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Photo of Mary Elizabeth Sparks McCormick Tripp with step-daughter


A photo of Mary Elizabeth Sparks McCormick Tripp, daughter of James E. Sparks and Carrie Burch, from Francis Partch. She has guessed that the girl with her is perhaps her step-daughter Nannie Tripp (b. 1886) or Dessie Mae Tripp (b. 1887) , daughters of James Preston Tripp and Jennie McWhirt. I’ve wondered if instead, based on the style of dress and Mary Elizabeth’s birthdate of 1857, it could be Ida Rae Tripp, who was born in 1896.

Nannie married John Whitehorn. Dessie married Francis Marion Roebuck. Ida married Alfred Thomas. Maybe some descendants may one day wander by who can help us out on this one.

The photo would have been taken in Osage County, Oklahoma.

UPDATE: Francis writes that she has found another photo in which the girl is identified as the daughter of Dessie Mae Tripp Roebuck. She was Rose Roebuck born in 1907. This makes sense to me. She could be anywhere between 10 and 13 years of age, likely, which would place the photo as taken circa 1917 to 1920. Mary would have been somewhere between 60 and 63 years of age.


3 responses to “Photo of Mary Elizabeth Sparks McCormick Tripp with step-daughter”

  1. Francis Partch Avatar
    Francis Partch

    Finally ran across the other picture that my mother had of the above and she had MARY TRIPP and ROSIE ROEBUCK written on it. Would that be Dessie’s daughter? So can we put that one to rest?

  2. jmk Avatar

    Hi, Francis! Great to hear from you. I’ve given an update on the post. This ID makes sense to me that it is a granddaughter (step-granddaughter). Thanks for checking back with me and passing along the information.

  3. Mike Baker Avatar
    Mike Baker

    Rose “Rosie” Roebuck Miles married Cap Miles and had an adopted daughter Janie Mae. Both Rosie and Cap weere officers in the Salvation Army. It was a pleasure to find and see this reminder of my great-aunt Rosie.

    (I am a great-grandson of Dessie Mae Tripp Roebuck; my grandmother was another of Dessie\s daughters, Goldie Marie Roebuck Baker, who married George Andrew Baker and had one son, my father, Gene Stanley Baker. As of this writing, I believe that all of Dessie Mae’s biological children are now deceased — I cannot be certain of the many others she was known to have fostered over the years.

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