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February 8 1879 Subpoena (Trial of a G. W. McKinney for the murder of Nimrod Shaw)


While researching my George W. McKINNEY, I came upon a George W. MCKINNEY who was tried for murder in Fort Smith ARK 1879. Subpoenas are served for support for him to some individuals in Carroll and Ray Counties MO. I have found there is a George W. MCKINNEY, b. 1839, in the Carroll Co. census in 1870, b. MO., and though I’ve no proof I am assuming this may be the George W. McKINNEY who was on trial for murder. He isn’t my ancestor. I’m placing this material online as I have it and may as well make it available.

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February 6 1879 Subpoena

The President of the United States,
To T. G. (or T. J.) ELLIOTT, B. F. HOGAN, Landon ELLIOTT, Walter S. WILLIAMS, Thomas B. MCKINNEY, George R. HIGHSMITH, Greeting:

WE COMMAND YOU, That all and singular business and excuses being laid aside you appear and attend before the Judge of the District Court of the United States of America for the Western District of Arkanasa, at a District Court to be held at the U. S. Court Room, in Fort Smith, in and for said Western District of Arkansas forthwith to testify and give evidence before said Court, touching such matters as may be inquired of you on the part of the United States, and not depart said Court without leave thereof or of the District Attorney.

And this you are not to omit, upon the penalty upon you of two hundred and fifty dollars.

WITNESS the Honorable ISAAC C. PARKER, Judge of said District Court, and the Seal thereof at Forth Smith, Arkansas, in the said District, this 8th day of February A. D. 1879.

(signed) Stephen WHEELER clerk


Certification that the subponea was served Feb, 8th 1879 at the Fort Smith Courthouse to T. G. ELLIOTT, B. F.HOGAN, Landon ELLIOTT, Walter S. WILLIAMS, Thomas B. MCKINNEY and George R. HIGHSMITH by D. R. UPHAM U. S. Marshal.






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