City Park at Liberal, Missouri

Ever so lightly colored in to make the scene a little more readable Added a very light touch of color to this old image of the city park at Liberal, Missouri to make it easier to see the environment. One can see on the map this photo showing the band stand was likely taken from […]

Atkinsons Railroad Gallery Photo

Tried photoshopping a little to bring out the woman’s face, but didn’t do much good Original courtesy of Nancy Benton. UPDATE: I believe this is thought that it could possibly be Emma Viola Noyes, sister of our ancestor, Ray Noyes. I believe Nancy Benton suggested this. If not, I wonder if it could be Cora […]

Missouri Pacific Depot at Liberal

Photoshopped. Not sure it did anything for the image. Found this image a while back on the late Barbara Irwin’s page on Liberal, Missouri (no longer maintained). A nice photo that shows people milling about the depot, which one doesn’t often see in these small town depot shots. Would this be the depot located directly […]

Basketball Team, Liberal, Missouri, 1909

Photoshopped Original The bottom photo is from the late Barbara Irwin’s page on Liberal, Missouri which is no longer available. I worked with it some restoring it, and it happened to come out really well. What we have here is the Liberal High School basketball team in 1909, photographed at Fritts Studio. The backdrop is […]

Photo of Phillip Rowe, husband of Eliza Ann Noyes

Phillip Rowe, original, courtesy of Nancy Benton Yellow cast removed The photographer of the above photo was J. I. Kent at 18 (looks like) State Street in Rochester, New York. Phillips Rowe, b. abt. 1825 in New Jersey, was the husband of Eliza Ann Noyes, daughter of James Noyes and Rebecca Russell, Eliza being a […]

Image of Grain Elevator at Liberal, Missouri

Grain Elevators at Liberal, Missouri, photoshopped Original An image of a grain elevator at Liberal, Missouri that I photoshopped to try to make it a bit more vivid. One can make out barely the railroad running in front. The original image above was once on Barbara Irwin’s Liberal page (no longer maintained), and gave C. […]

Chautauqua School, Chautauqua, Kansas, circa 1907-1908

The photo is from “History of Chautauqua County” and is said to be the fifth and sixth grade classes at Chautauqua (Springs) School “probably about 1910”. The identification of the pupils isn’t in order, and lists them as being 6th grade: Opal McKenzie, Cassie McKenney, Russel Jack, Lee Callahan, Lou Anderson, Ed Hessert, Ducan McFarlain, […]

Elizabeth Noyes Lovett

Original photo courtesy of Nancy Benton. Attempt at some restoration Added a little color to see what the effect would be. This photo of Elizabeth, a daguerreotype, would have been taken somewhere in the late 1840s to about 1850. Perhaps it was made in 1848, at the time of her husband’s death. Or was it […]

Photo of Cora and Pansy Noyes as Children, Liberal, Missouri

A nice photo of Cora and Pansy Noyes, daughters of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth Jane “Bettie” Brewer. Cora was born 1897 and Pansy was born 1895. The photo seems to me about 1900. I tried a restoration plus a colored version. Lost the full size of the colored version somewhere along the way. The place […]

Lucinda McKenney Hughes Schalburg

Lucinda, Jurdy, Jurdy’s wife Elizabeth, and daughter Alpha and her child. Thomas D. Reynolds was born 1925 so the picture can be dated 1925 and would likely have been taken in Oakland, Alameda, California. Image courtesy Larry McCombs Retouched Lucinda W. McKenney, the daughter of George Washington McKenney Sr. and Isabella Love, was born 1855 […]