Dorothy Noyes McKenney and Pansy Noyes Bryant in Park

Courtesy of Nancy Benton

Candid shot, Dorothy Nadeen second from left and Pansy on the far right, daughters of Ray Noyes and Bettie Brewer Noyes. The other two women are unidentified. Spring or summer, all are in short sleeved, lightweight, print dresses, Pansy with a scarf about her head resting against a bench. Wind is blowing fiercely and perhaps they have been at a picnic which is wrapping up as some are holding their purses. It’s difficult to tell if Dorothy has removed a shoe and is perhaps shaking a stone out of it. A girl can be vaguely discerned in the background.

I’m guessing this image is from the 1940s and that it was likely taken in Liberal, Missouri.

Ray Noyes Family Photo circa 1921-1922

Noyes family. Courtesy of Nancy Benton.

This photo, circa 1921-1922, would be from Liberal, Missouri. Nancy Benton supplied the following identification.

From left to right: O.E. Harmon; Viola Harmon; Edna Noyes; Jamie Noyes; Paul Noyes; Charles Bryant–Bettie Noyes in front of him and Mary Lou Noyes in front of Bettie; Ray Noyes with Lena Minor in front of him; Pansy Noyes Bryant with Ray Bryant in front of her; Dorothy Noyes.

Viola b. 1860 was a sister of Ray Noyes, and was married to Orrin Ellie Harmon. Edna was Edna Stark b. 1872, married to Paul Noyes b. 1869. Jamie Noyes was a son of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer and was b. 1903. Charles Bryant, b. 1890, was the husband of Pansy Noyes b. 1895. (Pansy, Viola and Ray were all siblings, children of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell.) Mary Lou was Mary Louise b. 1913, the youngest daughter of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer. Ray Bryant was the eldest son of Charles Bryant and Pansy Noyes, their only child at the date of this photo. Lena Minor, b. 1916, was the daughter of John J. Minor and Cora Noyes. Her parents don’t appear in the photo.

Dorothy Noyes McKenney in the 1940s

Courtesy Nancy Benton

I added a little tint which brought out the fact Dorothy is in a field next to a railroad.

The frame around the photo reads Elko and I’ve no idea to what that refers, if it is an old photo development place that I’m unable to locate any evidence of in an internet search. It’s a picture that doesn’t say much. And isn’t much of a picture, really. And yet it was kept. I’d never have recognized the woman in the boldy striped dress as Dorothy had Nancy not said it was. As Nancy had the image, which means that likely Dorothy’s sister, Pansy, had it, I’m guessing the land on which it was taken is associated with someone’s home at Liberal, Missouri. Or it may instead be a photo that was taken around Ponca City, Oklahoma, or where Lloyd had family still in Chautauqua, Kansas…or even elsewhere, and mailed to Pansy.

Photo of Dorothy and Mary Lou Noyes

Artistic license taken

Original courtesy of Nancy Benton

Sisters Dorothy Noyes and Mary Lou Noyes, daughters of Ray Noyes and Elizabeth “Bettie” Brewer Noyes. Gram always took pride in having been a fashionable dresser in her youth. The photo was perhaps taken in Liberal, Missouri but is not outside the family home.

The style would seem to be from about 1928. Isn’t likely after that. And I don’t think it would be before as Mary Lou was 15 in 1928. Gram was married in July of 1928 so I’m guessing this is the winter beforehand.



Recollections of Lloyd McKENNEY
29 January 1979

…I had graduated from high school…had to stay in Sedan the first two years…no high school closer…my grandparents (CROCKETTS) had moved there to take care of children of a son whose wife had died (George CROCKETT). I stayed with them. A consolidated school had been completed by then at Chautauqua, which was a good farm and oil town then, had a railroad station, etc. So my junior year was there…and was sent to Bonner Springs, Kansas, to live with an aunt and uncle…the FLEMINGS, my mother’s sister and her husband who now lives in Rogers, Arkansas…he is 90, for my senior year. Their daughter, my cousin, called me yesterday.

The fall of 1925, had graduated from high school at Bonner Springs, where my uncle was the superintendent, was enrolled in business college at Coffeyville, Kansas…graduated following spring, went to work for Santa Fe at Chanute, Kansas, quit after a year to attend college at KSTC, now a University, and after acquiring nearly two year’s credits in summer and August sessions and the following year in the college, went back to work for the Santa Fe, and we were married that summer. I had a job, Gram had things she had acquired before and while in college and we got on the train, with railroad passes and went to Ottowa, Kansas, where I again had a job with the Santa Fe…worked there a while, went back and completed some work at college, then back to the Santa Fe at Emporia…worked as a secretary to the superintendent for a while and travelled on the private railroad car, and lived there about half the time….Gram was then caring for Jim. The depression hit, employees were moved back to prior jobs, we were found an office job in Enid, Oklahoma about 1930 and moved there…from there went to Continental Oil and Ponca City, your father was born and knows family happenings to some extent since then.

When we were in Ponca City, and war was imminent, took a night class course in radio communications…then started working part time at KBBZ (first letter W stations are nearly all east of the Mississippi…K’s west). There was no record industry at that time, nor was there a radio news service…the station was financially broke…I worked for nothing for a number of months at first…no pay check of any kind…and did everything because there was at one time only three of us…one full time boy, part time engineer and myself…were the staff. I programmed it with what was available…a very few albums of classical and semi-classical music. The popular recorded industry was yet to develop, the radio news wire was yet to come…we wrote our own news, or would “rip and read” part from newspapers.

Then, a few more recordings meant alot…we used live talent, live emceed all the live talent we could muster, and used what we could get to help radio become better, and many others did the same, and it did.

It has been my experience that most people want to help and many have helped me, and your grandmother had to carry much more of a load, and Joel and Jim carry more, for us to move ahead, and that we did…through a concerted effort. It wasn’t something each necessarily preferred to do, it was what each did that counted…and each certainly did help, and did develop abilities and the character to do what needed to be done, and what each wished to do in a proper and sincere manner.

I have great pride in what each has done…and it has been a concerted effort and continuing effort…quite possibly something each more or less had to do…and is still doing…and which you will do…and keep on doing.


4 Generations of McKenneys in 1946

Courtesy of Larry McCombs

Four generations of McKenneys. Front: George Washington McKenney Jr. b. 1861, J. R. McKenney b. 1934, Dorothy Noyes McKenney. Rear: Jim McKenney b. 1930, unknown, Ada Brunger Sanborn McKenney, James Albert McKenney b. 1884, Lloyd McKenney b. 1909

A Christmas photo. I’m guessing this was taken in Chautauqua County, Kansas where both George W. Jr. and James Albert lived.

James Albert McKenney and Vera Crockett

Photoshopped version. This would be their wedding photo from 1904. Vera’s in a lovely dress.

Original version courtesy of Mabel Tripp family.

James Albert McKenney, son of George Washington McKenney Jr. and Belle Sparks, was born 1884 March 22 in Sedan, Chautauqua, Kansas and died 1971 May 30 in the same.

On 1904 Oct 23 he married (1) Vera Crockett, daughter of Samuel Kelly Crockett and Sarah “Sadie” Elizabeth Hackney. She was born 1886 March 1 and died 1933 March 6 in Chautauqua County, Kansas. After Vera’s death, on 1935 Oct 26 James married Ada Brunger who was born 1891 July 21 in Chautauqua County, Kansas and died August of 1985.

Ada’s first husband was Robert L. Sanborn, born 1889 Sept 12, died 1929 Dec 4. Robert and Ada had a son, Meredith B. Sanborn b. about 1922 in Kansas. *

Continuing on. James Albert McKenney and Vera had 4 children.

  1. Mildred May was born 1907 May 15 at the old Crockett farmhouse in Belleville, Chautauqua, Kansas. She died 1907 May 18 and is buried at El Cado Cemetery in Chautauqua.
  2. Lloyd Clinton was born 1909 Jan 28, again at the old Crockett farmhouse. He would marry Dorothy Nadeen Noyes. DIRECT LINE.
  3. Thelma Allena was born at the new Crockett farmhouse on 1911 May 11, the old one having been destroyed by fire Oct 12 1909, killing Vera’s grandfather, James Kelly Crockett.
  4. Lela Muriel was born 1914 July 19 at the new Crockett farmhouse and died 1991 May 30 in , Bexar, Texas. On 1935 June 5, she married John R. Ziegler who was born 1913 July 27 in Texas and died 1988 Feb 12 at , Kerr, Texas.

Other than the fact he had a farm and was part owner of a feed store in Sedan, I don’t know much about the life of James Albert McKenney. He spent his childhood between 1888 and 1897 on the Osage Reserve and in Kay County, Oklahoma. By the 1900 census his family is back in Chautauqua. In 1904 he married Vera there.

State of Kansas, Chautauqua County, ss.
In the Probate Court of said County and State.
James A. McKinney, who now here makes application for marriage license, addressed to any person authorized by law to join in marriage the said James A. McKinney, aged 21 years and Vera Crockett, aged 18 years, being by me first duly sworn doth say, that they have the unqualified consent of their parents in their marriage, and that neither of said parties has been divorced by the decree of any Court in this State within six months last past.
And that they, the said James A. McKinney and Vera Crockett are not related to each other in the degrees prohibited by law, to wit: Parent and child, grandparent and grandchild of any degree, broth and sister of either of the one-half or of the whole blood, uncle and niece aunt and nephew, nor first cousins; and that there exists no legal impediment to said marriage.
Signed: J. A. McKinney
In testimony whereof, I the undersigned, Judge of the Probate Court in and for Chautauqua County, and ex-official Clerk thereof, have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the seal of said court, at my office this 22 day of October 1904.
No. 376
Sig. W. Stucky
FIled 22 day of October

State of Kansas Chautauqua County ss.
Sedan, Kansas, October 22 AD 1806
To any Person Authorized by Law to Perform the Marriage Ceremony, Greetings,
You are hereby authorized to join in marriage
James A. McKenney of Chautauqua, aged 21 years
and Vera Crockett of Peru Kansas aged 18 years,
and of this License you will make due return to my office within thirty days.
Sig. W. Stucky
Probate Judge

State of Kansas, Chautauqua County SS.
I, W. Stucky do hereby certify, that in accordance with the authorization of the within license, I did on the 23rd day of October A.D. 1904, at Sedan, in said County, join and unite in Marriage the above named James A. McKenney and Vera Crockett.
Witness my seal the day and year above written.
W. Stucky, Probate Judge.
Filed 23 day of October 1904.
W. Stucky

In the 1905 census, James Albert and Vera are living next to James’ parents. On the other side are the Godwin’s with Weltha McCormick in the household. Weltha was a daughter of Samuel and Mary Elizabeth Sparks McCormick, Mary Elizabeth being a sister of Belle Sparks, so Weltha was a first cousin of James.

1905 Chautauqua, Chautauqua, Kansas

9/9 REVLETT J S 28 b. Osage Nation from Osage Nation
A L 28 b. IA from IA
Tessie 6 b. KS from KS
L 4
10/10 LYNN RS 40 b. IN from COL
F E 41 b. IL from COL
Lura 11 b. IL from IL
Edith 9 b. IL from COL
11/11 HENDERSON J L 33 b. PA from OH
ME 31 b. IL from IL
CANVILLE Rena10 b. Osage Nation
12/12 CALLAHAN W L 23 b. Osage Nation
Anna (line 6) 26 b. Iowa from Osage Nation
Leo 7 b.Osage Nation from Osage Nation
Charles 5 b. Osage Nation
Mary 3 b. KS from KS
Gertrude 1 b. KS from KS
SHAW Adie 20 b. Osage Nation from ON
AVERY Emma 23 b. KS from KS
SHAW Robert 15 b. Osage Nation from ON
13/13 NESSELROAD W B 26 b. WV and LB 20 b. KS
14/14 MCKINNEY George 43 (line 19) b. Iowa from Iowa carpenter
Belle 37 b. Illinois from Illinois
May Belle 16 b. KS from KS
Carrie 7 b. OK from OK
G W 73 b. OH from Iowa common laborer
15/15 MCKENNEY Albert 21 b. KS from KS carpenter
Vera 19 b. KS from KS
16/16 GODWIN J F 35 b. IN from IN
Emma 33 b. MO from MO
V… 7 female b. KS from KS
James 6
Arthur 7
Carl infant
MCCORMAC Weltha 20

James and Vera were 23 and 21 at the time of Mildred May’s birth and dead in the spring of 1907.

They were about 24 and 22 when Lloyd Clinton was born in 1909.

Again, in 1910, James and Vera are living next to James’ parents. To either side are relatives of the Crocketts, the Stricklins and Jacks.

22 April pg. 6A

5/5 BROCKEY Nathaniel head mw (age unable to read) md 29? b. OH father b. PA mother b. PA Farmer owns
Lula Wife fw 39 md 8 3 children 3 surviving b. MO father b. MO mother b. MO
Estill Son mw 7 b. KS father b. OH mother b. MO
Gladys Daughter fw 5 b. KS father b. OH mother b. MO
Burris Daughter fw 3 b. KS father b. OH mother b. MO
CROCKETT Milly mother-in-law fw 74 wd b. MO father b. MO mother b. MO

6/6 CROCKETT Samuel Head mw 54 md 27 b. MO father b. MO mother b. MO Farmer owns
Sadie Wife fw 52 md 27 7 children 5 surviving b. IA father b. OH mother b. OH
George Son mw 30 s b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA Farm laborer on Home Farm
Dorothy Daughter fw 17 s b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA

7/7 CROCKETT Buell head mw 25 md 2 b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA Pumper at Oil Field for wages
Lillian Wife fw 21 md 2 b. KS father b. IA mother b. NE
8/8 CROCKETT Charles head mw 22 md 1 b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA Pumper at oil field for wages
Dena Wife fw 22 ? md 1 b. MO father b. MO mother b. AR

22 April pg. 6B
12/12 STRICKLIN James head m w 32 md 11 b. MO father b. MO mother b. IA Pumper Oil lease wages
Sadie wife f w 29 md 11 3 children 3 surviving b. KS parents b. IL
Sadie daughter f w 10 b. KS
Russell son m w 8 b. KS
Glendon son m w 4 b. KS
13/13 SHOBE John and family

25 April 7B
3/3 STRICKLIN Michael Head mw 67 md 35 b. MO father b. TN mother b. KY Farmer on own farm
Gormelia Wife fw 55 md 35 11 children 9 surviving b. IA parents b. OH
Thomas Son mw 30 s b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA
William Son ms 23 s b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA
Ivy? Son mw 17 s b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA

McKENNEY Albert m w 26 b. Kansas father-Iowa mother-Indiana
Vera (CROCKETT) f w age 24 b. Kansas father-Missouri mother-Iowa
Loyd w m 1 b. Kansas father-Missouri mother-Missouri

Pg. 18
McKENNEY James m w 47 m. 26 years b. Iowa f-Ohio m-Pennsylvania
Bell f w 42 b. Illinois f-Indiana m-Indiana
Carrie f w 12 b. Kansas f-Iowa m-Illinois
James W. (father) m w age 78 b. Ohio f-Ireland m-Pennsylvania
SPARKS Clara (reads may be mother’s sister) f w 76 had 9 children, 4 surviving, b.Ind father-Ohio mother-Maryland

p. 20
51/51 JACK William G. b. IA father b. Ireland mother b. Iowa
Ermie wife 2 children 2 surviving b. KS father b. Ohio mother b. Missouri
George E. b. KS
Pauline b. KS

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Belleville, Chautauqua, Kansas; Roll: T624_433; Page: 23A; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 1229.
1010 CHITTENDON John J. 51 md 30 y b. IL father b. KY mother b. TN
Sada 49 4 of 4 children surviving b. IL parents b. OH
Fay 29 b. IA parents b. IL
Ross 22 b. KS parents b. IL
Everett 14
Dora 16

In 1911 Thelma was born, then Lela in 1914.

The 1915 census shows the family living in Chautauqua now beside Vera’s parents and Elouise Crockett Brockey and her husband, Nathaniel, Eloise an aunt of Vera’s.

1915 Chautauqua County, Kansas
pg. 34 of 82
John W. DARNELL family
John HULL family
J. A. MCKENNEY 31 KS Farmer
Vera 29
Loyd 6
Thelma 3
Lela 9 months
Sada 57 IA
M. BROCKEY 66 OH Farmer
Louisa 44 MO
Estel 12 KS
Gladis 10
Bernice 8

The 1920 census shows James and his wife sharing the household with Vera’s parents.

1920 Belleville, Chautauqua County, Kansas
2nd Feb. pg. 20B
MCKENNEY James A. Rents 35 b. KS father b. IN mother b.IL farmer
Vera C. wife 33 b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA
Loyd C. son 11 b. KS
Thelma E. daughter 8 b. KS
Lela M. daughter 5 b. KS
188/189 CROCKETT Samuel head owns free mw 64 md b. MO parents b. MO Farmer owns own farm #125
Sadie H. wife fw 62 md b. IA parents b. IA

In 1928 their son Lloyd Clinton married Dorothy Noyes.

In 1930 James Albert is living in the household of Vera’s parents.

(Image 7) pg. 4a
West Beadley Street
84/91 SHREVE Larry H. $4600 57 b. PA father b. PA mother b. NY
Della 46 b. KS father b. OH mother b. IN
Eveline 24 b. KS
Edythe U. 21
Martha A. 16
DRAKE Noama M. mother-in-law 68 married at 20 b. OH parents b. OH
95/92 CROCKETT Samuel K. $3000 74 married at 27 b. MO parents b. MO
Sarah H. 72 married at 25 b. IA parents b. OH
/95 MCKENNEY James A. $15 46 married at 20 b. KS parents b. IA Retail Market, Flour & Feed
Vera 44 married at 18 b. KS
Thelma 18
Lela M. 15

Thelma, their daughter, is instead recorded in the 1930 census in Cowley Co. in the household of Buell Kelly Crockett, her uncle.

Next door to the Crocketts and Thelma McKenney is Charles Fuller, a mixed-blood descendant of the Great Nemaha Reserve Loise/Baradas. That year (I believe) Charles will marry Cappie Trent, mixed blood Cherokee, her parents being Jefferson Trent and Sadie Bell McWhirt (who married second John Bigheart). Sadie was a daughter of James Marion McWhirt, brother of Samuel Alvin, and was a niece of Addie McKenney McWhirt.

Jefferson Trent was a nephew of Felix Quinton who was married to Julia Martin, daughter of Alexander Martin.

1900 , , Osage Indian Reservation, Oklahoma Indian Territory
pg. 92 (or 213) sheet no. 17?, 8 and 9 June
33/34 QUINTON Felix head Sept 1864 43 b. TX father b. TX mother b. IT Farmer Cherokee and parents Cherokee Blood=1/2
Julia wife (illegible) b. IT parents b. IT Rations Indian, Osage, father Osage, mother Cherokee, blood=1/2
Elizabeth daughter May 1884 16 b. IT father b. TX mother b. IT At school, Osage, father Osage, mother Cherokee, blood=1/2
Franklin son Dec 1887 13 b. OK School Osage, father Osage, mother Cherokee, blood=1/2
Joel son July 1888 11 b. OK School Osage, father Osage, mother Cherokee, blood=1/2
Lillian? daughter May 1892 8 b. OK Osage, father Osage, mother Cherokee, blood=1/2
Agnes daughter Feb 1894 6 b. OK Osage, father Osage, mother Cherokee, blood=1/2
Pearlina daughter April 1897 3 b. OK Osage, father Osage, mother Cherokee, blood=1/2
TRENT Jefferson nephew Dec 1887 13 b. OK father b. TX mother b. IT Farm laborer, Cherokee, parents Cherokee, blood=1/2
DENTON John servant April 1886 14 b. IT parents b. IT Farm laborer, Cherokee, father Cherokee, mother white blood=1/2

Franklin Tripp, who married Mable Clair McKenney, James Albert McKenney’s sister, was living in Cowley Co. Arkansas City in 1920. He was a son of James Tripp and Jennie McWhirt (a sister of Samuel Alvin), who married second Mary Elizabeth Sparks, sister of Belle Sparks McKenney.

STONE, Murry Own $7000 R 38 b. NY parents b. NY
Sarah E. wife 35, married at 16 b. IL father b. VA mother b. IL
FULLER, Charles E. stepson 18 b. KS, mixed blood Osage, attended school
OTEY, Sarah E. mother-in-law 73 married at 15, b. IL father b. KY mother b. TN
111 CROCKETT, Buell K. head R $20 45 married at 22 b. KS father b. MO mother b. IA, Salesman at an automobile sales room
Lillian D. wife 40 married at 18 b. KS father b. IN mother b. IA
Marjorie D. 19 b. KS parents b. KS, attended school
Dorothy E. 17 b. KS parents b. KS, attended school
MCKENNEY, Thelma niece 18 b. KS parents b. KS, attended school

In 1931, James Albert’s sibling Carrie Isabel died. Then on March 6 1933 his wife, Vera, died after 28 years of marriage. She was only 47.

On June 5 1935, James’ last child marries. A few months later, in the fall, James married Ada. Two short months later James’ mother, Belle, died at the age of 67.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

* Seven degrees of separation notes: a 1st cousin of Robert was Irvin Jay Sanborn who married Iantha May Copple in Chautauqua. Iantha’s mother was Elmira Belle Heavlin, granddaughter of a Samuel D. Heavlin from Harrison County, Ohio. Samuel’s brother appears to have been perhaps Stephen H. Heavlin who married Elizabeth McKinney in 1846 in Harrison. Elizabeth McKinney’s grandfather was a George McKinney Sr. b. 1760 in Ireland, died 1845 in same. No idea if he is related to our McKenneys. But it’s been considered a possibility.

Another possible former connection with the McKenneys is Iantha’s grandfather, John, had a brother named William in whose house Benjamin Sparks (James Albert McKenney’s mother) was living in 1880.

And there’s even another convoluted connection.

Rebecca Partelow (connected with the McKenneys and Hackneys beginning in Van Buren, Iowa) married a William Joshua Lovell in 1876. William’s mother was Catherine Murphy. Her brother Harvey married a Barbara Ann Logan, daughter of an Elizabeth Spoonamore. Their son, William Henry Murphy, married Margaret Copple, another daughter of William and Elmira Heavlin Copple’s.

Elizabeth Spoonamore’s brother, John Newton, was married to an Amanda Baxter. It was Thomas Merrit Baxter with whom George Washington McKenney Jr. was living in 1875, boarded out after his mother’s death. Elizabeth and John Newton Spoonamore’s first cousin was William Spoonamore, whose son Isaac married Emma Jane Franklin, first cousin of Emma Brien who married Perry Partelow, nephew of Rebecca.

Family Record – Marriages of the Children of Ray and Betty Noyes

Courtesy of Nancy Benton.

Marriages of the children of Ray and Betty Noyes

Pansy Noyes to Charlie Bryant at Greenfield Mo. Apr 24 – 1915. Saturday

Cora Noyes to John J. Minor at Greenfield Mo. Oct 18 – 1915 Moneay

Cora Minor Noyes was married to W. B. Dickson at Shreveport La. May 3 – 1923

Ray James Noyes to Mildred Snip Oct 21 – 1926 Thursday at Carthage Mo

Dorothy Nadeen Noyes to Lloyd C. McKenney Fri July 27 – 1928 at Girard Kans.

Mary Louise Noyes to Frank Bevans Jr. on Sat Aug 10 – 1929 at Crown Point Ind.

Mary Louise was married to Philip J. Hurt Sept 6 – 1933 Wed. at Carthage Mo.

Ray James was married to Eula Millard Nov 17 – 1933. at Greenfield Mo. Friday

Family Record – Children of Ray and Betty Noyes

Courtesy of Nancy Benton.

Children of Ray and Betty Noyes

Pansy Ruth Noyes was born near Liberal Mo Sunday Dec 8th, 11 oclock 1895 9 lbs

Cora Vira Noyes was born near Liberal Mo Tuesday Sept 14th a.m. 5 oclock 1897 – 10 lbs

Ray James Noyes was born near Liberal Mo Sat Aug 8th 7 oclock 1903 – 12 lbs.

Dorothy Nadeen Noyes was born near Liberal Mo Monday June 13th 8 oclock 1908 – 11 lbs

Mary Louise Noyes was born near Liberal Mo Friday Nov. 15th 5 oclock 1912 – 10 lbs

NOTE: Ray Noyes was the son of James Allen Noyes and Caroline Atwell Noyes. Betty Noyes was the daughter of David Nathaniel Brewer and Delana L. Jane Fowler.

Lloyd C. McKenney with Dorothy Noyes and Siblings

This photo is circa 1985 at the home of Lloyd and Dorothy at Carthage, Missouri. It shows, left to right, Dorothy Noyes McKenney, Lloyd Clinton McKenney, Lela McKenney Zieglar and Thelma McKenney.