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  1. Neda Harrison (Brewer) Avatar

    This is wonderful! With the help of your site I have been able to find four or five more generations of Brewers. My grandfather was Lewis Brewer, his son Clyde Ervin Brewer is my father. I remember meeting Bettie Noyes when I was a little girl.
    Is there some way I could get a copy of the 1976 book “Six Generations of Brewers”? It would mean alot to my sister and I. Please advise.
    Neda Sue Harrison (Brewer)

  2. jmk Avatar

    Hi, Neda! You met Bettie Noyes? I never did. Could you tell me more?

    I don’t have any idea about how to get a copy of “Six Generations of Brewers”. I do have more Brewer information that I’ve not yet put up here.

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