Photo of Mary Elizabeth Sparks McCormick Tripp with step-daughter

A photo of Mary Elizabeth Sparks McCormick Tripp, daughter of James E. Sparks and Carrie Burch, from Francis Partch. She has guessed that the girl with her is perhaps her step-daughter Nannie Tripp (b. 1886) or Dessie Mae Tripp (b. 1887) , daughters of James Preston Tripp and Jennie McWhirt. I’ve wondered if instead, based […]

Family of Elmer T. Conner and Amanda Emelia McCormick Conner West

The family shown is Elmer T. Conner and Amanda Emelia McCormick Conner with children. Francis Partch writes: Elmer T. Conner and Amanda Emelia McCormick Conner with children. The youngest child is Dollie Irene Conner, born 7/8/1913. The young boy is my dad, Sylvester Elmer Conner, born 6/15/1905. The other two girls would be Marie Conner […]

David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Fowler

I don’t recollect seeing very often early images clearly showing a woman as pregnant. The photo , courtesy of Nancy Benton, would have likely been taken in Barton County, Missouri. David Nathaniel Brewer arrived in Barton County, Missouri before the establishment of Liberal in the early 1880s. Nancy Benton writes of David and Delana: David […]

McKenney Mystery Photo

Larry McCombs sent this photo noting, It is a CDV taken during the 1860’s, probably in the earlier part of the decade. The back stamp lists the photographer as ” J. Mitchell” New Castle, PA. The subject appears to be in his 60’s, at the very least, and perhaps older so his birthdate would be […]

Photo of Crockett Family?

Larry McCombs sent this photo of what he felt could be tentatively identified as a Crockett family, but which Crocketts? An old postcard photo and no information was written on it. He had first believed the man in the vest up front may be Samuel Kelly Crockett, but was eventually uncertain. I too am uncertain. […]

McKenney and Crockett Families

This picture is courtesy of Larry McCombs. The man on the left is Samuel Kelly Crockett. Larry guesses the young girl with short hair standing beside him could be Thelma McKenney. The woman central in the photo is Belle Sparks McKenney, wife of G. W. McKenney Jr. To her right is (my guess) Sadie Hackney […]

Mary Elizabeth Sparks

Photoshopped to try to make the photocopy look more like a photo. Mary Elizabeth Sparks McCormick Tripp Image courtesy Francis Partch I’m going to cover a lot of ground here with these families, and it gets a bit complex. Mary Elizabeth Sparks and First Husband Samuel McCormick Mary Elizabeth Sparks was born 1857 June 13 […]

The Noyes Home at Liberal, Missouri

The Noyes home at Liberal, Missouri. Perhaps taken early evening one summer. If one looks carefully there is a person seated to the front side of the house, and a group of people standing around the back porch.

Old Chautauqua County Train Depot

Larry McCombs sent me this photo of an old Chautauqua County, Kansas train station. It’s 72 dpi and no larger than what you see here so there’s not much that can be done with restoration. If one attempts darker tones, even if they belong (and look nicely dramatic), one loses a lot of the detail, […]

James Albert McKenney Family Photo, circa 1922

Photoshopped Original scan. Image courtesy of descendents of Mabel Clair (McKenney) Tripp. Family of James Albert McKenney and Vera Crockett. Right to left: Lela, James, Lloyd (in rear), Vera, and Thelma. Making a guess that this was circa 1922 when Lloyd was about 13, Thelma about 11 and Lela about 8. For more information on […]