything but ephemera–but I’m all for ephemera. In my family line, a receipt that had been kept for 130 years by a distant cousin’s family led to my being able to locate an unknown marriage of my ancestor–turned out to be a receipt to do with his future brother-in-law. You never know what you might come up with. Sometimes nothing and sometimes someone else is able unlock a door.

      Looking forward to if you come up with anything else. Another researcher working on this family is at the link below. Jeff. His father, Curtis, is the one who did the initial research some years ago. He traveled around interviewing Hennesys recording relationships. My husband’s mother is the one who brings in the Hennesy line. Curtis spoke to her father, who was then living in Mississippi.

  7. Carole G Avatar
    Carole G

    Thank you for posting all this research you have done! I am trying to find the parents of my Susanna Hennessey, who married William Sutton. Do you have any further clues about her? Do you know how John DeVane figures into the Hennessey family?

    1. jmk Avatar

      Carole, I’m sorry but I don’t have any more info.

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