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Robert Craig, Robert Craig Jr. and John Mitchell Given as Securities in Will of William King

“Be it remembered that at a Court opened and held by the justices of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County of Roane at the Courthouse in Kingston on the 3rd Monday of March 1809 The following Probate of the last Will and Testament of WILLIAM KING deceased with the attestation of JOHN CAMPBELL said to be Clerk of WASHINGTON COUNTY in the STATE OF VIRGINIA under his hand and seal of office accompanied with the certificate of ROBERT CAMPBELL as presiding justice of said County were produced in open Court and ordered by the Court to be Recorded”

“Virginia to wit. At a Court held for Washington County the 20th day of December 1808.

The Last Will & Testament of WILLIAM KING deceased was exhibited into Open Court and proved by the Oath of WILLIAM D. NEILSON one of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto who further made oath that he saw JOHN DOHERTY the other Subscribing witness sign his nae thereto as a Witness at the request of the said WILLIAM KING. The said DOHERTY if living resides in the MISSISSIPPI TERRITORY about a thousand miles from this place, and that the said Will except the signatures of the Witnesses is entirely in the hand Writing of the said WILLIAM KING The Testator. Further that the Codicil thereto appointing JAMES KING & WILLIAM TRIGG Executors and dated the third day of March one thousand eight hundred & six is also in the handwriting of WILLIAM KING the Testator. The Court, having decided the evidence was sufficient to prove the validity of the instrument, ordered that it be recorded. “WILLIAM TRIGG and JAMES KING took the oath of an Executor prescribed by law and intered into and acknowledged their bond in the sum of ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS with the following as securities:

Robert Craig, Junr.
Thomas Tate
Robert Delap
John Apperson
Joseph Cole
Robert White
Bazill Talbutt
Johhn Cole
Thomas Moffitt
Joshuah Burk
John Mitchell
Jacob Baker
John McCoormick
Robert Craig
John Athey
John Goodson
Peter Clark
John Buckhannon
James King, Sen’r
Samuel Meek
Samuel Glenn
William Duff
Rufus Morgan
James Langley
William Jones
Benjamin Estill
Samuel Vance
James Bryant
Michael Shaver
Gerrand T. Conn
James Thompson
Enoch Schoolfield
George Spangler
William M. Henry
Michael Deeehart
Silbourn S. Henderson
John I. Trigg
David Smith
Robert Dukes
William D. Neilson
Earl B. Clap
Jacob Long
Donnally Findlay
Welcome Martin
Robert McCulloch
Thomas Thornburgh
Matthew Willoughby
James Keys
John McCullock
John Williamson
William Grey
James Lyon
Alexander Hamilton
Benjamin Langley
Jacob Jungle
Robert Huston
Reuben Bradley
Valentine Baugh
Joseph Miller
Charles Tate
Potters O. Clayton
William Poston
Peter Scott
Benjamin Clark
William King

JOHN CAMPBELL, Clerk of WASHINGTON COUNTY, VA, certified that the above true copy.

24 Dec 1809

Thanks to Jim Mitchell for the photocopy of the typewritten copy of this document.


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