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Lucinda McKenney Hughes Schalburg

Lucinda, Jurdy, Jurdy’s wife Elizabeth, and daughter Alpha and her child. Thomas D. Reynolds was born 1925 so the picture can be dated 1925 and would likely have been taken in Oakland, Alameda, California. Image courtesy Larry McCombs


Lucinda W. McKenney, the daughter of George Washington McKenney Sr. and Isabella Love, was born 1855 Nov in Ohio.

Lucinda married an unknown Hughes and had a son with him, Jurdy Thomas Hughes (Jerry Thomas Hughes) born 1877 Sept 17 in Illinois. In censuses giving the birth place of Jurdy’s father, he has been variously given as born in Iowa, Indiana and Kentucky.

Jurdy may have been born in Illinois but I doubt Lucinda and the unknown Hughes were married in Illinois as I can’t find them in the Illinois marriage database and in my experience it tends to be pretty comprehensive. Whether Lucinda and Jurdy’s father divorced or he died is unknown.

Lucinda married 2nd William Schalburg on 1879 Oct 1 in Piatt County, Illinois. William was born 1833 Feb in Germany or Denmark and died before the 1920 census, perhaps in Alameda, California.

In the 1880 Piatt census we see the family beside that of Henry Slaughter, who I have been curious about because they were also from Kansas but Henry’s wife, Sarah Sadie Nolan, has been given as born in 1859 Aug 12 in Piatt, Illinois, though she and Henry were married in Jewell, Kansas in 1876. I’ve attempted to find Sarah’s birth family, hoping to learn something more about Lucinda coming to Piatt, but have been unable to locate them.

128/132 SLAUGHTER Henry 25 stone mason b. IA parents b. NC mother b. NJ
Sarah 21 b. IL
Estella 2 b. KS father b. IA mother b. IL
129/133William H. SHALBARG 40 b. Denmark keeps restaurant parents b. Den
Lucinda 25 b. OH parents b. OH
Jerry stepson 2 b. IL father b. KY mother b. OH
130/134 HELTON Alexander 29 b. IN father b. NC mother b. IN
Mary 26 b. Baden
Gertie 9 b. IL
Bertie 7
Alfred 3
SONG Alexander 22 boarder b. KY father b. Ireland mother b. KY

In 1900, Schalburg is given as immigrating in 1868 and having been here 32 years. Not given as naturalized. No profession. Lucinda is given as a bank clerk and “Jurdy” as a barber.

1900 IL, PIATT CO.
11/11 SCHALBURG William head w m feb. 1833 67 years of age married 31 years b. Germany parents b. Germany
Lucinda w f Nov. 1855 age 44 married 21 years, 2 children with 1 surviving, b. OH, father b. OH mother b. PA
HUGHES Jurdy w m son b. Sept 1877 age 22 b. ILL father b. IN mother b. OH

An article from 1901.

East North Central, Illinois, Decatur, Daily Review, August 22 1901
“William Schalburg is moving into the Fay property this week.”

In 1900 Oct 8, Jurdy Hughes married Elizabeth Schryer in Whiteside County, Illinois. She was born 1880 March 25 in Illinois and died 1972 Jan 30 in Alameda, California.

By 1910, the Hughes family was in California.

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Oakland Ward 2, Alameda, California; Roll: T624_70; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 94; Image: 262.
2257/211/246 HUGHES Jurdy T. 32 md 10 years b. IL parents b. IA
Elizabeth 29 2 children b. IL parents Germany
Alpha 6 b. IL b. IL parents b. IL
Joseph 1 and 2/12 b. CA
SCHALWURG Wm. stepfather 74 md twice 23 years b. Germany parents b. Germany
Lucinda mother 54 md twice 23 b. IA father b. KY mother b. Germany

HUGHES J. T. head rent age 42 b. IL parents b. KY manager
Elizabeth wife 33 b. IL parents b. Germany
Alpha C. (looks like Alpha) daughter 16 b. IL parents b. IL
Joseph T. Jr. son 11 b. CA parents b. IL
Frank C. son 8 b. CA parents b. IL
SCHALBURG Lucinda mother 64 widowed b. OH parents b. OH

5516 – 275 – 306
HUGHES Jurdy T. 10000 rent 52 23 b. IL father b. US mother b. OH manager at match co.
Elizabeth 48 19 b. IL parents b. US
Joseph T.21 b. CA parents b. US salesman at match co.
Frank C. 18 b. IL parents b. US
SCHALBURG Lucinda mother 74 wd. 19 b. OH parents b. US

Jurdy Thomas Hughes and Elizabeth Schryer had three children:

  1. Alpha C. Hughes b. 1903 May 30 in Illinois, died 1971 Jan 28 in Alameda, California, married William D. Reynolds who was born 1900 May 18 in California and died 1969 Oct 27 in Alameda, California.
  2. Joseph T. Hughes was born 1909 Jan 21 in California and died 1976 Jan 5 in Alameda, California.
  3. Frank C. Hughes was born about 1912 in California.

The McKenney family record, as handed down to me, gave Lucinda marrying a man named HUGHES and dying young. The MCWHIRTS gave her as dying in childbirth. Neither had a record of her second marriage.

Larry McCombs found a photo of a young boy that had a reference to “grandpa” on the back (referring to GW Sr) and had the mark of Atwood ILL. He also found a reference to the name SHALBERG. Which is how we knew to look for Lucinda Schalburg in records.

I am hopeful still of one day discovering who Lucinda’s first husband was. If you have any information, please write.


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