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Photo of Unknown Louisiana Family, Likely from Washington Parish

All those photos out there without name attributions. Here is one. It was found in the collection of Ethel Lorena Simmons, b. 1906 in , Washington, Louisiana, married on 1924 July 17 in Franklinton, Washington, Louisiana to Esmond Edward Hennesy, also born in ,Washington, Louisiana in 1903. As the parents of both were born in Washington Parish Louisiana in the 1870s-1880s, it seems likely this family was from the Franklinton area in Washington Parish. Based upon the woman’s attire, I’m thinking the photo was made about 1910 and thus the elder woman would have been a contemporary of Lucius Theodore Simmons and wife Annie Clarinda Knight, and James Leon Hennesy and wife Lucy Virginia Myles.

It’s a long shot that anyone out there can offer an identification but I’m hoping one eventually can be made.

Unknown family retouched
Unknown family original



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