Michael Strickland Family


Michael Strickland family


Michael Strickland Family

Michael Kelly STRICKLIN, son of Thomas Strickland and Elizabeth Shock, was born 23 Dec 1842 in Boone Co. MO., the 13th of 14 children. He was a sibling of Millie Ann Strickland, of this blog’s direct line.

He married (1) Mercy Jane Arnold about 1869, then married (2) Gormelia Elizabeth FAIRCHLD b. 1856 IA on Jan 1. 1874 in Alta, Harvey Co. KS. He was about 32 and she was about 18. That year they had Leonidas STRICKLIN. They appear to have been in Chautauqua Co. KS by the year 1879, when Thomas Elmer STRICKLAND, their 4rh child, was born (if not before then).

My Great Grandfather Michael Stricklin bought Cherokee strip land, Chautauqua
County Kansas 1881 and lived there until his death 1917. Howard county was
split 1875 to form Chautauqua and Elk counties. My Handy Book for Genealogists said that Elk County Courthouse burned 1906 and all records were destroyed.

Source: Judy Berndt, great-granddaughter

Michael served with the Union during the Civil War, his wife filing for his pension in 1911 and 1918.

Widow: STRICKLIN, Gormelia G.
G 7 Kans Cav.
Date of filing 1911 May 3, class-invalid, application 422.023, certificate-314.795 State filed-KS
Date of filing:1918 July 16? class-widow, 1123.932 certificate-874.552 State filed-KS.

Michael and Gormelia had 11 children: Leonidas, Arthur K., James Oscar, Thomas Elmer, Eva May, Anna Elizabeth, William Herbert, Almon D., Michael Richard, Guy and Mary Ethil.

Eva May, who married William Reed Alexander, gave herself as being proud of her Cherokee ancestry. So, there are rumors of Cherokee ancestry down this line, thought to have come down through the Stricklands, but we’ve found no proof of such yet.

The following Stricklands are buried at the Elcado Cemetery in Chautauqua Co., KS:

STRICKLIN, Michael K. 1842 1918 Civil War Vet
STRICKLIN, Gormelia 1854 1930
STRICKLIN, Russell W. 10 Jan 1902 20 Jan 1916 s/o J.D. & S.A.
STRICKLIN, Sharlene June 17 Nov 1921 18 Jun 1922
STRICKLIN, Thomas E. 23 Aug 1879 08 Apr 1946

The Stricklands in the census:

STRICKLAND Michael w m 37 (b. 1843) farmer b. Mo. Father-Tn. Mother-Ky.
Gormelia (FAIRCHILD) w f 24 (b.1856) b. Iowa father-Ohio mother-ohio
Arthur K. w m 4 (b. 1876) b. Kansas father-Mo. Mother-Iowa
James O. w m 3 (b. 1877) b.Missouri father-Mo. Mother-Iowa
Thomas E. w m (b. 1880) b. Kansaas father-Mo. Mother-Iowa

STRICKLIN Michael w m Dec. 1842 57 married 27 years b. Mo. Father-Ten. Mother-Ten.
Gormelia (Fairchild) wf Nov. 1853 46 m. 27 years b. Iowa father-Ohio mother-Ohio
Thomas w m Aug. 1879 20 single b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Eva M. w f Aug 1881 18 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Anna E. w f Nov 1884 16 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
William H. w m Feb 1887 13 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Michael R. w m March 1889 11 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Guy w m Apr 1892 8 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Mary E. w f June 1895 f b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
NOTE: In the 1880 census Michael STRICKLIN gave his parents as born in KY, now he gives them both born in Tennessee. Michael and Gormelia own their own farm.
STRICKLIN Arthur w m March 1878 22 b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
STRICKLAND James w m June ? twentysomething b. Kansas f-Mo. M-Iowa
Sadie w f Aug 1881 18 b. KS f-unk m-unk
Sadie w f March 1900 b. Kansas f-Kansas mo-Kansas

STRICKLAND Mchael 67 md. 35 yrs. b. MO father b. TN mother b. KY
Gormelia wife 55 11 children 9 surv. b. IA parents b. OH
Thomas son 30 single b. KS
William son 23 single b. KS
Guy son 17 single b. KS

Image is courtesy of Judy Berndt.

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