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Marion Isaac Hennesy – letter 1944

Here is the text of a letter written by Marion to his nephew, Esmond Edward HENNESY, 28 March, 1944:

Houston 11 Texas,
March 28th, 1944

Mr. E. E. Hennesy and Family:-

Dear Folks:- Please pardon me for not writing sooner, we were very glad indeed to hear from you, for we often think of you.

We are well as usual, I am well of my broken hip, but am very in (sic) the side that is parilysed (sic), I guess it will get worse as I get older, also my eyes, are failing fast, the Drs. say that it caused by high blood pressure, and there is no chance for improvement. so I guess they will go like your Papas did, maybe they will hold out as long as I live without going out.

Well we have had a bad winter here, not much cold but cloudy a and rain, but it is nice now.

This good spring weather makes me want to go, we have been thinking about a trip to La. but we think maybe some off (sic) the children might come, Vanda came last month and stayed about ten days.

Kirby is still in Aberdeen, is Asst. Yard Master in the Rail Road yards, he likes it very much.

Clarences boy and Levys boys are in the Navy, we are expecting them to get J.D. later this year, hes (sic) at San Diego Calf.

We stay in most of the time, and dont learn anything, as we no (sic) nothing to write, Nettie Wood was in the Hospital for an operation, she wrote me that she was improving, I think Etta is very well satisfied with married live (sic), our bunch are all well, Levy is here he is the only one we see very often.

I think Truman was drafted, and went march 21st, Nannie is getting along very well.

I hope you and your family are all getting along alright. I never hear from Jewell and Zoe, or Lucille, if you know where she is, please let me know.

If we go to La. we will not go to Franklinton as it so hard for me to ride a bus, and the gasoline is so scarce.

Well as my eyes are failing, I will have to quit, Write when you feel like it.

Love to all the Family.

We are as ever your Uncle and Aunt.


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