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Letter from Robert Gwyn Mitchell to his brother James William Mitchell, July 31, 1908

My thanks to Jim Mitchell who sent me a copy of the letter. My transcript is below.

Macon, Mo., July 31, 1908

Rev. J. W. Mitchell, Marshall, Mo.

Dear Brother:–

Your letter of 27th inst. to hand and contents noted. The notes that you mention are all in my hands. You ask for the dates of the $1800 notes. The $1800 note is dated February 1st, 1908, and the other note for $800 is dated March 3rd, 1908.

You say I wrote you that you had $37.00 in the bank, and that now you only have $29.51, and you ask if you had checked on it. No, you had not checked on it. The difference arises this way: those notes of exchange were not turned over to me until April the 9th or 9th. The note belonging to you and mother of $1800, $500 of which was mother’s and $1300 yours, had interest accumulated from March 1st up until the date of the exchange of the notes, $10.44, that being a 5% note. All of the notes that you and mother received in exchange are 5-1/2% notes, and from their dates up to the date of the exchange of notes on mother’s note had accumulated $2.90 interest, and on your $300 note, $4.64, on your $1000 note, $10.39, it running from Feb. 1st, as you see. This all makes $17.93; deducting the $10.44 from it leaves $7.49, and $7.49 is the exact difference between $37.00 and $29.51, mentioned above, so you see it is all right. You have received a little too much at mother’s expense. I did not notice it at the time, but it is a very small item anyway, only being one half of one per cent per annum on her loan for one month and eight days. I suppose this is satisfactory, and your balance is as it ought be in the bank.

The day after your letter came we had the good fortune to have another boy arrive at our house, weighing ten pounds, big nose, big mouth, good lungs, and can make plenty of noise. Mother and babe are both doing well. Lena has suffered considerably, but Addie can tell you that is common.

I hope to see you next month.

Your brother,

R. G. Mitchell

The new arrival was Benjamin Dysart Mitchell, born July 29 1908, and the last of the children of Robert Gwyn Mitchell and Lena Bell Carhart, for Robert died march 5, 1909.


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