Michael Strickland Family


Michael Strickland family


Michael Strickland Family

Michael Kelly STRICKLIN, son of Thomas Strickland and Elizabeth Shock, was born 23 Dec 1842 in Boone Co. MO., the 13th of 14 children. He was a sibling of Millie Ann Strickland, of this blog’s direct line.

He married (1) Mercy Jane Arnold about 1869, then married (2) Gormelia Elizabeth FAIRCHLD b. 1856 IA on Jan 1. 1874 in Alta, Harvey Co. KS. He was about 32 and she was about 18. That year they had Leonidas STRICKLIN. They appear to have been in Chautauqua Co. KS by the year 1879, when Thomas Elmer STRICKLAND, their 4rh child, was born (if not before then).

My Great Grandfather Michael Stricklin bought Cherokee strip land, Chautauqua
County Kansas 1881 and lived there until his death 1917. Howard county was
split 1875 to form Chautauqua and Elk counties. My Handy Book for Genealogists said that Elk County Courthouse burned 1906 and all records were destroyed.

Source: Judy Berndt, great-granddaughter

Michael served with the Union during the Civil War, his wife filing for his pension in 1911 and 1918.

Widow: STRICKLIN, Gormelia G.
G 7 Kans Cav.
Date of filing 1911 May 3, class-invalid, application 422.023, certificate-314.795 State filed-KS
Date of filing:1918 July 16? class-widow, 1123.932 certificate-874.552 State filed-KS.

Michael and Gormelia had 11 children: Leonidas, Arthur K., James Oscar, Thomas Elmer, Eva May, Anna Elizabeth, William Herbert, Almon D., Michael Richard, Guy and Mary Ethil.

Eva May, who married William Reed Alexander, gave herself as being proud of her Cherokee ancestry. So, there are rumors of Cherokee ancestry down this line, thought to have come down through the Stricklands, but we’ve found no proof of such yet.

The following Stricklands are buried at the Elcado Cemetery in Chautauqua Co., KS:

STRICKLIN, Michael K. 1842 1918 Civil War Vet
STRICKLIN, Gormelia 1854 1930
STRICKLIN, Russell W. 10 Jan 1902 20 Jan 1916 s/o J.D. & S.A.
STRICKLIN, Sharlene June 17 Nov 1921 18 Jun 1922
STRICKLIN, Thomas E. 23 Aug 1879 08 Apr 1946

The Stricklands in the census:

STRICKLAND Michael w m 37 (b. 1843) farmer b. Mo. Father-Tn. Mother-Ky.
Gormelia (FAIRCHILD) w f 24 (b.1856) b. Iowa father-Ohio mother-ohio
Arthur K. w m 4 (b. 1876) b. Kansas father-Mo. Mother-Iowa
James O. w m 3 (b. 1877) b.Missouri father-Mo. Mother-Iowa
Thomas E. w m (b. 1880) b. Kansaas father-Mo. Mother-Iowa

STRICKLIN Michael w m Dec. 1842 57 married 27 years b. Mo. Father-Ten. Mother-Ten.
Gormelia (Fairchild) wf Nov. 1853 46 m. 27 years b. Iowa father-Ohio mother-Ohio
Thomas w m Aug. 1879 20 single b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Eva M. w f Aug 1881 18 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Anna E. w f Nov 1884 16 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
William H. w m Feb 1887 13 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Michael R. w m March 1889 11 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Guy w m Apr 1892 8 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Mary E. w f June 1895 f b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
NOTE: In the 1880 census Michael STRICKLIN gave his parents as born in KY, now he gives them both born in Tennessee. Michael and Gormelia own their own farm.
STRICKLIN Arthur w m March 1878 22 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
STRICKLAND James w m June ? twentysomething b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Sadie w f Aug 1881 18 b. KS f-unk m-unk
Sadie w f March 1900 b. Kansas f-Kansas mo-Kansas

STRICKLAND Mchael 67 md. 35 yrs. b. MO father b. TN mother b. KY
Gormelia wife 55 11 children 9 surv. b. IA parents b. OH
Thomas son 30 single b. KS
William son 23 single b. KS
Guy son 17 single b. KS

Image is courtesy of Judy Berndt.

Herman Jones with Mule Team

Herman Jones, b. 1906 in Missouri, died, 1977 in Selah, Yakima, Washington, was a son of Levy Jones and Jessie Brewer Jones. The photo shows Herman with a mule team and likely would have been taken in Dade County, Missouri before the move to Washington State.

Jessie Brewer Jones was a sister of Bettie Brewer Noyes, and daughter of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana L. Jane Fowler.

Courtesy of Jim and Dieanna Swearingen

Touched up

Photo courtesy of Dieanna and Jim Swearngin.

Before 1939 Brewer, Spurling and Jones Family Gathering

This photo of a family gathering, supplied by Nancy Benton, is of an event which would have occurred before 1939 as Delana Fowler Brewer is shown and she died November 4, 1939 at Oscaloosa in Dade County, Missouri.

The first photo is the original.

Brewer-Spurling-Jones Family Gathering

Just wanted to show that because I needed to mock up a lower part of the photo in order to not cut out the gentleman on the left.

Original. Courtesy Nancy Benton.

Below, to add some definition, I did a quick color job, nothing detailed as the photo is too lo-fi.

Brewer-Spurling-Jones family gathering, tinted

Now for identifications supplied by Nancy Benton. The third man over in the back row (with the hat) is Charles Bryant, b. 1890, husband of Pansy Ruth Noyes. In front of him is Delana Fowler Brewer, b. 1854, the matriarch of this clan photo. The woman behind the smallest girl is Edith Gilmore Brewer b. abt. 1894, wife of Robert Walter Brewer, b. 1890, a son of Delana’s. Next to her is Bettie Brewer Noyes, daughter of Delana, b. 1877. Between and behind them is Pansy Noyes Bryant, b. 1895. The man next to Pansy (looking over Bettie’s left shoulder) is Walter Brewer and Jessie Brewer Jones, another daughter of Delana’s, b. 1888, is to the right of Bettie.

I think the man on the far right would be Levy Jones, b. 1883, husband of Jessie Brewer Jones.

All the individuals to our left of Delana are unidentified, as is the woman with the curly dark hair standing to the right of Delana. The two girls in front are unidentified. The man standing hidden behind the two women in the middle of the photo is unidentified. The young man limbing the house is unidentified, as is the young man behind Jessie Brewer Jones.

The Spurlings are Mary Katherine Brewer Spurling, b. 1872, another daughter of Delana’s. She married three times, to a George Spurling, and they had a son named Earl, and also to a man named Rhodes (this was before 1939) and a Robert L. Trent. I don’t know the order of the marriages.

If Mary Katherine Brewer Spurling is in the photo, she is in her 60s and is either going to be the woman on the far left or the woman standing to the right of Delana (just left of center of the photo).

Dorothy Noyes McKenney (a daughter of Bettie Brewer Noyes) and her husband, Lloyd, aren’t in the photo. Also, Ray Noyes, husband of Bettie Brewer Noyes, wasn’t identified by Nancy Benton as being in the photo.

The reunion was perhaps to honor Delana, who died at the age of 85 in 1939. I don’t know the location of the photo but it is likely in Dade county, Missouri.

Another photo from the same gathering shows Bettie Brewer Noyes, sister Jessie Brewer Jones, their mother Delana, and an unknown individual. I imagine it is one of Delana’s sons, possibly Robert Walter who is seen in the family group picture as well but his face is obscured in the second row.

Courtesy of Nancy Benton

Photos of David Nathaniel Brewer, Rachel Jane Brewer Henderson and Lewis Brewer

The digital file of this photo came to me via Dieanna and Jim Swearngin. They were uncertain of who the woman in the photo was. Fortunately, I have a photo of Rachel Jane Brewer Henderson from this era and it matches her in appearance. David Nathaniel Brewer b. 1850 Oct 31 at Pleasant, Steuben, Indiana, was a sibling of Rachel Jane Brewer b. 1852 Oct 6 at Terra Haute, Vigo, Indiana. She married Atwell Henderson 1866 in Moutrie, Illinois and they settled in Chautauqua County, Kansas. David married Delana L. Jane Fowler 1869 March 1 at Osage Mission, Neosho, Kansas and they settled first in Central, Barton county, Missouri and then in Dade county, Missouri. I’m currently uncertain where this photo might have been taken, but as it passed down through the Levy Jones and Jessie Brewer Jones family it may have been taken in Dade county where Jessie and Levy lived.

Courtesy of Jim and Dieanna Swearingen

Above is the original photo. As with almost all my files, it was a small digital file but I thought it might be nice to try touching it up just a little in order to distinguish David and Rachel just a little from the surroundings.

David Nathaniel Brewer and Rachel Jane Brewer Henderson, retouched

Another photo appears to be from the same day and shows three unidentified men.

Image courtesy Dieanna and Jim Swearingen

I did a little fixing up of it.

Brewer men

My guess is that Lewis Brewer is the individual in the middle, b. 1880, son of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Fowler Brewer.

Here is a group shot of David and Delana’s family showing Lewis Brewer. He is the man in the middle of the top row. To learn more about the below photo click here.

Family of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Jane Fowler

David Nathaniel Brewer was the father of my great-grandmother, Bettie Brewer Noyes.

Possible Photo of Robert Walter Brewer and Edith S. Gilmore

Dieanna and Jim Swearingen sent me the below photo, which came down through the Jessie Brewer Jones and Levy Jones family, hoping for a possible ID. I was unable to make one at the time but I’m now of the opinion it is possibly a photo of Robert Walter Brewer and Edith S. Gilmore. I have an earlier Brewer family photo that is of very poor xerox quality but shows Walter and it looks to be the same person, accounting for a difference in age and hair part.

Courtesy of Dieanna and Jim Searingen

Thought the digital file had enough pixels to try for a touch up. Is that a lapel pin? I couldn’t tell so left it there.

Possibly Robert Walter Brewer and Edith Gilmore Brewer

I am basing my identification of Walter by two other photos, one being a 1909/1910 family photo which shows Walter in the middle bottom row between his parents.

Family of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Jane Fowler

More on that photo is here.

Robert Walter Brewer, son of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana L. Jane Fowler, was a brother of my great-grandmother Bettie Brewer Noyes. He was born 1890 Nov 15 in Barton county, Missouri and married Edith S. Gilmore who was born about 1894 in Missouri.

Walter and his family lived near Oscaloosa, Missouri, when I was growing up. They moved to Joplin sometime during the 1940’s. Walter was a some-time preacher.
(Nancy Benton, great-niece)

The 1920 census shows Walter and Edith in North, Dade, Missouri.

page 73
92/93 BREWER Walter 29 b. MO father b. IN mother b. IL farmer
Edith 25 b. TX father b. MO mother b. TX
Earnest 8 b. MO
Robert 6
Alvie 1 and 1/12

The 1930 census shows them in Polk, Dade, Missouri.

Year: 1930; Census Place: Polk, Dade, Missouri; Roll: T626_1185; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 12; Image: 0165.
74/74 GILMORE, Paul R. Rent 24 married at 22 b. TX father b. MO mother b. TX Salesman, wages
Laura J. 19 married at 17 b. MO
Forrest A. 10/12 b. MO
75/75 BREWER Walter R. Own 39 married at 20 b. MO father b. IN mother b. IL Farmer, general farm, not a veteran
Edith S. 36 married at 17 b. MO father b. MO mother b. TX
Ernest 17 b. MO
Robert A. 15 b. MO
Alva A. 11 b. MO
Paul L. 4 b. MO
Alice 1 and 4/12 b. MO

More information on the couple may be found here and by using the tags.

Possible photo of Elmer Brewer and Rosa Bell Jones

When Dieanna and Jim Swearngin sent me this photo, I was unable to make a positive identification, but my thoughts are now that it is possibly Elmer Brewer and Rosa Bell Jones.

Image courtesy Dieanna and Jim Swearingen

I did a little touch-up of it below. The photo is fuzzy on Elmer’s left side of his face (our right).

Photo of possibly Elmer Brewer and Rosa Bell Jones

I am basing identification on Elmer in the below photo made 1909-1910 when he was about 26 years of age. He is on the far right in the top row. More information on the photo is here.

Family of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Jane Fowler

Elmer’s parents were David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Jane Fowler (my great-great grandparents). He was their 8th child, born 1883 Dec 25, probably in Barton county, Missouri. he married Rosa Bell Jones in Everton, Dade, Missouri. She was born 1885 July 25 and died 1939 May 13.

Elmer died 1919 May 1 at the age of 35, the result of an accidental gunshot wound sustained when he was cleaning his rifle, unaware it was loaded. The gun fired into his leg. An attempt was made to save his life with the amputation of his leg but he didn’t live.

Rosa Bell married again after his death to Clifford York.

A post on Elmer Brewer’s family is here.

Family of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Jane Fowler

Courtesy of Nancy Benton is the below image of the family of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Jane Fowler.

Courtesy of Nancy Benton

Here, I’ve tried to add a little more body to it.

Family of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Jane Fowler

Rarely do I have a photo showing a full family and am lucky to have this as it has enabled me to make possible identifications on other photos.

Shown in the photo are top row, left to right: Dan, Bettie, Lewis, Jessie, Elmer. Bottom row left to right: Mary, Dave, Walter, Delana, John.

This was taken, what, circa 1909 or 1910 in likely Dade county, Missouri.

A post on the family is here.

Daniel b. 1874 was the third child, Bettie b. 1877 was the fifth, Lewis, born 1880 was the 6th child, not shown is the 7th child named Lois who only lived 1880 to 1881, Jessie b. 1888 was the 10th child, Elmer b. 1883 was the 8th child. Mary b. 1872 was the 2nd child, Dave is the father b. 1850, Walter was the 11th child b. 1890, Delana is the mother b. 1854, and John is the eldest child b. 1869.

Not shown also is Alva who lived from 1885 to 1909. My belief is his death was likely the inspiration for this family photo. Robert Walter was driving a buggy through a creek, and the buggy overturned, throwing “the boys” out. Alva, trying to help the horse out, stepped into a deep hole and was drowned and not found until the following day.

Note that in the front row we have the eldest daughter sitting beside her father, the eldest boy sitting beside the mother, and Walter, the youngest, who was with Alva when he drowned, in the center between his parents.

John David Brewer and Eva Hall

Below is the original image file from Shirley Cooper Castle.

Image courtesy Shirley Cooper Castle

I tried to tidy it up a bit.

Family of John David Brewer and Eva Hall

Sepia alternative

David Brewer, son of David Nathaniel, with wife Eva and daughter Addie.

Starting front left going right: Wilma, John’s mom (Delana Fowler), Monte, John, Eva holding John.

Behind them from left to right: Daisie, Flora.

Behind them left to right: Uncle Walter, Aunt Edith, Uncle Roy, Maude, Addie, Bill Smith holding Irene, (the group of 3 is of Albert, Ralph, and Lewis but Shirley isn’t sure which).

Photo courtesy of Shirley Cooper Castle

According to this then.

Wilma Brewer was born 1907 and looks to be about 3 years of age here. Delana Fowler Brewer, the matriarch of the clan here, was born in 1854. Monte Brewer was born in 1905. John David Brewer was born in 1869 and so is about 40 here. Eva Hall Brewer was born also about 1869. The child in her lap is John who was born 1909.

Daisie (Daisy), the girl standing to the left behind Delana, was born in 1898. Flora was born 1896.

Walter Brewer, son of Delana and David Nathaniel Brewer, was born 1890. His wife, Edith, was born in 1894, so she would be about 16 here. Uncle Roy and Maude would be Clara Maudline (Maude) b. 1892 and her husband Roy Carrico. Addie Brewer was born in 1890. Bill Smith would be her husband and Irene their daughter. Ralph Brewer was born 1901 and would be 9 here. Albert Brewer was born 1894 and so would have been 16 in this photo and must be the taller boy, still short. Lewis Brewer was born 1903 and would be 7.

All the children of John David and Eva had to 1910 are thus all shown here. They would have two more after this picture: Elizabeth b. 1912 and Lellia b. 1915.

John David Brewer, b. 1869 December 10 at Osage Mission, Neosho, KS, married Eva Hall about 1889.

The 1900 census showed them as living in Ozark, Barton county, Missouri. They reside by Frank Bevans, whose son Frank Jr. would marry Mary Louise “Mary Lou” Noyes in 1929:

12th June
Sheet #11
30 243/247 BREWER John Head wm 1869 30 M married 10 years Missouri f-Indiana m-illinois Farmer, can read and write, rents. (37) 7 (38) 46
31 Eva Wife wf Aug 1879 29 M married 10 years, 5 children and 5 surviving Missouri f-Indiana m-illinois can read and write,
32 Ada Daughter wf Aug 1890 9 b. MO parents b. MO
33 Maude Daughter wf Jan 1892 8 b. MO parents b. MO
34 Albert Son wm Feb 1894 6 b. MO parents b. MO
35 Flora ? Daughter wf Jan 1896 4 b. MO parents b. MO
36 Daisy Daughter wf March 1898 2 b. MO parents b. MO
37 244/248 BEVANS Frank Head wm Oct 1870 29 Married 3 years Missouri F-NY M-NY Farmer, rents
38 Lena Wife wf Oct 1873 26 2 children and 2 surviving Kansas F-England M-Ohio
39 Edward D. Son wm Sept 1898 1 b. MO father b. MO mother b. KS
40 Nellie Daughter wf May 1900 b. MO father b. MO mother b. KS

In 1930 John and Eva were in Galena, Jasper, Missouri:

Year: 1930; Census Place: Galena, Jasper, Missouri; Roll: T626_1205; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 22; Image: 0711.
47/47 BREWER John D. Own 60 md at 19 b. MO father b. US mother b. MO unable to decipher occupation but not farmer
Evalin 59 md at 18 b. MO parents b. US
John 20 b. MO laborer
Elizabeth 28
Lila 15

To run through the children again:

1. Addie Florence b. 1890 Aug. in Barton county, Missouri, died 1977.
2. Clara Maudline (Maude) b. 1892 Jan, died 1945, married Roy Carrico.
3. Albert Lafayette b. 1894 Feb married Lena. They had three children: Elizabeth “Betty” Brewer abt. 1922, Ilene Brewer b. abt. 1927, and Sonny Brewer, b. after 1930 and died young.
4. Flora Mae b. Jan 1896, died, 1939.
5. Daisy Golden b. 1898 March, died abt. 1929, also married a Carrico.
6. Ralph b. abt 1901, died circa 1965.
7. Lewis David b. abt 1903, died about 1974.
8. Monte Monro was born about 1905.
9. Wilma Beatrice was born abt. 1907 and married Cecil Wycuff.
10. John Everette was born about 1909 and married a woman perhaps named Goldie.
11. Elizabeth Anna was born abt 1912 and married Edgar Haywood Cooper.
12. Lellia Violet Brewer was born abt. 1915, died abt 1994, and married Ira Wolfe.

For information on the family of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana Louise Jane Fowler Brewer click here.

Photo of Dan Brewer, son of David Nathaniel and Delana Brewer

This photo of Dan Brewer is courtesy of Dieanna and Jim Swearngin.

Daniel Brewer was the third child of eleven, born Jan 13 1874 in Barton county, Missouri. He died Jan 1 in Greenfield, Dade county, Missouri. He was married to Rose E. Trent.

Dan Brewer

To learn more about Daniel Brewer, click on his name in the tags.

Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes Photo from Fritts Studio in Liberal, Missouri

The below photo had been passed down through the family to Dieanna Swearngin but she had no identification for it.

Courtesy of Dieanna and Jim Swearingen

What mesmerizing eyes, despite its age the photo beautifully captures them.

My belief is that it is of my great-grandmother Bettie Brewer Noyes. I am basing the ID on two photos. One is her wedding photo

Bettie Brewer Noyes and Ray Noyes wedding photo, 1895

Another photo is this one below.

Click here to learn more about the above photo.