Dorothy Noyes McKenney in the 1940s

Courtesy Nancy Benton

I added a little tint which brought out the fact Dorothy is in a field next to a railroad.

The frame around the photo reads Elko and I’ve no idea to what that refers, if it is an old photo development place that I’m unable to locate any evidence of in an internet search. It’s a picture that doesn’t say much. And isn’t much of a picture, really. And yet it was kept. I’d never have recognized the woman in the boldy striped dress as Dorothy had Nancy not said it was. As Nancy had the image, which means that likely Dorothy’s sister, Pansy, had it, I’m guessing the land on which it was taken is associated with someone’s home at Liberal, Missouri. Or it may instead be a photo that was taken around Ponca City, Oklahoma, or where Lloyd had family still in Chautauqua, Kansas…or even elsewhere, and mailed to Pansy.

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