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Letter from Martha Cowden Dysart Mitchell to her Son, Robert Gwyn Mitchell, June 1 1903

Coffeen June 1, 1903

Dear Robert,

I don’t want you to loose sight of me entirely. I came over here May 21. Have written to Callie to meet me in St. Louis Thursday June the fourth. Aunt Mary McDavid is here since saturday. Will remain while I am here. She is cheerful as you could expect, so soon after Willies death. Talks very freely to me about her business and prospects. She is two months younger than me. Not one black hair. Her head as white as cotton. Says she will stay in the hotel with Mat, as long as she treats her right but would rather live to herself if she had someone to live with her. I don’t blame her for that. I find all the land she has any claim on is morgaged even to her home in Hillsborough. She thinks not too near its full value. Says Mr. McDavid had 900 acres, but she only has a claim on three forty’s. All morgaged. Wants to sell part to secure the rest, especially the home in Hillsborough. With that and her pension she could live. Mattie still expects to run the hotel. Pays $50 per month for the first year $75 per month after the first year. Without any furnishing. Five years lease. Aunt Mary furnished the hotel carpets and everything she thinks with little over $2000. Jimmie says $2500. That is what became of all the morgage money she could raise. Says she had to do it so Willie and Mattie could have some way to make a living.

M. C. M.

Enclosed you will find a card so you will see it is necessary for me to go to Kirksville soon. When you read this send it to John. John send it to Willie so you will all know where to find me if you wish to write.

M. C. Mitchell

Thanks to Jim Mitchell for the typewritten transcription of the original letter. My transcription of the typewritten letter is above and is exact.





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