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The Story of Liberal, Missouri – Veterans of the Civil War and Soldiers of the Late World War


Veterans of the Civil War and
Soldiers of the Late World War

This sketch would not be complete without a notice of the surviving veterans of the Civil War and also a mention of those who have died in recent years. This last relates only to Liberal and its vicinity. The survivors so far as the writer has been able to ascertain them are:

Capt. J. G. Mayer, Thomas A. Stark, Gilbert G. O. Adams, George Hesford, August B. Beckmann, Charles Brown, Henry Fields, Isaac Malcolm, J. A. Milligan and A. Decker.

The soldiers of the Civil War who have died within a few years are:

J. M. Post, S. L. Durham, Henry J. Whitesell, George W. Davis, _____ Suydan, Silas Andrews, J. K. Belk, Theodore Edwards, Samuel Baker, J. M. Wilson, James W. Coy, M. S. Roach, W. S. Van Camp, M. Bell, Abram Jones, T. O. Burson, Geo. Mc Clarinon and Daniel Baker.

Mr. J. A. Ramsey is the only Confederate veteran now living in Liberal or its vicinity.


The part Liberal and the territory tributary to the town played in the World War may be shown by the roster of the boys who were in the army services. The writer has endeavored to make the list complete, and if any names are omitted, the omission is not intentional:

Henry Bouton, Eddie Laycox, Donald Sechrist, Gerald Sechrist, Monroe Mohler, Warren Weaver, Dick Eccher, Frank Patrick, Bert Butler, John Campbell, Archie Campbell, William Tilley, George McCuistion, Nils Otto, Charles Swigart, Wm. H. Thomas, Fred Dazey, John Dazey, Leo Thomas, Harold Thomas, Ross Thomas, John Pingree, William Renner, Capt. Alva McClanahan, Mace Wicker, Major Thomas Curless, Louis McKenzie, Earl Sumners, Irl Holland, Chas. Skidmore, Ben Smith, Howard Coffey, Jesse Sherron, Fred Sale, Augustus Craft, Harold Trotter, Marty Netcalf, Arthur Guffy, Jr., Scott Wimmer, Fred Pomatto, Wallace Swartz, Early Warren, Guernie Hadley, Wm. H. Curless, Lieut. Clyde A. Hatten, Otto Boyer, Luther Miller, Henely Stacy, Louis Payne, Cornelius Eccher, A. K. Coffey, Archie Jones, Carl Williams, Ray Sloan, Jas. H. Stanberry, Walter Crisler, Lloyd Riley, Val Bumgarner, Marion McWilliams, Clive Lloyd, Luther Aleshire, Jesse Sale, Earl Creamer, Harry


Bailey, Oliver McWilliams, Rezin Bowman, Floyd Felty, Harley McColm, Stanley Cale, Wm. Wair Curless, Dr. C. H. Hatten, Paul Fast, Clyde Salmons, Lester Spangler, Julius Wolf, Ed Coffey, Ben Hall, Edgar Krebs, Chas. Craft, Dale Higgins, Harry Lawrence, Harold Black, Wm. F. DeLissa, Roy Hanshaw, Arthur Nelson, Tom Curry, Horace Robins, Monroe Miller, Ezra Quackenbush, Landon Quackenbush, Ernest Thompson, Kathryn Curless (nurse), Alton Ball, Wm. Coleman Black, Otto Wolf and L. M. Temple.

Dick Eccher, Frank Patrick and Tom Curry were killed in action. John Pingree, Wallace Swartz, Alton Ball and Otto Wolf died in the service and Fred Sale has recently died from the effects of war and gas.

Been Smith married a German girl from Danzig.

Wm. H. Thomas received the decoration of the War Cross for valiant service.

Besides the boys listed above who have died, some have moved away from Barton County since the close of the World War.

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