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Retouched Crocketts and Sparks and McKenneys

This picture is courtesy of Larry McCombs. The man on the left is Samuel Kelly Crockett. Larry guesses the young girl with short hair standing beside him could be Thelma McKenney. The woman central in the photo is Belle Sparks McKenney, wife of G. W. McKenney Jr. To her right is (my guess) Sadie Hackney Crockett, Samuel’s wife. I’ve another picture of Samuel Crockett and Sadie and this is definitely her.

I could be wrong but because of the women’s dresses being as they are I would think it is in the mid 1920s? Belle was 57 in 1925 and Samuel Crockett was 70 and Sadie was 68. Thelma was born in 1911 and so if the picture was taken as late as 1926 she would have been 15.

The young woman on the far left is Lela McKenney, b. 1914, sister of Thelma and Lloyd McKenney (Lloyd would have by now been living with the Flemings). She would have been, if this is in 1926, only 12 years of age but I do believe this is her. In a 1946 photo, Lela stands in a similar position and appears to be the same individual as the girl at the left here, looking in the 1946 photo as if she is considerably taller than Thelma, and at least in the photo gives the appearance of being a little older than her though she is younger.

Samuel and Sadie Crockett went to live in Sedan (away from the farm) after 1920 (this noted because Lloyd moved in with them to go to school) to take care of the children of their son George Keithly Crockett, his wife Blanch Landis having died in 1921. George and Blanch had three children: Lillian b. 1912, Harold b. 1914, and William b. 1917. I am thinking perhaps these three children are the two boys and the girl on the right in the picture, though they seem younger. Hopefully, some day one of the Crockett descendants will happen through here and be able to identify these two boys and the girl.

As for the older woman standing next to Sadie Hackney Crockett, on the right of the photo, I’m thinking she looks a bit like Sadie. Could she have possibly been her sister, Susan? However, Susan was several years younger and this woman looks older, though this could be a trick of light. Unfortunately, though I know from family records that Susan died in 1941, I don’t know the name of her husband and thus have nothing on her after 1888 Dec 25, when she was married. Again, ultimately, this is an unidentified woman, it’d be careless of me to presume anything other, and it would be nice to get an id on her.


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